ManjunathRating: 3 starsMadhura Sreedhar as a producer and director has always come up with small budget films.
This time, he has produced Ladies and Gentlemen and has given a chance to Manjunath to direct it. Krishna Murthy (Chaitanya Krishna), who is an introvert, is looking for a girlfriend on Facebook.
When Krishna meets her, they both fall in love.Anand (Kamal Kamaraju) and his wife Priya (Nikitha Narayan) form the second couple. He tells his girlfriend Anjali (Jasmin Bhasin), a model and an actress, that he is a very rich man.The film tells the story of the three couples using social media in a wrong way and landing in trouble.

A Hindi film called Login, directed by Sanjeevi Reddy, was released a couple of years ago on the same theme. Director Manjunath may have taken the idea from the Hindi film, but he made some changes in the Telugu version. Credit has been given to Sanjeev Reddy for the story.Manjunath is good with the screenplay, which keeps the film interestingly.
It connects to people who use the Internet and discover changes in their lives and relationships.
When it comes to the performances, all the young and upcoming actors live up to expectations.

Nikitha Narayan stands out with her performance.This film will give her the much needed confidence. Raghu Kunche provides good music and the first song, where the music director appears himself on the screen, is impressive.

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