If you are looking to update your look, this fashionable long hairstyles, Hairstyles For Asian Girls With Long Hair inspired for your needs. Share fashionable long hairstyles, Hairstyles For Asian Girls With Long Hair to your friends! The hair is expertly layered from the nape to create exaggerated volume at the back.  The layers are then graduated down to just below chin-level, where they are lightly curved in to frame the jaw.  With a long fringe and the wheat blonde shade, this is a high fashion style, that’s contemporary and easy-care! Well, this bob cut in of the most welcomed short cut in recent years, a lot ladies try this one. This wavy, windswept style is the perfect bob for a carefree woman who likes an easy-care, but contemporary look! The hair is mostly all one length, with a coupled of shorter strands of either side of the centre parting creating a casual ‘grown-out fringe’ image.  And to highlight the movement, create texture and make the ends look thicker – there are some very delicate blonde highlights in the under-layers!
Here’s a super contemporary look that’s perfect for fine hair.  Cut to a flattering chin-length with sharply textured tips, the pretty waves and curves add lots of texture and lively movement.  The long, side-swept fringe adds a nice asymmetric vibe and the hair gains so much depth and dimension from the beautifully blended golden blonde shades! This is the latest razor-cut bob that blends smooth, sleek lines with delicate, feathered tips!
This is a great choice for thick hair as you get natural volume around the head with the lower lengths thinned out for fabulous, contrasting texture.  The asymmetric parting is trendy and the full fringe is swept to one side, with heavily textured tips once again softening the line. Here’s another of our favourite bob-cuts, which is suits a bright and lively face perfectly! The fabulous gold shade is not only a very classy look, but also more flattering to the over-35’s.  The off-centre parting adds a touch of trendy asymmetry, but it’s the defined, golden twisty waves that make this style so flattering. The blonde shades are subtly blended to create added depth in fine hair and along with the amazing waves, add lots of volume and texture in a super-contemporary, casual bob! This inverted bob is a lovely exaggerated shape at the back, which makes a fabulous creative contrast with the smooth long sides. Bringing the straight hair to life, the blonde highlights at the sides and crown catch and reflect the light softening the lines.  The fantastic precision cutting at the nape is tinted a darker shade of brown, accentuating the amazing silhouette that makes this style one of the most popular contemporary bobs. I have a feeling that Victoria is just a little OCD.  And perfectly straight and spikey styles like this are what first made me suspicious! The sliced cut is beautifully executed with heavily textured tips and a touch of retro-back-combing giving attractive height at the crown. What a mischievous look Taylor has in her eyes here!  She’s challenging us to decide if she’s actually cut her hair or if this is a clever styling trick.
Those beautifully defined waves are so pretty and the loosely tousled finish, with longer tendrils at the front, accentuates her lovely neck and shoulders to perfection.  This faux bob is a lovely look for a special occasion where you want to look contemporary, casual and ultra-chic! This cute, short blonde bob complements the Suzanne’s lovely oval face and keeps those beautiful, blue eyes completely centre-stage!
The hair is cut to the same length all around the head, with a little shaping around the face.  The parting is just slightly off-centre, creating a forehead skimming sweep of fringe that displays a smooth forehead and those dancing eyes!  The length at the sides has been judged perfectly to curve in and draw attention to a lovely smile! This relaxed look is designed to create a voluminous shape through colour and the ‘messy’ finish.
Here’s an edgy bob-cut in warm reddish-brown that’s perfect for keeping cool and looking fresh in summer! The bob is cut in a contemporary angled shape moving down from short graduated hair hugging the nape, to longer layers at the sides.  The chin-length bob is a style that flatters most face shapes beautifully.  And with this full, short and heavily textured fringe and the casual, ‘wind-swept’ finish we can see that there is a great bob-cut to suit all fashion styles!
