I have personally taken the time to contact each and every single one of the establishments in my Hanoi Hotels list below as of February 2014 to make sure their guest friendly policy is still in effect.
Guest Friendly policy reply from the Hanoi Liberty Hotel: ” Warmest greeting from Hanoi Liberty boutique hotel!
Just to give you an idea, out of the 160 hotels that I contacted in Hanoi only 50 responded favorably at bringing back a guest at no extra cost so please pick carefully and choose only from those off my list if you want to avoid any bad surprises. Especially since Vietnamese hotels are much more strict due to Government restrictions than their Thai counterparts.
We don’t deal with any of your lost while you taking different guests stay overnight during your stay at our Hotel.
However, the booking should be included 2 people and the iD of the other guest is requested. I am pleased to inform you that if your friend have the ID card or Passport, we will allow her to stay over with you free of charge ( If you book the double room for 2 person).

But she must bring the ID card for checking in – this is policy of any hotel in Vietnam. We are warmly to tell you that if she has ID so you don’t need to pay any additional fee with us.
I would like to inform you that, All the hotel policy is the same and keep track of the government.
According to your question, I would like to tell you that if you want to bring one more person and then you can but you have to book a type of room for 2 people. We are pleased to let you know that if you book a room for 2 persons, it is possible for you to bring a Hanoi bar overnight without any additional fee. You can bring friend to our hotel at day or night time but you have to make sure that she has ID and you will have full responsible with her and your belongings, no more additional fee.
In this May 25, together with our parents, we will celebrate our wedding reception in Hanoi.

While during the day you can usually get away with it pretty easily, it’s really after 10 PM that things get complicated. But the really matter that you should concern is the safety and security reasons involving with the new guest in hotel in Vietnam.
Vietnamese Law requires a marriage certificate in order for a foreigner and a Vietnamese woman to share a room overnight so hotels in Hanoi have to jump through a few extra hoops to circumvent this.
We know some cases the guest will try to take personal belongings and valuables from the tenant (mobile phone, purse, money…) so please carefully consider that fact before making any acquaintance with girls.
Thank you very much and we are looking forward to seeing you in our wedding day.Yours sincerely,Dieu Linh - Le Minh.

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