Few things bring a smile to your face faster than a sweet text message from someone you cherish.
A very not cute scene is the next one, with Aria walking to Ezra’s apartment and hearing loud screaming. They chat, and even though she seems to be wanting to avoid the situation, the exchange ends with Hanna’s mother walking away, coyly giving him the look-back of interest. After this precious adult flirtation, we spend way too much time watching Spencer decide what to wear to the party that the UPenn guy will be at. But before things go any further, we take the saddest detour to Emily, who is reading Maya’s blog for the first time.
We depart from the party again, this time as Hanna obeys text message orders and waits on the corner. Aria leaves the party, calls Ezra, Wes picks up the phone, Wes then picks her up from the party, and then very casually informs Aria that Ezra got a girl pregnant when he was a teenager.
Hanna’s mom and Pastor Goober have dinner, it obviously gets broken up by a call from the police, but then he does her dishes and then they MAKE OUT. So, for the uninitiated, the nervous or the miserable (or anyone who is none of the above), here are 16 flirting fails that will make your life look significantly more joyful.

We asked the parents of children with special needs in our Mighty community to share with us the texts they’d love to receive from their best friends. Aria’s freaking out because she saw a picture of Maya with the same sketchy wrist tattoo from The Night. According to Ezra, he’s trying to buy back that car he sold (this could easily be false). All that matters is that Wesley is now in the picture and he might be an even shadier character than Ezra. They roll up with CeCe in a convertible, and as they make their way to the entrance, they get a stamp. Hanna hears her out and skips on dinner (because she has to do what the text message says and show up at a location), which means mom can call up an old flame for dinner.
In 2005, I applied for college online, but according to CeCe if you give your application to a dude at a house party, it works just as well. Apparently, there’s a court order that says Hanna has to give a blood sample in five days in relation to the Ali DiLaurentis case.
The car was a family heirloom left to him, but when he gave up his inheritance, it no longer became his to sell.

He’s asking questions to get her to divulge information about her relationship with Ezra, and she wants to know about Maya. While Spencer and Aria watch this aggressive game unfold, Noel Kahn (Aria’s ex) walks down the stairs with a girl. She forgot to apply early-admission to Penn and got a B on a test, so her life is collapsing. But, in order to buy it, he has to do the worst thing ever, that being borrow money from his horrible mother, because the former buyer, now seller, has marked it up double the original price. When this happens, Spencer says aloud that she’s challenging Jenna before the night is over.

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