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Be My Valentine, Attraction Love Bomb Herbal Bath Spell by Justine Crane, The Scented Djinn, and Valentines Day DRAW! This herbal bath love spell is designed to create a ritual for attracting a love interest, to either strengthen an existing love connection, or to create one that has not yet begun. A Colander or sieve to scoop the large chunks of herbs out of the bath prior to letting the water out. This attraction love bomb herbal bath is chock full of herbs and blossoms meant to attract love and luck like mad — the pink candle (specific to love) is anointed with attraction oil, and some attraction oil is included in the herb mix as well.
Perfume-like literature- is the formation and the expression of specific qualities of consciousness. I love the concept of drawing attraction and luck, and aside from it all, it sounds like a wonderfully relaxing time.

Home made all natural soap made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, Shea Butter, goats milk, kaolin clay, and color (mica mineral powder) Each bar is about 4.5 oz. Fill your bath with warm water and undress, all the while keeping your love interest in your mind and heart. Rose Geranium essential oil is a rich, sweet floral scent it is reputed to be uplifting and stress relieving. Sit in the water and while the bomb releases it’s energy, say the name of your love interest three times, then sit back and relax. You may even wish to bring a token from your love interest into the bathroom with you – a picture, an object belonging to your love interest, your love interest him or herself! Try to stay in the water for at least a few minutes after the love bomb has finished fizzing. Once you feel you have been successful with your spell, put out the candle with your wet fingers, do not blow it out!

Stand in the bath and with clean warm water, rinse any residual herbs from your body and towel off.
Scoop as much of the herbs from your bath as you can with the colander or sieve and toss the herbs into your garden. Wrap the candle in pink fabric (pink underwear might work just as well) and hide the wrapped candle in your underwear drawer.

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