Chrome Users:Right click on image and save to your device and set this as wallpaper through windows or through your image editor. Rihannaa€™s father, with whom the singera€™s has had a long and rocky relationship, spoke out in a puzzling interview in the upcoming issue of Heat magazine, praising her ex Chris Brown while putting his own daughter down.
Soon after the interview went public, Rihanna, 24, took to Twitter and posted a topless photo to show off her impressive physique and her natural hair color.
Rihanna recently tweeted a photo of herself (l.) with her natural haircolor and a shot of herself working out in a bikini last month.

Fenty and Rihanna were not on speaking terms as recently as 2010, and have only recently begun to communicate again.
A few months after Browna€™s brutal assault, the a€?We Found Lovea€? singer revealed on ABCa€™s a€?Good Morning Americaa€? that her father used to beat her mother when she was younger. Of the brutal assault on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards, the songstress recalled that Brown, 22, a€?had no soul in his eyesa€? as he beat her and bit her.
Despite their turbulent past, however, Fenty didna€™t appear to have any qualms about the couple potentially getting back together.

The duo, who are rumored to be seeing each other on the down low, have publicly denied that they are anything more than friends, though they recently collaborated on two sexually explicit tracks. During a vacation earlier this year, the singer tweeted photos of herself in a barely-there white bikini posing on an exercise machine.

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