To create that wonderful volume, the top layers are longer whilst the back section of hair is carefully trimmed in a steep gradient to curve in beautifully at the nape.   The colour is a classy beige blonde and the nape is lowlighted with a rich brown shade. Romantic, sexy and soft this beautiful bob style is full of sweeping curves, with a casual tousled finish. The deep side parting creates a contemporary asymmetrical vibe and the hair has the latest ombre colour technique.  The gentle, honey-blonde base colour changes to an eye-catching bright blonde shade at the ends! The hair is mostly the same length, with a few shorter strands around the face to accentuate the eyes.  The parting is off-centre with a pretty, light fringe down to the eyelashes and swept slightly to one side.  Brittany’s soft brown hair colour has subtle coppery highlights which complement her eyes and the textured tips curving in at chin level create a lovely frame for a pretty face! The hair is almost all the same length, with just a little layering near the ends producing an attractive natural curve.  The hair has a very trendy sombre colour effect which gradually lightens the warm medium brown base to an amazing honey shade at the ends! Here’s a true, cutting-edge look which uses bright-red balayage highlights to add yet another exciting layer to a stunning cut and colour! The hair is sliced into defined strands with heavily textured ends adding a spikey vibe.  But the thorny tips are beautifully contrasted by the smooth round silhouette which curves in at the chin to accentuate the face, and the trendy long fringe draped softly over one eye! This sharply-angled bob has a smooth line with a slightly tousled finish to keep the look from being too sleek.  This style is intended to match with an avant-garde wardrobe and beauty look! Here a fabulously soft bob-haircut, made into a flattering frame for pale skin tones by the pale, neutral blonde all-over colour.  This chin-length bob is sliced to prevent the colour looking flat and textured at the tips to produce a pretty curved shape with wispy, feathered tips.  And the long fringe over one eye is like a veil covering and revealing the model’s lovely blue eyes! What a great ‘twist’ on the braids that dominated hair-dressing last summer!  This is a completely new type of ‘bob hairstyle with braid’ with keeps the hair off the forehead, for a cool but chic summer look.  This year, the asymmetry continues with this exciting 8-strand braid that has an almost ‘random’ look making it a fabulous, edgy feature adding loads of eye-catching style to a medium bob-cut! This is the back-view of a beautiful angled bob, showing how the back is cut about an inch shorter than the longer layers around the face.  The hair is cut into long layers with lightly textured tips, giving enough length to create lovely waves that add lots of volume – and make a change from the usual ‘straight at the back’ bob styles! Here’s an amazing summer cut, that’s full of life and colour!  The bob is cut to a point below the chin and the hair is almost all the same length.  Then, as an alternative to the beachy waves that everyone wears, this style has defined strands and spiky random twists for a fresh, new look.  And underneath all that blonde glamour, the dark roots mean this style is totally edgy!
One of this year’s most avant-garde cut and colour bobs, this A-Line bob is a really eye-catching look!  The hair is expertly graduated down from the crown at the back to create volume and a beautifully curved shape.  The side layers are longer and the strong angle moves from the nape down to shoulder-skimming strands framing the face. This retro angled-bob breaks the rules by keeping the top hair flat on either side of the centre parting.  But when you look at those lovely, face framing finger-waves accentuating the eyes and mouth, you realise that this new, retro-look bob is not only different – but stunning!
It’s perfect for anyone with fine hair as it doesn’t rely on any natural volume.  And the beautiful caramel shade is cleverly sombred down the lengths to finish with pretty golden ends. This cute Asian bob hair style is really popular in Asian girls, if you ‘re going to get  a new short cut, why not consider this one?
Looking a little bit startled, this model has matched her long, spikey eye-lashes with this strongly-angled bob to create a very special look.  The hair is shorter at the back and carefully graduated to create a curved shape, which contrasts with the sharply tapered tips.  The look is sleek and well-groomed with an asymmetric parting and an attractive extra-long fringe sweeping down in another pretty curve that accentuates the eyes perfectly! Hairstyle is probably the only thing that can completely uplift or damage the looks of a person.
Asian girl hairstyles are easy to recreate and look stunning on almost any facial features and skin tones.

If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Trendy Short Hairstyles, Funky Short Hairstyles, Katy Perry Hairstyles and Medium Long Hairstyles. Paired with perfectly straight hair, the brow-skimming bangs are wonderfully defining the facial features of this Asian girl. Dressed with soft and bouncy curls and rolled-in bangs, this long hairstyle has an angelic demeanor.
Bun is the latest hairstyle trend among teenagers and face-framing bangs like these can be the perfect pair for any teenager’s bun. The freely flowing tresses are wonderfully balanced out by deep side-swept bangs and the overall look is sheathing the girl in a divine aura.
Perfect for stylish young girls, this shoulder-length hairstyle with fringes looks ultra modern and chic.
Defined by a deep centre-parting, this sleek hairstyle is pretty simple but looks promising on any face type. Choppy razored hair ends coupled with side-swept bangs help teenage girls adopt a trendy and playful look. The shortest bangs are reaching down to the chin, thereby helping the girl hide the sharp edges of her jaw line.
The perfect landing of the soft bangs are enhancing the beautiful cheekbones of the Asian girl. Tinted with a hint of brown, the ultra-rich hair color is super shiny and is imparting a dainty look to the hairstyle. Defined by face-framing long fringes and a high ponytail, this hairstyle lends a feasible idea for shielding high forehead with style.
