Liberal journalist Matvei Ganapolsky speculated that Mr Putin might emerge a happier person and better leader."His unhappy family life was an obvious burden, you could see this," he wrote.
Eight men are jailed over a ?1m pensioner fraud that police say helped fund people travelling from the UK to Syria.
Nick Jonas spent some time with his leading lady, Miss Universe aka Olivia Culpo, over the weekend in her home state of Rhode Island.

Being scared of breaking off the relationship, he subconsciously took it out on those around him."Opposition bloggers suggested Mr Putin was clearing the way for a spectacular remarriage, perhaps in time for the Sochi Olympics - or even that there might be new little Putin on the way.
By contrast, Joseph Stalin was never known to be a loving husband, yet was "still with us in many ways".Bets on KirillInevitably, the political wisecracks came in thick and heavy.
BBC Monitoring reports and analyses news from TV, radio, web and print media around the world.

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