Kardashian, 29, and Odom, 33, now join the list of stars who Slim Shady has famously dissed, including Christina Aguilera, Carson Daly, Limp Bizkit and Moby. The timing could not be worse for the reality star couple as their nearly four-year marraige is on rocky terrain due to the NBA star's alleged struggles with substance abuse.
Odom was arrested Friday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence along Los Angeles' 101 Freeway, near the Tarzana, Calif., home he shares with Kardashian. The Daily News' Confidential reported that Kardashiana€™s mother Kris Jenner held an emergency two-hour meeting with celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser this week.
Daily News Pix Musicans From the Beatles to Satchmo, from Billy Joel to Prince, the Daily News has backstage photos and behind the scenes shots you want.
Reggie Bush is a great player and the star of NFL and his love life seems like a game also and he is good at it.
The former Reggie Bush girlfriend should not feel bad, because she has a man in her life and she has been pregnant from him but she expresses her opinion about Lilit.
The relationship between Reggie and Lilit are interesting, because they have been dating for a year now and they have on and off relationship. Andrew Cuomo defeats Zephyr Teachout in primary for governor that exposes rift with liberal voters It was a decisive victory for Cuomo, but Teachouta€™s showing was far better than anyone expected when she jumped into the race, a law school professor with a bare-bones campaign who had never run for office.
She tried to capitalize on liberals' unhappiness with some of Cuomoa€™s centrist policies, including his business-friendly tax-cuts and refusal to rule out hydrofracking, a controversial natural gas drilling technique. By corralling more than one in three votes, Teachout did far better than little-known challengers running protest candidacies in previous statewide races - and likely put a dent in any dreams Cuomo might have of running for national office one day. Cuomoa€™s running mate, former Buffalo-area Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, won her primary for lieutenant governor, defeating Teachouta€™s choice for No.
Cuomo and Hochul will now take on Republican Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive, and his running mate Christopher Moss, the Chemung County sheriff, in November.
He released a statement 25 minutes later just as Teachout was giving her concession speech in a West Side nightspot. Addressing her supporters at the Hudson Terrace, Teachout, 42, said her insurgent campaign helped to open the political process and push Cuomo to the left on immigration, campaign finance reform and other issues.
She added, a€?This campaign demonstrates the rise of a new force in New York politics and American politics. Cuomo rolled up significant margins in the city and its suburbs, and in western New York, especially in and around Buffalo. Teachout won at least 20 counties from the Hudson Valley to the Canadian border, many of them rural and conservative. Cuomo hoped a barrage of last-minute endorsements and robocalls by popular Democrats a€” including Mayor de Blasio and Hillary Clinton a€” would enhance his margin of victory and push Hochul across the finish line. Perhaps trying to manage public expectations, those close to Cuomo predicted over the last week that Teachout would end up with more than 30% of the vote.
They said that Teachout and Wu would benefit from a vocal minority of progressive Democrats in a low-turnout race. Protest votes in Democratic races are not uncommon, they said, pointing to Democratic primary challengers to Clinton and Eliot Spitzer who received from 15% to 18% of the vote. After casting his ballot in suburban Mount Kisco Tuesday, Cuomo swatted away questions about whether he was aiming for a large margin of victory. But Baruch College political scientist Doug Muzzio said the results Tuesday hurt Cuomo in New York and nationally. The big question going forward, he said, is what will Teachouta€™s supporters do in the general election?

