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This energy magic Soul Love potion has a fun origin - an Xtra Magic subscriber mailed in and asked how much of the Gypsy Rose Love Potion one should drink before love comes into one's life. Now there is a small problem in that you can't actually love yourself (see here for why not) so we have to love something other than "me" - I'm guessing that's why love potions of old were always made to give to someone else and never to be made by yourself and then drunk by yourself for self improvement purposes!
However, we can love aspects of us, and what better love affair to start than with your own soul? People think the only thing they're good for is to sell them for muppety palaces and big cars and public acclaim to anyone who comes knocking, but they have many better uses than that. First of all, I was told in no uncertain terms that this love potion was to be energy magic, which means that no physical ingredients go "into" it, but the potion is created through energetic imprinting. We want to create a magic circle to focus the ingredients on the central space, our glass of fresh water. I placed my glass of water in the center and then added the things that wanted to be added in the space around. In this case, it was definitely white rose petals and a white rose bud - soul love is classically represented by the white rose, also unconditional and non-sexual love so that's perfect.
I found some quartz crystals, a varied selection from many places and placed them around the water.
Then I added salt and sugar - purification and sweetness, our soul love wants to be pure but happy and fun, delicious in all ways. I then personalised it further by adding some white rock roses and petals for that whole immortality thing and as a bow to the Great Creative Order; but that's me, you don't need the white rock rose.
You can add other things that you get sent or feel are right for your own personal soul love potion. 2 - Remain focused on loving your soul just because it's there (and not because you hope your soul is going to get you that expensive new handbag you've been yearning for!).
Fact is that most of us are strangers to our own souls and attention and communication have to come first - that's that energetic connection being made through which soul energy can then stream towards us and manifest in our lives.
But don't look over your shoulder, loving the soul is a good thing all in itself and for no other reason than it is the right way forward.
Ok, so now you have your ingredients assembled, and your magic machine is imprinting the water.
Now put the whole arrangement in a place where the light of the sun and the light of moon and stars can shine on it for one whole rotation of our delightful planet, meaning that you leave it for exactly 24 hours from the moment you finished it.
There is some flexibility in this but this love potion is the most effective when the planet has turned once. If you want, you can light a white candle that will burn out before the 24 hours are over, to represent the death of the physical body and that the soul goes on beyond. Take a moment to sit or walk quietly, or dance if you prefer, and start listening with all your six senses for the living presence of your soul - wonderful! I've been wondering something for a long time now but i've been reluctant to actually ask you. Your soul can send you messages and intuitions which is what you need to be in the right place at the right time to meet up with the right soul. To find the hidden, or lost a thing ought to be written entirely on a piece of paper, and Sura 26 verses 72-73 of Sura 2, tie a paper on the neck of a white cock with two scallops and let him in the room.
Love spells are one of the most considered and looked for spells when it comes to magic spells, even more wanted is black magic love spells, and if the spells are easy to use then those black spells would be the first and top most priority of any person looking for a love spell. Love spells were used from an old age time when many of us did not even knew about black magic, only some deep parts of few countries were prevalent with the know how of black magic and love spells, but today with the increase in technology and reach to the masses, most of us are aware of black magic and love spells, though we all know that a love psychic is the best person to cast a spell which would be effective and give out good and quick results, however we also search the internet and find that there are many such black magic easy love spells which can be cast by anyone only if we follow the instructions properly and carefully. Black magic spells would give you hundred times more satisfaction after being casted as it gives you quicker result and results which you can feel in no time.
Love spell in itself is a vast arena of spell, and thus it is required to mention that love spells can be f varied types and would differ in needs of the person for whom it is casted.
A specific love spell can be designed by a spellcaster as per the needs of the person who wants the spell to be cast, but like I had mentioned above previously that there are love spells which if casted properly can be casted by anyone, thus am giving you all a black magic easy love spell to find love. You would need few items to cast the spell, a red carpet, five red candles, five red rose flowers and a one litre bottle of rose water with a little sandalwood dust.
Chant the below spell once for each name, so if you have five names or pictures then you need to chant it five times.
