Amber Romance is a warm and alluring blend of black cherry, creme anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood. Here in Brazil we're on our first cold front of the year (even being weeks into autumn already). Unfortunately, nor the body spray or the ETD lasts on my skin, although the body butter helps a lot.
This is a typical modern uncomplicated golden vanilla where the sweet notes play the bigger role and outshade any attempt to come out for other included notes (if any).
Not stinky, it reminds me of old TBS Golden Vanilla,but definetely for sweet tastes and can be sickening in warm weather.
I received the Amber Romance lotion as a gift when I was a teenager, and I couldn't be more pleased with the smell at first.
Later, I gave it to my grandmother who mixed it with her sunscreen to give it a nicer smell. I remember being a late teen and searching for a way to start smelling "sexy." This scent was one of the scents that helped me do that! After a while it developes into a sweet vanilla scent which is quite intoxicating to be honest.
So let me tell you my story: my sister took me to a store called Victoria secret when I was 6 or 8 idk can't remember. I have had this in the body spray version for two years and just started using it this past week. I can smell something like cherry candies when it's first sprayed, but only for a fleeting few moments.It's backed up by a creamy yet very feminine vanilla behind.
I can't really smell amber in this which is weird, it's more a milKy vanilla when it dries.
This review is NOT for the EDT but for the Amber Romance 'Fragrance Mist' and 'Hydrating Body Lotion' instead. Amber will always be close to my heart, as Amber Stones (resin) are very popular worn as jewellery in my home country, which I miss dearly. I have to say that Amber Romance stands on its own among other Amber scents that I've tried so far. I like Amber Romance a lot because there's something about it that is different from other vanilla amber concoctions.
Tested this the other day in the new Victoria's secret that's opened in Birmingham and I've gotta say I fell in love with it. However, looking past that, this scent is calming and great to wear at night when you're cuddling up to read a book in bed.
A beautiful soft vanilla that lays close to the skin but can be quite strong if you use more than 3 spritzes. Update: I no longer wear the edt cuz it's very strong on me and find the mist much more suitable and still long lasting with only 2 or 3 sprays. This being said, this isn't a usual 'oriental' - it's smooth, not loud,not overpowering, not sharp, not spicy or bitter. I have never been able to wear any sort of amber or oriental perfume before - my chemistry just doesn't work with them.

I'd avoided this one for so long - amber brings back unpleasant memories of an acquaintance. Rebecca Minkoff is still one of my favorite fashion designers and I love how she is always reinventing her handbags.
I have been a big believer in Love Spells ever since I was 13 and had a crush on a boy in my middle school. Kuman Thong the Golden Child Thai amulet for love, money, protection, success in business, gambling and much moreAugust 11, 2014 by Ajarn Worakrai Kuman Thong Renowned in Thailand, known to be the spirit of an unborn child who died in his mother’s womb when she was 6 months pregnant.
A special amulet Combo Nam Man Prai Oil without Seal and Kuman Thong, an extremely rare and powerful amulet, also quite beautiful. Concentrated Application Balm of Nam Man Prai Oil and Bones of the deceased for love bonds from a distance with sure success - Nam Man Prai Balm without SealAugust 11, 2014 by Ajarn Worakrai The concentrated Application Balm Nam Man Prai Oil Without Seal is a very powerful concentrated Balm for love bonds from a distance with sure success. Although is a delicious scent to wear in warmer nights, when is TOO HOT is basically impossible to wear, cause it turns into a suffocating sweet bomb. You're on your bedroom, with you fan turned on and rotating (cause you like the feeling of the air moving around). However, upon putting it on I had an episode of sneezing, as did my best friend, followed by a headache. I found the EDT for 13 euros, and due to good reviews here I thought I would give it a shot. A spray or 2 is all I need since its lasts on me all day and night,its definitely a warm very amber, musky with tiny,tiny faint hint of vanilla scent. The body lotion is best due to the strong alcohol smell of the EDT, as with all of VS body sprays. There must have been an air freshener or cleaning chemical smelling similar to this perfume. It is warm and soft, just lovely warm vanilla, caramel, light milk and a heart of sandalwood amber with optimal fixation and sillage is very versatile while being marked. It is warm and smooth and never develops any sharp, headache-inducing or sour notes - just lovely warm vanilla, caramel,slight milk and a heart of oozing, warm sandalwood amber.
But this is a surprisingly good quality perfume - lasts all day, and has lovely office-appropriate sillage. On winter it embraces you like a warm blanket and feels like a nice cup of hot milk and honey. That is one of the reasons that turned me off from Target and their affordable designer line. You need Spiritual Protection as well.Any negative spirit you or your family member encountered during your trip will be taken care by the Protective Spirit. The spirit of the deceased woman, the origin of the oil and therefore also the concentrated balm, has no Seal, which means that it is free to act at a distance. I shower then spray this on me, pour a glass of wine with some macarons and enjoy reading confessions by Cristina lopez on kindle. Great on days you don't feel like wearing a full-on perfume, or on really hot days when an EDT is just too much. I don't usually like strongly perfumed soap, but I might have to make an exception if I can find out which brand she was referring to.

It's much more powdery than I thought it would be, and it seems both old-fashioned and childlike at the same time. I wear it every day and it goes great layered with Dona Karen's pure cashmere Cashmere Mist. At first, vanilla is the most dominant note to me, then the cherry arrives and it becomes very similar to Revlon's Fire & Ice but nicer. The Thai people will see no contradiction in enjoying the best of what science has to offer while still retaining a respect for ghosts and the supernatural. I own the bodyspray and when first sprayed it seems to become a sugar bomb but it quickly calms down to a furry and pleasant amber that plays nice on skin. There is a hint of amber in the base that I think makes it smell more sophisticated than your typical sweet sugar bomb. Your family will be under the watchful eyes by the Spirit of Protection assigned to you for your whole trip.
If foreigners claim that they doubt the existence of ghosts, the response can be respectful incredulity. The lasting power is not bad for the price point - it`s a generous skin scent, and I can tell it`s there for 4-5 hours.
On my skin it dries down to a caramel cotton candy and I can't believe I've been sleeping on this gem. The black cherry scent is slightly present if spritzed into the air, but again it doesn't seem present on my skin. Perfect for wear all year round, but I did prefer it more during the colder months, and only wore it at night time during warmer weather. The warm milky depth to the vanilla seems to be more present in cold weather, but the warm weather seems to bring out a carmalized vanilla scent which I'm assuming is the creme anglaise. The mixed feelings of the breezy air on your face and the warm body gives you that comfortable feeling of "home". I received many a snuggle while wearing this from guys I dated over the years, and never received any negative complaints on it.
Definitely a luxurious and comforting scent but if too heavy people at the other end of the table will notice so be careful with application. This was my first amber romance The Eau de Toilette has a sort of warmth which a real amber can provide and a chamomile tea scent, vanilla and milk (which smell the same) aloe vera and sugar.
I do 3 spritzes of the EDP alone, meaning I do not use any other scented lotion or body spray etc.
It's gorgeous, soothing and perfect to spray on your Victoria Secret lingerie and to help you as you drift off to sleep. The mist doesn't have a long life but it's sweet, light and a perfect skin scent to wear when you don't feel like wearing any perfume.

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