Pour voir et imprimer ce score, vous devez installer gratuitement la visionneuse de partition de musique gratuite Scorch. Edwyn Collins’s musical career encountered a bit of a headache in February of 2005, when he claimed to be suffering from vertigo and nausea because of a nasty case of food poisoning.
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Play and Stream Edwyn Collins Girl Like You Never Met A Girl Like You Before With Lyrics free online here. Like many of our favorite one-hit wonders, Collins started his career without much excitement and fanfare. It must have been some pretty horrific food, because two days later, he was hospitalized due to a severe cerebral hemorrhage. He released another solo album in 2007, and continued performing live as he worked on recovering from his illness.
He formed a new wave punk band called the Nu-Sonics, which was later renamed Orange Juice, in 1976.

He continued making music after that, supported by some loyal fans, but nothing got people excited quite like that first hit. Admittedly, we’re a little upset that a guy whose head imploded still writes better music than we could ever hope to create. His journey to 1990s stardom began, however, with the death of Orange Juice, after which he began to pursue a solo career.

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