If you are dating, engaged to, or married to a Physical Touch person, it can be difficult to express love in his or her preferred language if physical touch does not come easily to you. Though everyone is different in the types of touch they prefer, hugs are typically the end all be all to those who speak “touch-ese.” Do you remember how often the family in the television show Full House hugged each other? Sacrificially giving hugs to your sweetheart is not only good for him or her, but can also help you calm down and beat stress.
There are few times when your physical toucher will turn down a hug, rub, snuggle, or stroke of the hand, but there will be some.
Before marriage, it is important to keep your touching above reproach and completely appropriate.
While touching can communicate love, it also can communicate hate, frustration, and indifference if used inappropriately. How have you used physical touch to communicate love in your family, friends, and relationships? But for the most part, I've gotten nothing but positive reactions from my friends and family. My mother, who I thought would instantly nix my plans, has been really supportive of my trip.
I hadn't planned on changing my blog address so soon; I was just going to buy the domain name now so it wouldn't be taken when I graduate.
It's hard to believe, but February is finally winding down (hallelujah!) and March 1st will be here soon.
March 1st is a celebrated day in Murray as it is the day Dairy Queen reopens for the season. The week after Spring Break is Easter weekend, so I'll be making another trip home to celebrate it with my family. Every year as a kid, my mom would always buy my sisters and I new Easter dresses so we could look our best in church.
And while this last dress isn't something I'd wear to church, I definitely cannot wait until Memorial Day so I can finally bust out my white clothes.
I've heard the phrase "love languages" thrown around in a few groups that I'm in for a while and I had no idea what they were talking about. I've noticed the times I feel unhappiest are, coincidentally, when my love languages aren't being spoken.
My goal is to add 40 hours over the next 10 weeks; it won't be a lot of money, but it'll hopefully be enough to cover the cost of my hotel in SLC.
In this new drama, a mystery map will lead you on a an adventure through the Emilia Romagna region. Recently, I took Gary Chapman’s online quiz and realized that Quality Time is my primary love language with Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation coming in at a close second. Even though I was a tall child, I remember asking my dad to pick me up and carry me around until I was eight years old. Recently, I have discovered that I can lie beside him and watch an entire movie without touching him – as long as he is there with me.
In some homes, physical touch did not happen very much, so it can be awkward and unnatural. It may seem overwhelming to some, but physical touchers do not see anything abnormal about it. In the midst of difficult circumstances, hugs show that you are there for your loved one, they are a source of deep comfort, and I think they release endorphins into the brain.
Before marriage, you need to be careful to keep clothes on and save back or neck rubs for public places. In a formal dining situation, you can gently reach beneath the table and take your girlfriend’s hand. If you feel convicted by the Holy Spirit after some questionable touching, you have crossed the line and need to repent. His reaction did not make sense to me at the time, but later I came to realize that I had used his primary means of giving and receiving love to communicate anger. I will be in Colorado from June 1-9 and Salt Lake City from June 9-12. There's no going back!
I looked up the different flights to Denver and Salt Lake City by myself and let my mom know which days I was thinking of (she will be driving me to and from the airport since the nearest airport is Nashville and driving by myself in Nashville is just asking for me to get run off the road.) I've also been looking up public transportation options in SLC since I won't have a car and I've researched shuttles from Denver to the Springs in case my ride falls through. There were no direct flights from SLC to BNA, so it came down to which airport did I want to be routed through. It amazes me that she thinks I'm mature and responsible enough to do something like travel by myself. But, I decided to go on and give it a new look, as I begin to slowly transition from the world of classes and homework to internships and eventually a career. I was planning on just borrowing them from a friend, but we all know my weakness with books--my Amazon wish list has 100 books on it. I just have to make it through the next 19 days of work and classes :) My Spring Break plans are still up in the air, but I'll be excited to go wherever, even if that place is home. Even though Mom has since stopped buying us clothes (oh, I miss those days!) I've been looking for the perfect Easter dress nonetheless so I can look my best. For instance, I think my summer at camp could have been much better if I had people telling me I was doing a great job and helping me wrangle my campers.
I can't believe a person's apology strictly on words; they have to prove themselves to be worthy of my trust through an action. And, thank goodness, I have a friend in Colorado Springs who is willing to let me stay with her for a week. I know that the story of a Jewish girl-turned-queen preventing the genocide of her people doesn't exactly relate to an American girl wanting to go on vacation. Not feeling the same newlywed excitement you did years ago?Some people’s first response would be to search for a marriage upgrade.