Astorino released a statement calling on Teachout supporters to back him a€” an unlikihood given his conservative stances on an array of issues. As the general election was set to begin, Astorino Tuesday night did get surprising support from New Jersey Gov. Anderson, 45, started out the evening at the Trousdale Lounge in a pristine white frock that showed off her toned legs and glittery silver pumps, but through the course of the evening, the actress clearly took her celebration a little too seriously. Pamela Anderson celebrates joining the 'Dancing With The Stars - All Star Cast' by going out dancing and grabbing a few drinks.
Anderson previously competed on season 10 of the dancing reality show, partnered with professional dancer Damian Whitewood. Other bold-face names who will be putting on their dancing shoes once more include Bristol Palin, Emmitt Smith, Kirstie Alley, Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone, and Olympian Shawn Johnson, among others. Simply put, Reppler is a social media monitoring service designed to keep your social reputation clean and safe.
Blaving is a new self-proclaimed "Social network which allows you to record instant voice messages and to share them with whoever you wish to do it: As simple as that.
Huntington Beach is considering a new tactic against drunk driving: public shaming on Facebook.
A hoax website in France has revealed something poignant in modern society by offering to rent men a girlfriend who can stun relatives, friends or business partners with their charm and beauty. The protest movement in Egypt is taking advantage of social media to communicate, inform and organize.
This infograph by The Next Web helps you get a clearer view of how you can better use Twitter and Facebook for advertising your products or services. Recently, a startup called Reppler launched a service to help people shine on Facebook pages and profiles that have become resources checked by employers, college recruiters and even potential mates. Simply put, Reppler is a social media monitoring service designed to keep your social reputation clean and safe.
Reppler continuously monitors your social networking profiles so you can present a positive image within your circle of friends and professional network.
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Rory McIlroy played inspired golf in winning the British Open, and he may have drawn his inspiration from a 25-year-old lingerie model. UK media outlets are giving at least some of the credit for McIlroya€™s third major championship to Nadia Forde, a dark-haired beauty from Ireland who has been linked to the Northern Irishman. But the site paints the pair as being more than friends, reporting that McIlroy blew off a practice session leading up the British Open at Royal Liverpool to be at Fordea€™s side following a scary car crash while she was traveling from London to Manchester. While stories are surfacing about the single-since-May golfera€™s budding romance with the brunette, McIlroya€™s friends are insisting that the two are not dating. In an interesting coincidence, Wozniacki won her first tournament of 2014 on Sunday a€” the same day McIlroy captured the Claret Jug. As for Forde, McIlroya€™s buddies insist that theya€™ve only been in the same place at the same time because they share mutual friends. Most Popular Most Read Most Shared 1 Mike Francesa fires back at former Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro 2 Mighty Quinn: May 4 3 Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.
All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo with the ugly Kardashian," he raps on the track. Reggie Bush used to date Kim Kardashian in the past and she was called as Reggie Bush girlfriend, but they did not manage to take their relationship into the next level and they broke up and now Reggie has a new girl and she is really similar to Kim when it comes to her appearance.

Kim looks upset, not because Reggie has a new girl, but because she is pregnant and the athlete did not want to even consider the fact about pregnancy when he was with Kim so this is what hurts her the most.
Reggie Bush girlfriend was born in Armenia and she is going to celebrate her 25 years birthday this year in November. You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area.
Cuomo turned back a surprisingly spirited challenge from Zephyr Teachout on Tuesday in a Democratic primary that exposed dissatisfaction with his policies in the left wing of his party. Do they hold their nose and vote for Cuomo, back minor Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins or not vote at all? It addresses three critical pillars of your social reputation — content, privacy and security. It addresses three critical pillars of your social reputation — content, privacy and security. Forde was not seriously hurt in the crash, Mail Online reported, though her car flipped a€?six timesa€? during the accident. The Danish tennis star was set to wed McIlroy before he called off their engagement in May after sending out invitations to their never-to-be wedding. The 24-year-old got a dig in on her 5-foot-8 ex last week, too, sharing a photo of herself shopping in Istanbul wearing high heels with the caption, a€?Ita€™s been 3 years since I have worn heels on a normal day out. The model is echoing those remarks, laughing off bookmakers making her the 6-1 favorite to be the golfera€™s next gal pal.
Reggie Bush girlfriend appears to be pregnant, there are statements about her condition in various magazines and internet sources and what does Kim have to say about this? The former Reggie Bush girlfriend should understand that he has moved on from her and its natural, because she has moved on from him long ago.
She has appeared in the television show Dancing With the Stars in America, because Reggie Bush girlfriend is a professional ballroom dancer.
He should be happy about it, because Reggie Bush girlfriend is doing everything that she can in order to make her pregnancy safe, she has put her career on hold until she will give birth.
From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments.
Reggie has recently confirmed that Reggie Bush girlfriend is pregnant and that this is a new opportunity for him to start a new life and be a good father.
Cuomo and his girlfriend Sandra Lee vote in the primary at Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco in Westchester County.
He has also decided to propose for Lilit as it is proved in the pictures, where there is a wonderful ring on her finger, and they are planning their wedding.
Despite her looks Reggie Bush girlfriend is smart and this can be seen from her education and from the things that she is capable of.
The first one is her native Armenian, the second one is English and she also knows Russian. Without her studies Reggie Bush girlfriend also is a dance instructor and this is her way of making money.

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