To be sure you are serious I will immediately send you an email that you must open and click the confirmation link. Are you always thinking of someone, this means that you are in love with that someone, but do you think that the person whom you love does not even think about you.
It has been observed that black magic to make him think of me spells are usually a need for those girls who think that the guys do not look at them, or they are inferior when compared to other girls present around in the group.
We also found out that one of the reasons why girls want specific man to be attracted towards them or think only about them is love or crush, some other reason might include, indulging in physical relationship or getting married. The most important thing you would need is the photo of the person whom you want to make think about you, you would also require your own photo. Casting Black Magic spells allow you to be in control of people's mind and have them to do what they're ordered to do. This type of highly powerful and extremely damaging Advanced Disruption Magick should only be used as a last resort really on a perspective Enemy or Enemies.
The more deserving of this curse the target is, the stronger and faster this curse will work.
Once this spell is cast there's no one that could even come close to neutralizing or stopping this spell other then myself so please keep this in mind.
This spell will effect the Target in the ways of: Destroying a marriage, Job, Finances, Friendships, Health, and Family life.
This spell causes nightmares, Night sweats, Kills any romance or sex life, Causes the Target to be Haunted by specters, Demons and hateful and other mischievious and malevolent spirits.
Some clients report that in over two years their enemy targets still feel the horrible effects of this curse.
A picture is not offered with this spell as the names, sigils, seals and signatures aren't met to be seen by the average person or even other people in the arts in most cases as they couldn't possibly handle these Dark Angels and malevolent entities that are called into this particular spell. Some of which are so malevolent we cannot even speak Their names aloud but can only appease Them by pointing Them in the target's direction. This spell is derived from the book of Genesis and was God's first curse upon Cain for slaying his brother Adam. The Angels used within this spell number over 4,000 as they are the Angels that Divinity uses to bring down the evil nations with so please know that this Angelic Host can be quite aggressive and hostile on whom their directed. Imprints are much appreciated if the Client can get their hands on some but if not the name and possible address of the Target will do. This spell is performed in the names of Justice thus their is no chance of karmic pay back to neither the Client nor myself.
The Hell Fire Curse can be written for a wide array of different types of disruption in a marriage, or on any person or relationship and has a reputation for wreaking havoc and chaos in an enemy target's life that is unbelievable. If you are interested in possibly having Enchantress Jan perform this spell for you, contact her and tell her all about your situation and exactly what you seek to accomplish by having it done and Enchantress will discuss all of your concerns with you and tell you what you should expect to happen in your particular situation.
On the more positive side this same spell can transform a Marriage going bad and save it from the perils of divorce by simply strengthening the existing love.
Is it your firm belief that they are not destined to be together and sooner or later they will split up anyway? Arguments over the smallest matters will ensue, causing hard feelings and an underlying feeling of mistrust.
A general dissipation of happiness and lightheartedness will result in a noticeable lack of humor, friendship and companionship. For the first time, discussion of dissolving their union and going their separate ways will begin to filter into their arguments. Your image will be implanted in the mind of the person you care for, and they will begin to realize how much they miss you. WARNING: This spell brings dissension and despair into an existing relationship that cannot be repaired. Josh wrote and asked: There's this girl in my class who is in love with me, following me around and always making eyes at me. Danny from Canada wrote, "There is this boy in my school and we had a great time one night together, it was amazing.
I've received a request for a healing spell for a friend who is heartbroken because of love pain. That's really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Now I get a lot of spell requests, but the one single spell most requested above all is "What spell do I use to get my Ex back?" I've always been dubious about this but there is a way to make these spells to get back those who have told you they don't love you anymore (!) actually work - and also, why they generally fail if you don't know this. Elizabeth wrote: I need your help (Spell Request) This is why this spell is important to me.
How does it apply, for example, to a love attraction ritual ( = to attract love in my life)? Cathy writes: Dear SFX, I need a spell to stop me from obsessing about someone who is an enemy and lets no opportunity go by to attack me.

I received a request from someone who was very upset because a "certain word" was being used on them, to hurt them, on a regular basis by "silly boys" in their environment. Now it is said that "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me" but that is actually not true.
