For on-road performance, BFG engineers worked to incorporate noise-reducing elements into the tread design by literally damning (or closing off) certain sipes to eliminate road noise.
We traveled from our hotel in Carefree to the Tonto National Forrest, moving from pavement to dirt roads and rocky trails once we arrived in the park. It’s a simple fact for off-roaders: The more aggressive your tire, the louder it is on pavement. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.
Zosia kept things casual with a sideswept style and simple eyeliner at the opening of Hand to God in New York. The reality is, however, that no matter how great a company listens to its customers, it will still need to evaluate and anticipate changes in buyer’s wants and needs. The tire, which spent four years in development, is a blend of what BFGoodrich believes most truck and SUV owners truly want even if they may not exactly say it: An aggressive-looking tire capable of going off-road while not sacrificing a quiet ride and great on-road performance.

It will be offered in 36 sizes, which will widen BFG’s light truck market coverage considerably. The Rugged Terrain is designed to improve upon its predecessor, the Rugged Trail, in both looks and performance.
After getting a breakdown from the BFGoodrich team of designers and engineers, we got the chance to get on the road. We weren’t traveling on any really challenging terrain initially, but being the group of automotive-loving journalists that we are, a few trucks were a little heavy on the gas while cornering around the dirt roads. The Rugged Terrain is designed to look and feel tough, and although it can tackle it fair share of trails, it was designed primarily as an on-road tire with off-road capability.
BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain addresses this evolution of light truck and SUV tire buyers, noting there might even be a growth spurt in this area that will account for about 2 million more tires. What that means for you and me is that tire will be available in a size to fit almost any light truck or SUV.

This might be best exemplified by the aggressive tread that hugs deep down the sidewalls to aid in off-road traction and add to its rugged appearance.
We’re happy to report that it does, offering off-road capability, quiet on-road operation and great wet and dry traction.
The blend of good looks and performance is the mixture that BFG sought, and we’d have to say it delivers. BFG also designed tread-clearing elements in the siping to prevent stone retention on the trail.

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