One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.??? But it is also beneficial to avoid denial and address why your client may not be opening up to you. Worse off you may have tricked yourself into believing your prospect is further down the sales funnel than they actually are. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, there are mounting pressures to really blow your clients away with innovative tools to improve their business.
But you gotta remember that your sales target being achieved is a result of you knowing your stuff and helping your client to improve their life. On the frontlines, this is a hard trap to escape if you forget why you started selling your product or service in the first place. Don’t bring up their budget or available resources to fund your anticipated transaction until you have clearly defined the benefits of the transaction to them. It is always important to do your research and ideally you will have identified a few problems prior to arriving to their establishment. Solution-based sales needs a client-problem to truly highlight the benefits of your product or service to your prospect. So hopefully you know your product or service well enough to start from the end and work backwards to the beginning. Identify why your client would benefit from what you are doing and then identify how not benefiting from it would create a problem for your client’s business. Ultimately, the most important part is to convey the impact this lack of your benefit has on the overall problem to their business. If you can identify the impact these problems have on your client’s business, you will be their greatest asset and not someone they hate.
Entrepreneurs are extremely busy juggling a million different hats deciding which one they have the time and capacity to wear. If they have called you to help their business or invited you in after a cold call by you they either don’t have the time or knowledge to take care of that angle of their business without you.

Get to the benefits by educating your client in a simplified manner about what you can do and how you can do it – and what it means to their bottom line which not only includes their money but time as well.
Do your research on their specific industry and tie this into case studies of other clients having success using your product or service.
If you can teach your client you will not only be looked at as someone who can help with their immediate explicit needs but a person who can help to innovate their business.
Well do yourself a favor and learn now so that you become familiar with different verticals into which you can expand your sales funnel. Do your research now because a client won’t tell you they hate you, they will just never answer any of your calls ever again.
When I say market research, I also mean understanding how your competitors are tailoring their services to your client’s industry. Help your prospect to understand what your competitors are doing (including benefits) and how what you are doing trumps them. You are not pushing them into a sale, you are guiding them into doing what is best for their business.
In the new economy, there is increasing pressure to have customized solutions to meet your clients needs. And this is actually the fun part that a lot of salespeople forget to address because they are focused on only one thing: money.
So if you are selling a photocopier, focus deeply not only on what they will be using it for, but where they will use it – will it be in a position of nuisance?
If you are selling an air conditioner, will your client benefit from a more compact, higher efficiency unit to give them increased backyard space? Be creative by thinking about how people will be functioning on an everyday basis and the potential pitfalls that you may have never even imagined yet and certainly that your client won’t fathom until it is too late. Make it easy for your clients to do that by being considerate of all of these potential things that will make your client cringe if you don’t address it. And your competitor will sweep in, be that transparent person who uses a consultative sales approach – and win.

And if you believe you have benefited from this post, you can help out one more person (me!) by liking the Progressive Sales Strategies Facebook page and sharing this post with your colleagues and friends. And besides, there is nothing more gratifying than knowing you have helped someone who would have went about their business without realizing a problem existed. Get to the point, know your market, provide value that you can quickly explain the how and why about, and over-deliver.
We must never lose site of the value we are providing or we are definitely setting ourselves up for failure! Enter your details now for exclusive content and the latest B2B sales and marketing strategies.
Progressive Sales Strategies (PSS) is a blog to explore innovative sales and marketing techniques. The aim of PSS is to help you to build strong business relationships, to grow your personal brand, and to provide you with guidance to generate recurring ROI for you and your clients.
Riaz Sidi { Some of the best techniques are also the most blaringly obvious ones; you can't score unless you shoot. Will it make a noise that is under a bedroom window that might leave a lasting negative impact for years? When someone is trying to sell something to me, I hate it when they only focus on what is in it for them. In the new world of sales and marketing, if we are not putting the value we provide to our customers before anything, our bottom line will definitely suffer.

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