I would like a spell for finding a boyfriend for a girl that has never had a proper boyfriend before because she is scared and shy. Of all the many spell requests I receive, the second most popular is for a spell to bring a lover back who has run off. I get *a lot* of requests (interestingly, more than I do for love spells, even!) from people who feel that their reputation has been tarnished unfairly - that people are saying things about them that are not true and those are usually not good things. This spell is designed to affect one person or an entire group or society and remove those negative ideas, restoring the reputation in the process and giving the person a chance to prove who they really are. Now that you're here, you are now remembering that you are already grounded in the stability and security of Divine Love. However you may be feeling right now, you can begin feeling better right now in this very moment, because you have the power to create whatever you desire in your life. Within every desire that you feel stirring within you, are the seeds of certainty for its fruition. We are ready to help you now with our highly effective love spells, money spells, and other uniquely designed white magic spells for good luck, healing, protection, cleansing, beauty, weight loss, and much more. You are now embarking upon a wonderful opportunity that holds the power help you open the door wide open to finally receiving your heart's desires. Did you know that white magic is a natural blessing power, and that it can help you attract love, money, and whatever you want in life?
On some level, you've just been settling for what fate may or may not bring you in life, when in actuality, you have the power to create more of the good things that you truly desire and long for in your life. For that special something your heart longs for, the help you are searching for, you've just found it.
So reach out now and let us help you, and you will find a caring friend, a listening ear, an understanding heart, and someone who genuinely cares to help you get the positive results you've been hoping for, no matter how long you feel that what your heart longs for, has been eluding you. You won't find false promises here, but what you will find, is a genuine helping hand, and the sincere, experienced guidance of someone who knows how to help you in a way that gives you the very best chance to attain your heart's desires and finally get what you want.
So no matter what it is that your heart longs for, from love and relationships, money and career, healing, protection, to other personal endeavors, our white magic spells work with the blessing energy of Divine Love, which is the highly creative, blessing substance of the Universe, in a way that can help bring you the good things that you desire. Read about the different spells that we offer (love spells - spells for money, good luck, success - spells for cleansing, protection, healing, beauty, weight-loss, and much more) and let us know which spells you want us to cast for you. In one way of looking at it, every time you receive a deeply desired wish of your heart, you are sharing a beautiful romance with the Universe via the joyous marriage you are sharing with the fulfillment of your desire.
By connecting with this romantic energy deeply enough, you are connecting with the life force energy of the Universe, and its infinite love for you, which is a richly potent creative power.
No matter what name you choose to call the One Loving Source of All Life---The Divine, The Higher Power, The Universe, Goddess, God---Its Love for you, is the most powerful creative force in your Life. It is connected with all good, and everything good that you desire, already loves you infinitely.
Receiving what you desire can often times be much easier than you may sometimes tend to think, as long as you are willing to let it in. Allow the good that you desire to begin awakening in front of you, as YOU begin awakening to this magickal world that exists within you, all around you, that is ever-unfolding before you now, where what your heart desires, is also seeking you. We believe that you have been intuitively guided here because it is time for you to finally receive all of the love, and all of the good, that you want and deserve! White Magic Love Spells - attraction love spells - reunion love spells - marriage love spells - spells for romance, enchantment, relationship healing, relationship blessing, and more.
White Magic Money Spells - spells to attract money, prosperity and abundance - good luck spells - success spells, and more. Many More Angelically-Blessed White Magic Spells include: healing spells - protection spells - purification spells - beauty spells - as well as weight loss spells, and many more. Empathic Psychic Readings: Pure empathic psychic readings (no cards) - Angel card readings, fairy card readings, and other spiritual oracle card readings (30 decks to choose from, including the "Romance Angels Oracle" Cards) - Tarot readings with the "Guardian Angel Tarot" Cards, and traditional tarot card readings upon request. Whatever your situation, we are here to listen, with a heart of compassion and non-judgment, to what your heart needs to say, and it is our intention to help you in every way that we can with your situation.
Here you will find compassionate readings, ethical love spells, and a variety of other white magic spells, all of which are in honor of holistic spiritual integrity. It is our belief, and intention, that our white magic spell services offer you a significant opportunity for the conscious creation of your heart's desires. You can rest assured with a sense of authentic peace, knowing that our services are offered from a place securely grounded in Divine Love, and are thus, completely safe. Love magic is a potent expression of love, a love spell is potent expression of love, and through this loving expression, doors to greater levels of love can be opened in your life and relationships.
