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This is my first upload so I may be a little rusty with the description.Any Redguard players out there looking for a beautiful, charming and sexy female character to play with?
He has a large scar across one of his eyes and a rough beard which seems to be a cloak over his rich past. If you wish to hear some references from Morrowind, Hammerfell or even in Cyrodiil, you should start hunting these sidequests.
Also making coin.HISTORYKiton was born in a large estate to a wealthy, young merchant crushed by the death of his wife minutes after. His father went on raising the child for many months juggling his business of imports and exports leaving very little time for his child until eventually looking for one who could.
I think he gets a little too weird at times, but without Kirkbride's work, the Elder Scrolls would be indistinguishable from dozens of fantasy games and trilogies. Though extremely popular among the commoners, scholars and priests across Tamriel have criticized it for its unbelievable characters, including an Altmer queen of only 28 years, and blatant historical and mythological inaccuracies.
He hired some of the best swordsmen in all of Hammerfell to teach his son and never spared a septim in expense.

Soon he began working for his father at the docks managing stock and haggling with the ship captains to obtain better prices and a larger quantity. His family was accused of treason against Hammerfell, allegedly dealing in illegal activities with Aldmeri Dominion spies inside the city. Quietly they lagged about the midday crowd headed towards the docks not drawling attention but the guards knew better. Quickly the were pounced on and forced to fight their way to the docks in a bloody conflict on in which only Kiton escaped from alive.

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