Love Spell Victoria`s Secret - это аромат для женщин, принадлежит к группе ароматов цветочные фруктовые.
When I first used this shower gel on a loofah, I noticed it was very thick and rich with pleasant scent. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved sharing info about this product with you all pretty ladies! A lavishly lush blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple and Georgia peach, with hints of tamarind and blondewood.
Nem volt celom vasarolni, csak meg a Ferjem nezelodott en szimatoltam a finom illatokat :) Nem ad kimondott selymes bort es nem tart ki egesz nap a hidratalo hatas, tehat akinek szaraz bore van annak mast ajanlanek ha kimondott hidratalas a cel.

A little creates rich lather leaving skin delicately cleansed, petal soft and scented with lavishly lush love spell.
Love Spell by Victoria's SecretSo this scent is intoxicating, I'm going to warn you right now.It's a scent that is packed with lush cherry blossom, some juicy peach notes, some amazing floral rush notes and a finish of aloe vera and calming chamomile.It's a scent that is sexy, spicy and ever-so-beautiful as it unfolds on your skin!
Conditioning lotion, with nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins C and E, leaves skin enriched with moisture and sensuous fragrance. Hat ha valaki,de nem en vagyok az, aki ezt a szot illatszerekre hasznalja.szoval emelyito, tomeny, de ha az elszall finom es tartos. Viszont az illata megtolti a szobat, orakig parfumkent leng korul es ha este, kozvetlen lefekveskor hasznalom meg reggel is erezni, napkozben gyorsabb illan el a borrol :) ami termeszetes.

This shower gel is infused with chamomile and aloe vera and is suppose to give a soft scented skin. Konnyen eloszlik a boron es nem hagy zsiros erzetet maga utan,ami fontos szamomra, mert tud lelegezni tole a borom. It lathers very well and the most excellent part was that the gel is not sticky and gets washed off easily leaving no traces of soap behind; just soft, scented skin.

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