Doesn’t a hug from someone you deeply love make you feel better at the end of a rough day? Field says other studies have found that a hug from a friend or a professional massage can also help banish tension. If you are uncomfortable rubbing your boyfriend’s back in church you can take his hand and sandwich it in between your hands.
As much as Eric likes to be touched, I have learned to keep my distance when he has a crazed, deadline-approaching, must finish this project look on his face.
He did not heed my pleas for him to stop and in a moment of desperation I popped his back… hard. I'm still trying to figure out who I am, and that includes my college journey as well. But I do like little things, like a card or flowers or something else that shows you were thinking of me. My picky eating means I'll eat mostly Fruit Loops and McDonald's while on vacation, reducing food costs.
Everybody and their mother (including my college) has made their own video of the Harlem Shake. While she probably loved the thought of me being “a little girl” again, it had to have hurt her legs and back!
Small rubs throughout the day will keep a steady stream of love flowing into his or her heart. If physical touch does not come easily to you, you can still make it a habit if you want to. I opted for Denver, since I will have already been there by this point and it's directly on the way home.
Relying solely on public transportation to get around Salt Lake City and possibly Park City. In fact, he often bends forward slightly to give me a hint… and if I do not take the hint, he nudges me and smiles.

He wants to be greeted at the end of a long day with a big bear hug and he loves having his back rubbed at night. It can be a powerful way to show love, but inappropriate touch can be devastating to someone who primarily gives and receives love through touch. She never traveled anywhere without her parents and husband (or later, parents and daughters) until she was in her 40s, and even then she traveled with a friend.
I tend to speak this language really well; I always clean the house for my mom before I leave. It's just teaching the boy that if you call 911 when there's no emergency you can get on the news. I think you people look like fools, dancing like idiots on the Internet where your video will exist forever. I'm slowly trying to overcome this, because I have the feeling I would really like cuddling when I'm eventually in a relationship.
I'm willing to pay to ride the Pikes Peak tram and go alpine sledding at Utah Olympic Park, but I'll also be doing free activities, like visiting Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy, Temple Square, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal. Again, discuss with your sweetie when he or she prefers hand-holding and when it is best to refrain.
Uchtdorf, recently said, “In so many societies around the world, everything seems to be disposable. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. When he is going through a hard time, he likes to lie on the bed and talk to me while I massage his tired back and neck. I will arrive home-- okay, I'll arrive back in Nashville, which is almost home-- at 6:05 pm. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. I'm not sure if my mom will try to work Wednesday and speed to pick me up at Nashville, take off Wednesday, or take both Wednesday and Thursday off, in case there is a delay that pushes back my arrival by a couple of hours.
Is your wife stressed about helping the kids with their schoolwork but the dishes need to be cleaned…badly? Or taking a breath and trying to think from your spouse’s perspective when they get frustrated about something that might seem insignificant to you. Like how he brushes his teeth before flossing when you’ve always done it the other way. Or how she only eats oranges in slices but you really enjoy the satisfaction of peeling an orange yourself.Cherish the differences! Instead of letting them frustrate you, let them make you laugh or even teach you something new.Dieter F.
Have charity.We usually think of charity as giving to a humanitarian organization or donating food at Thanksgiving time.But what is charity in marriage? Being okay with being wrong, or even just starting with agreeing to disagree until the heat of an argument blows over, is one of the best ways to love selflessly.5. Uchtdorf cautioned, “If we look for imperfections in our spouse or irritations in our marriage, we will certainly find them, because everyone has some. In fact, at the risk of stating the obvious, divorce rarely happens when the husband and wife are happy. Respect and value each other.In order to learn to be a team, you have to recognize that as husband and wife you are equals. As time goes on, his desires for cleanliness may just rub off on you and you will only become better for it.A great leader, Richard G.
Scott, once taught,“For the greatest happiness and productivity in life, both husband and wife are needed. If so, unity can help you two work together to come to an even better way of parenting, one that will really work for your marriage and family.To achieve true unity, you have to stop trying to change each other.
When you respect and value each other as equals, then it is much easier to recognize that conflict really is about the two of you against the problem or challenge, and not the two of you against each other.
Hinckley, Ensign, August 1992)Unity is also required in order to help your spouse grow as an individual. For example, you have to be unified about that cycling race she wants to participate in because it will take time, money, and support in order for it to be a positive experience (and not one that causes conflict in your marriage). When you can get on the same page about the time and resources necessary for him to pursue that interest, you can find joy supporting each other, instead of fighting about all the time he has spent golfing the past three Saturdays.As always, a healthy balance is necessary when it comes to individual pursuits and desires. Make decisions together.Decisions that require marital unity come up every day in married life. You and that cute husband of yours have sat side by side and  taken the 5 Love Languages quiz.