Our love spells are unique, filled with sweetness, and extremely potent with the richness of Love's blessings. Open yourself to receive the healing light of love and its sparkling magic that resides within your very cells.
The happiness, love and goodness that you desire, are ALL POSSIBLE FOR YOU!"When you open your heart, light shines in and enters your heart from the inside." ~Original Author Unknown"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched. Reverence, utmost respect, and appreciation to the Higher Power, should be at the foundation of any request for help that you are making.
Optimism is belief in good faith, it is confidence imbued with love, gratitude, and appreciation that is given in advance for the wonderful positive results you are deciding to welcome into your life.
It is also important to also realize that sometimes whenever you may feel that optimism and faith are so far from you, that the road to renewed optimism and genuine faith, is absolute emotional AUTHENTICITY with yourself.
The road to greater levels of faith, trust, optimism, and greater ease with positive thinking that happens more naturally for you, is through complete authenticity with however you ACTUALLY FEEL in this moment. So if what you actually feel is less than cheerful, less than hopeful, less than optimistic, then the road forward is to be lovingly honestly with yourself and genuinely allow yourself to feel what you organically feel in this moment. Your absolute emotional authenticity is what connects you with the Higher Power, with the essence of true magick, and, with your personal power to create your desired circumstances. There is great power in authenticity, so even if what you are actually feeling is not in resonance with the good feelings that resonate with what you desire, accompanied by optimism and faith, you must first acknowledge your true organic feelings in this moment, even if they are the opposite of what some may tell you they should be. Faith and optimism tend to flow more easily for you, whenever you are lovingly honest with yourself about your actual authentic feelings, whatever they may be.
If you find yourself in a place of doubt, lacking faith, turn yourself toward sincere reverence for the Higher Divine Goodness of Life, and it can lead you back on your path to a place of renewed faith, and to the kind of authentic openness, the potent receptivity, that can significantly increase your magnetism, powerfully attracting the good that you desire.
Once you've embraced reverence and optimism, and "true reverence" IS BASED FROM emotional "authenticity," you can now move forward with setting your clear intentions about your heart's desired outcome, with softened openness to receiving that which you desire, allowing the process of its "unfoldment," while continuing to consciously operate in harmony with your desired manifestation---You are in a very strong position to receive your heart's desires. Receiving what you desire truly can be incredibly EASY for you, and relieving in its potent simplicity.
We have had hundreds of happy clients over the years, and our white magic spells have helped hundreds of clients just as you to experience very happy outcomes with love, money, career, good luck, and other desired successes. In the event that a chat operator is not available, please feel free to leave us an email message with your inquiry! Mobile Website Visitors: Click here to load the classic version of our website, and look for the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner. Legal Disclaimer: We take our spiritual work seriously, with the intention that you will feel deeply blessed as a result of our services. Whether you want to attract someone new, progress your relationship to the next stage, get over a bad breakup, get back with an ex lover or just generally boost your chances of love, these spells will help. Our Love Spells are based around traditional White and Red Candle Magic which have been used for centuries to command and control spirits of love and romance. We add new love spells regularly, so check back often or sign up to our newsletter to receive email updates.
I will never share, rent or sell your details to any third parties, and you may unsubscribe at any time.
Thus you can get information from your soul about all manner of things future, past and present and from a galaxy far, far away without ever having to buy a single book. Water is wonderfully responsive to energetic imprinting, so let's start with a simple clean glass filled with sparkling, life giving, fresh, bright water. Muddying the magic waters with too many ingredients in the wrongful hope that "more is better" is probably high on the list of the top ten reasons why beginners magic doesn't work out.
In the first two cases, the objective of the selection procedure is a magical meaning, which can serve as an omen for the person (fa'l). Created a special divinatory table, where words, letters and numbers were systematized, and their combination gave a certain sense.