Blondeness is quite an uncommon affair for Asian hairstyles but this hairstyle is looking pretty ravishing and sexy.
Even a simple Asian hairstyle like this can look chic and ravishing with a hint of hair color. Leaving the manes untied can look very sexy and inviting, especially if they are so beautiful and vibrant. Curls have always been related to plush beauty, but they can also look very simple yet enigmatic.
Volumized around the face, this glamorous layered hairstyle immaculately created a sophisticated style. Long hair when left loose can make a very bold statement, especially when it is an asset of a beautiful diva.
Tinted with a copper hue, this warm shade perfectly suits the skin tone and the hairstyle of the Asian girl. Two ponytails look very funky and playful and in this case the long fringes are adding on to the mood.
There is nothing more pristine than untamed beauty and this sleek straight hairstyle is just the perfect example of that. Characterized by a deep side-swept bang and razored edges, this long emo hairstyle helps make a style statement that is common to none. Chisled in a soft curve, the fuller bangs wonderfully frame the face while efficiently balancing with the soft curls.
A stylish combination of brow-skimming bangs and layered hair, this hairstyle is classic and suits almost any face type. Puffed at the crown and seamlessly blended at the sides, this hairstyle has an unmatchable elegance.
You need courage to go really short, but as you will see from this photo gallery, the results can be very, very cool and beautiful. Pixies in mythology are known for being cute and thats what this cute short pixie haircut does for a woman.
If you are looking for a cute short haircut to use in the summer, you should consider this model.
Japanese women have advantage in using short haircut and this is a good example for cute short haircuts for Japanese women. Another simple and easy to handle model for blonde women who have straight and healthy hair.
Emma Watson is the definition of pixie in 21st century and she definitely uses her short hair great. This cute short haircut with bangs may fit really good for Asian women like in this picture. Sorry Tom, but Katie Holmes is one of the cutest women in Hollywood and she increases this cuteness with great short haircut of her. You can either use very short sides in your short haircut or use this cropped cute haircut.
This one is definitely will be one of the favourites of women who are looking to become and remain cute. This is a model, which includes easy breaded hair details and is a really cute and beautiful model to use in 2013.
Bob short haircuts are easy to use, and they look really cute and assertive especially with these kind of layers. If you still couldn’t find any idea on which hairstyle to use, use this layered cute short haircut which will be trendy through 2013. This cute bob short haircut has been trendy all over 2012 and will remain same way through 2013. Having a red hair like this, you should be encouraged enough to try a very short haircut also.
Short haircuts (bob, cropped, layered) remain to be the easiest way to be both assertive and cute so do not hesitate to try one of these beautiful short haircuts in 2013. There is no shortage of beauty pageants these days, and no matter which contest you enter, hairstyles play a huge role in determining who you are and what you like.

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So all women are very conscious about their hairstyles as none of them desires to look quirky.
Ranging from sleek and simple hairstyles to super sexy banged hairstyles, Asian girls are daring enough to sport any hairstyle.
If you are looking to get out early and not to spend much time on your hairstyle in morning, this style fits for you. If you have accomplished that, you definitely should accomplish having this short haircut for white. The couple beat 1,800 hopefuls to win an online competition with a prize of an all-expenses paid wedding in New York, plus a honeymoon in Europe.
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From classic short bobs to shaggy wavy lobs, check out 30 of the best bob hairstyles in this season! No matter where they live or which continent they belong to, women always try to present themselves in the best possible way as far as their hairstyles are concerned.
The best thing about Asian hairstyles is that they can be easily carried and do not require much maintenance. If you are genuinely looking forward to dazzle the pageant ramp, then find a unique hairdo that represents your whole personality. However, only some girls can pull it off and it takes the right kind of dress, like this one, to complement it. Just like European or American women, Asian women also love to experiment with their lovely dark brown tresses. Asian hairstyles are perfect for any occasion and they make you the center-stage of attention even in the most competitive environment. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, there is no shortage of attractive hairstyles that would grab some eyeballs. But I already made this inspiration board last night, so alas, you're not going to get any lucky green inspiration. The unique combination of their moderately fair skin tone and dark brown or black hair, presents them with a unique opportunity to play with loads of hairstyles and hair colors.
Additionally, most Asian hairstyles are in vogue and they can wonderfully give prominence to the beautiful features to spruce up the overall personality of a woman.
If you would like to use any of the images displayed on this site for any other purpose, please obtain permission from the owner.
But I already made this nspiration board last night, so alas, you're not going to get any lucky green inspiration.

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