You are a "receiving gifts," type of gal, and he is a "physical touch and quality time," kind of guy. You two care about your marriage, go on regular date nights, and enjoy a healthy sexual relationship together. You may be surprised to learn that each person has a different apology language - and knowing yours, and your husband's can improve your marriage in dramatic (and helpful) ways.You can start to learn better conflict resolution skills by first learning each other's apology language. You will learn that apologizing means taking action to fix things that aren't helping your marriage. It means being willing to do things you may not want to do, in order to demonstrate to your spouse that you are truly sorry. It all started a few hours ago, when she came home and immediately chewed you out over something totally petty and silly. You knew she was worn out and stressed and that she was just taking it out on you, but you snapped back at her and called her immature, among other things.
She knows she had no right to get upset, and that she should have bit her tongue and not said anything.
She just wants a new beginning, and she wants things to be right between the two of you again. She decides that your marriage relationship means more to her than the embarrassment of apologizing, and so she humbly comes downstairs.
She has mascara stains on her cheeks, and she is blowing her nose like there is no tomorrow, but she still comes and stands next to you.
Prove it." You also don't know if you really believe her, it was a pretty pathetic apology, after all. She has done this too often the past few months, and this time she doesn't deserve forgiveness. You are feeling in control of the situation and wouldn't mind seeing your wife bow at your feet and plead for your forgiveness.
You could have had a new beginning together and made the rest of your night positive and fun, but you blew it. You knew when you got married that you signed up for an imperfect marriage made up of two imperfect people, right? Your sweet wife needs your forgiveness, and your love.
What role does forgiveness play in nurturing your happily ever after? Here are a few things to remember, before you get your booty upstairs to apologize to your wife and ask for her forgiveness!1. It is a choice to see others as they truly are - imperfect people striving to be better, to overcome bad habits, and to improve their lives in meaningful ways. When you choose to give that gift freely, with no thought of what you may or may not receive in return, you will see that forgiveness comes to you more freely too. Seek to understand all that your wife has going on, and what is causing her to lose her cool so easily. It neutralizes our hurt feelings and makes room in our hearts for love to flourish and grow." (Ensign, September 2011)If you choose to forgive and to let go of resentment, you will make room for love to be nurtured. Perhaps, then, nurturing love is the key to not letting resentment harbor, and the key to true forgiveness. When you seek to live the six pillars of nurturing marriage, you will find your resentment melting away, and your marriage relationship improving! You wanted to retreat so she wouldn't get mascara all over you, but you decided not to care.

Plus, I'm finding no time to take care of anything at home, or even make a decent dinner for us! And I never see you anymore." You realize that your sweet wife is simply overwhelmed, tired, and disappointed in herself for not meeting her own high expectations.
This is not a mistake you want to make in your marriage.Life is simply too short to spend your time feeling upset, frustrated, unwilling to forgive, or angry. Simply put, don't spend your time in the "thick of thin things."What Matters MostNot too long ago I read an article in the news about a young (and pregnant) wife and mother, recently diagnosed with cancer.
This made me remember another story I read in the news several years ago, about a young husband and father (whose wife was expecting their second child), who died tragically in a hiking accident.My heart aches when I hear stories like these. For example, I'm never more thankful for my health, then after I've been sick for an extended period of time.Marriage can be much the same. It can be easy to overlook what a wonderful gift it is to spend your life with that special someone (especially when that special someone also happens to be super hot, and pretty amazing).
Not just any poems, but poems that taught us meaningful lessons.Even though we didn't fully appreciate the lessons at the time, we were motivated because he would give us a quarter for every poem we passed off. If, and when, that happens, be quick to say "I'm sorry."2) Laugh a little more.Life is great, so enjoy it! Laugh with your sweetheart about silly little things, about things that cause tension, and about inside jokes the two of you share.
Then simply relish the renewing feeling that laughter brings.One lesson my wife has tried to teach me (whether successfully or not) is to not take myself too seriously. It's okay to let loose, show off your silly side, have a dance party with your family, and let your hair down. Your spouse knows you better than anyone else; they know you inside and out and they've seen ALL of you - so there's no need to hold back and feel embarrassed.
And I'm inspired to live more fully, to live with gratitude in my heart, and to live without regrets. It is wise to take time on a regular basis to be still and to prioritize what matters most to us. See, the beauty of "happily ever after," is that you get to create it, and you get to choose it.