We have heard battle axes, shields, armor, swords and sabers, daggers, helmets, horse armor, literally covered with rows of sacred books. Mostly it is seen that seduction spells are performed to get a love back, get an ex back, but love spells are also done for good marriage proposals, good married life, good family, bring someone back, bring harmony in a relationship. Pour the rose water on a big container and mix the sandalwood dust in it properly, then dip all the rose flowers in it, on the red carpet keep the pic of the person whom you want to make your love, if you do not have picture then a full name with a facial description would do, mind you can do this for 5 name to see which one would become your love of life. Let the candle burn to finish, just before the candle relinquishes it would try to burn the picture or paper as well, the paper or picture which does not burn even a little would be your best choice for making love and so on.
Dated long back in the history we would find traces of this black magic spell, which was practiced by many tribes to keep the man in control of the woman.

However whatever the reason is such spells are very strong and gives up to the mark results almost every time.
A bundle of red woollen string and around twelve rose petals, keep the picture of the man and your facing each other so that both the picture kiss each other, put the twelve rose petals between the pictures and then wrap the whole picture with the red woollen thread, so that it is completely wrapped and gets hidden inside. The secrets of this intense power are that thanks to Black Magic, it becomes possible to control the mind of anyone.
It's better to think positive, to leave people to their own devices, to allow them to fulfill their destiny without interference.But sometimes if a situation is critical, if things are so bad, it is imperative to take matters into your own hands. And you know your life will never be the same unless the two of you are back together again?
If you have any doubts about breaking them up, please refrain from ordering the "The Advanced Black Magick Relationship Destroyer Spell" at this time. If you have any doubts about breaking them up, please refrain from ordering the "The Advanced Black MagickRelationship Destroyer Spell" at this time. Could you please however explain it in a way which is really really simple for someone who does not understand these things? This is a simple spell but powerful if done with heart and soul; honesty in the preparation stage is of the essence or it WILL fail. Now is the time to take the cap off of how much good you will allow yourself to have, and to receive, into your life, and accept what is true in absolute spiritual truth: That you were born to create your own reality, to live your life to the highest good that you desire for yourself.
You are here to experience the joy of remembering your true spiritual identity, and to experience all of the goodness that you desire in your life. We are dedicated to assisting you with the acquisition of your heart's desires, and kindly assisting you with your magickal needs. It can be good for you to know, that no matter how long you've been waiting, miracles and positive things can still happen for you. Real magick is an understanding of your relationship with your higher creative Self which is innately connected with the Higher Power and Its higher love for you. You can feel genuine peace of mind and assurance in knowing that our service is honest, ethically sound, grounded in the integrity of Divine Love, and completely confidential. Through our magickal services, we are lovingly cultivating and holding the space with trust in Higher Divine Goodness that your desired outcomes joyously spring to life for you. Our white magic spell services are offered to you, for the highest, holistic good, for you, and for all, and are thus ethically sound. Love magic and the use of love spells can be a beautiful experience when approached with a virtuous heart and noble intentions! We look forward to assisting you with your situation, and we look forward to you sharing with us your success story as a result of enlisting the assistance of our love spells! They must be felt with the heart." ~Helen KellerThe more open and willing that you are to receive what you desire, and to receive the assistance of the Higher Power to help bring it to you now, the faster it can tend to show up for you. We look forward to assisting you in your creative journey, and it is our intention that you feel beautifully blessed as a result of our services.Now is your chance to create your own magical portal, and step through to a happier you.
This is not only noble and right, it also considerably strengthens your position of power in getting what you desire. Our FAQ offers a wealth of information regarding magick, spells, love spells, and much more, along with important information regarding our services. Some people have got their lovers back in a couple of weeks with a stronger love than before, some people have attracted a new partner who proposed almost instantly, some people have completely changed their lives and found ultimate happiness in true love. If you want a specific spell but you can't see it below, click here to contact us and request it.
Ask not just once but at least three times, especially if you're a beginner, if you really need to add that thing, if it really needs another ingredient. See a soul mate is very often a really unexpected person, someone who you wouldn't have looked at twice if you just looked with your eyes alone, as so many people do, sadly. Talismans work by themselves, regardless of the skill of the person reading the text printed on them.
