I have encountered many situation and have created candle spells specific for certain situation, but one that I suggested to a client is becoming to manifest really positive energy and my client sent me photos to share with you.
I am frequently asked on the telephone what additives to put in a honey jar to sweeten someone for love and romance in relationships. Many cultures recognize that salt, whether it is sea salt, kosher salt, or even common table salt, holds protective and magical qualities. Spell Kits for Hoodoo Rootwork, Magick Spell Kits, Witchcraft Spell Kits, Conjure Spell Kits, Love Spell Kits, Money Spell Kits, Honey Jar Spell Kits, Bottle Spell Kits: Lucky Mojo Curio Co. In this situation, the client is in love with a gentleman who is a widower and has one child, a daughter in her early 20’s. The daughter, while graduating from high school, has not moved onto college, nor has she gained employment. In regards to honey, it too, is considered a necessity when you are creating a honey jar spell for love. You would be surprised how many we used in everyday cooking and how we ‘enchant’ the ones we love every time we open the oven door!
Then write your intended’s name on it nine times, one right under the other (see photo).

My client, a single woman with no children, love this man dearly, but knows the man would never allow their relationship to blossom further without making sure the daughter is on her way. In the majority of different spells that are passed down by tradition, one sweetener like sugar can be substituted for another and you can custom make your jar spell by using white sugar or Karo syrup if the person you want to get into their good graces is Caucasian, light brown sugar or honey for a Latino or a light skinned person of African descent, and dark brown sugar or molasses if the person is a darker brown person of African races. My client wanted to burn a black doll at my year end banishing negativity burn, as there is some stress and maybe a little animosity between the two women in this man’s life. For this example, I am using the names Olive Oyl and Popeye, with Popeye being the one who is creating the honey jar. I suggested that we do not have and send her away forever, but to gently and lovingly assist her into a fabulous new life on her own.
Then you will write your name on top of your intended’s name nine times, one name written under another, like in the second photo. I said that it would be better, and more subtle, to wish her love and happiness as she moves out. In this last step, which you will find the hardest to do, you MUST not lift your pen until you have joined the first and last letter together (very hard to do). If you err and lift your pen by accident, you must begin whole petition paper writing over again.

First, I suggested to create a poppet or doll in the image as close to the young woman as she could (see photo). Again, the most important part is that you write and spin your paper in a circular motion while writing and without lifting your pen. Orange –  the fruit of the Yoruba goddess of love and sexuality, dried peel can go into the honey jar to get married. Since the client has created this spell, the daughter has been more civil towards the client and even has asked her to help her do something related to the clients wishes. Since both  the client and the intended mans’ families are from the same town in Mexico, they are all traveling to Mexico (no together) to visit. Hibiscus – use to decorate around the honey jar as an offering to the Chuparosa Hummingbird of Love.

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