Lower Your ExpectationsIn your little casa on the hill, you are quickly coming to realize that she is not the wife you had hoped for. Every day there are hundreds of things he or she does that you never expected – and most of those things annoy you, frustrate you, or hurt your feelings. That simple act will reduce conflict and contention in your marriage, and will change the way you view that dashing husband or beautiful wife of yours. You know how to do this affection thing, so be intentional about it every day!​Just remember, real affection, the kind that comes from your heart, is the kind of affection that will bind you to your spouse in a deeply meaningful and surprisingly satisfying way. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to let your spouse have his or her way all the time, or that you have to be submissive and quiet. It simply means that you consistently recognize that your relationship with, and commitment to your husband or wife is far more important than any misunderstanding or disagreement that may come up. As you choose peace over contention in your marriage, you will find that the "happily," part of "happily ever after," comes more quickly than you may have expected. Spend Time TogetherIf your husband or wife is your top priority, then make sure you are spending enough time (quality time) with him or her.
Often, because life is so stinking busy and demanding, we have to make choices about who gets our time and what quality of time they get. So please, oh please, be intentional about creating and planning meaningful ways to spend time with your lover.A great leader, Joe J. As important as it is to be with the children as a family, you need regular weekly time alone together. Scheduling it will let your children know that you feel that your marriage is so important that you need to nurture it. That takes commitment, planning, and scheduling." (Ensign, May 1995)So, commit to spending quality time with your spouse every day.
Go give your marriage some nurturing, and remember that often you won't see the fruits of your labors until enough time has passed, so be patient!
Did you ever envision long walks on the beach holding hands, late nights laying beside each other talking about everything (and never arguing), trips to the store to pick out your favorite ice cream, cuddles and hugs every time you reunited at the end of the day, endless laughter and smiles, constant success and no challenges with your best friend and lover at your side, and much much more!? Doesn't that sounds absolutely dreamy?! But if I had to guess, I'd say your perfect marriage would be pretty boring.Think of all the incredible experiences you would have missed out on if your marriage was perfect? That it was holding hands throughout that journey and walking side by side that made marriage special. They are interspersed with fairy-tale moments, with beautiful vistas, and with near-perfect days. Take it one day at a time, and work on becoming your best self, and encouraging your spouse, as well. Make today a little more meaningful by kissing your spouse, telling him or her how much you love sharing this journey of life with them, and thanking him or her for sticking with you through the ups and the downs.
Let gratitude for the journey fill your heart and motivate you to be and to do better today and always.
I've always struggled with the fact that it is easy and natural to be kind and respectful to people I associate with at work, church and in the community, but extremely difficult to give that same respect and kindness (and more) to the people I live with, and love the most. Maybe it's because sharing space, and showers, and food, and a bed (along with the good, the bad, and the ugly) with people sometimes brings out the worst in us.Don't get me wrong, living with the people we love most, and call family, is the greatest blessing in life.
Respect is most often shown in the words we speak or don't speak, the tone of voice we use, the expectations we have for each other and the listening ear we offer.
With respect, there is no room for name-calling, angry outbursts, rude remarks, etc.Respect each other in your roles in and out of the home. Smith once said, “The longing of the human heart is often for someone who will treat tenderly the devotion one has to give.
KindnessSome of the best marriage advice I've ever heard is this, "Do more of what works and less of what doesn't." (Gary Steggell) It seems simple, right? Kindness is biting your tongue when you want to tell your husband, "I told you so." Kindness is getting up with the kids so your wife can sleep a bit longer.
Kindness is offering to sit next to your spouse, just because, as they work to meet that late-night deadline. Kimball, once commented,"One comes to realize very soon after marriage that the spouse has weaknesses not previously revealed or discovered. The virtues which were constantly magnified during courtship now grow relatively smaller, and the weaknesses which seemed so small and insignificant during courtship now grow to sizable proportions. AppreciationBelieve it or not, your spouse craves appreciation from you more than from anyone else. And not just grateful for what they do FOR you, but that you are grateful for who they are and how they lift and bless you and everyone around them. They need to know that you are grateful for how they make you want to be better and grateful that you get to spend each day and night with them.So say thank you. Thank your spouse for the obvious - for clean socks, for empty garbages, for food in the fridge, for working hard, for gas in the car, for putting up with you during PMS, and for not getting mad when you bought that man toy you had been wanting for awhile, etc. Kimball)So, if you are looking for secrets to a happy marriage, look no further than what you already know. I challenge you to actually commit to being respectful, kind and grateful this week, because those three things work in relationships.Do it.

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