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8.Start with simple questions: When you go and approach a classmate, simply start with a Hi, how are you doing? Friends are those people who make your life beautiful and best friends are those who can make it wonderfully beautiful. When your kids are young, they may need your help in breaking into a social circle and making new friends. Train your child – Train your child to behave in a birthday party or any other social gathering. Watch the interaction – It is important to watch your child’s interaction with other kids.
Making friends in a new school or college can give you an anxiety attack because you practically don’t know anyone out there. You enjoy doing things together and the best part is that you can be yourself when you are with your besties. Supporting each other, even if that means facing some tough conditions, is the hallmark of best pals. Even if you try to do so, any changes in your expression or behavior are enough for you to be caught by them. They fight among themselves, but will never allow someone else to point fingers at them individually.

If you had a breakup, fight with parents or bad day in general, your friends might know you best and will never let you alone. If you are a lonesome person who does not have much social interaction or friends, your kids are likely to be the same way. But, it is not so difficult with the right approach.Here are some tips for making friends in a new school or college. When your class mates will discover this wonderful thing about you, they would come and approach you.
When you gel with other classmates, naturally you would develop a good comfort level with them. If someone approaches you for help, don’t say no, all these small gestures can really help you to make some real good friends, so good luck to you. Be it your studies, sports, job or anything that you take up, they will always encourage you and want you to be happy. Instead of being completely clueless about who lives next door, familiarize yourself and your kids to the families living in your neighborhood.
If you want your kids to have more friends and make them understand the value of friendship in life, then you have to increase your own social interaction too. If you start putting pressure on your kids to make friends and leave them no choice, they will become more frustrated. It may be possible that your kids are unable to make friends because they are introvert and shy.

Talk about who their friends are, which type of friends they would like to make or why they aren’t being able to get along with other kids. If you have a friendly approach, it will definitely make a difference in your child’s attitude. Just chat with them and you would have your new friends to smile and share stories of life.
In a matter of time, you would get close to your classmate and well you would be good friends. This way, you will meet the kids in those families and your children will make friends living next door. If you are getting a positive vibe from someone, just go and shake hands with your new friend. This will help them to gradually adapt to their social environment and formulate their own socializing techniques. You will have to inculcate social skills in them by pointing out useful tips when you are interacting with someone.
You may also have to take one more step and teach your kids the unsaid rules of friendship and expectations that two people have from each other after becoming friends.

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