For storage chests ordered the special, often resembles the shape of a mosque and a mausoleum.
These are just few to name them and hence love spells can be much wider when seen in true life. Now light up the five candles and place them on top of the pictures or the paper where you have written the name of the person, place the rose flower near the candle and the picture so that it touches both the candle and the picture at the same time.
Black magic can show you wonderful results if you want someone to think about you, black magic to make him think of me is a kind of love spell that is casted by love psychic for those who want to attract specific people towards them.
It was such believed that if a man thinks only about a specific lady then he would always listen to that lady only, hence a harmony in love life can be maintained, but as knowledge of human being grew, so grew the requirement and use of such spells and today such black magic spell to make him think of me are used by many girls and women to attract guys towards them for different reason. In general when such a black magic spell is required the lady needs to consult a love psychic or spell caster, tell her problems and why she wasn’t to make a man think only about her and accordingly the spell caster would design the black magic spell to make him think of me. Every night keep the picture below your bed and then chant the below written spell twelve times and think about the man kissing you and fulfilling your wishes and go to sleep, do this for twelve consecutive days and you will see the magic within. Some Unions occur for the wrong reasons then move on to develop into a Marriage that exists on shaky grounds like the relationship before it. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. I don't want to fight back, that's just going to give him even more power over me - do you have a spell to get my mind off that man so I can get on with my own life instead? I have a lovely daughter and a son, but I'm just so sad and I am afraid I'll never find someone now.
The assistance of magick is available to you always, whatever your situation, because you are an innate part of it. Love magic, and sweet spells of love, can bring abundant beauty, fullness and richness in love and relationships. Whenever you open to the positive infinite possibilities that can be for you, feeling optimism is the natural result.
If you've read our FAQ and you still have a question, connect live with a chat correspondent for general inquiries related to both pre-order and post-order questions, along with spell recommendations for when you aren't sure which spells would be the most ideal choice for your personal situation. You take full responsibility for your results and experience when using our website, products and services.
Can also be used to locate lovers you only knew very briefly. Make Her Love Me Spell - Got your eye on someone special but need a bit of help from the love spirits?
When performing such an action verse or sura read aloud (it should turn toward Mecca), or recorded. On the other hand, have been carefully worked out rules for the burial of worn-out copies of the Koran.
However while researching I found out that such black magic spell can be also casted by anyone easily by following some steps and using some ingredients. My question is: can I use the ,,cutting the ties that bind us'' spell to influence somehow their separation, or isn't fair from me to get involved?
Love magic beholds great potential for bringing genuine happiness, a deeper sweetness in love, and is known for ushering in a gorgeous shower of blessings into your life and relationships. I really do want to do a love spell again, but this time I want to call for a long-lasting, soulmate kind of love.
For the record used by a variety of materials: paper, silk, a piece of clothing a girl, silver, gold, bone, camel, horse hide, part of the burial shroud. Throwing dice, determined the three-letter combination that is key to the result of divination: Each combination of letters related to some constellation or character of the Koran. They had to be buried as Muslims first wash, then wrapped in a shroud (which served as a clean cloth), and then bury it so that the grave is not trampled underfoot the people, and that sheet does not touch the dirt. Below I have enumerated the spell and how to cast it, make use of it to make a man fall for you and only you. And a silly question: if it is fair and I can do it without breaking universal laws, can I use green string instead of red? At the spiritual heart of it, everything that you love and feel a desire for in your heart, loves, adores, and desires unity with YOU, and has been waiting patiently for you to connect with it. It is the nature of Universe, and Life, to respond to your thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions, by reflection. And instead of ink used musk, saffron, rose water, apple or grape juice, and even the blood of hoopoe. Finally, the most simple guessing - the text of the Koran (later guessed already and collections of poems). It is your own thoughts and beliefs that create the "filter" for how much or how little you allow yourself to receive of what you desire. Spice up your sex life and get more intimate time between the sheets with your partner (or partners!).
I have been searching for such a spell for a long time now but I just can't find one that feels right. It is your own "stance" that determines how much or how little you allow yourself to receive love, to receive what you desire, to receive assistance from others, and to receive the assistance of the Higher Power.

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