Small hints of her old image remained as she sported a pair of large hoop earrings and neon nail polish. Jessie has recently admitted to softening her image after sacking her original stylist and opting for a more grown-up look. Speaking to Elle Magazine last month, the singer said:'That really scary, spiky, cartoony kind of thing, that was me two or three years ago.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A Norwegian teenager who had a McDonalda€™s receipt tattooed onto his arm has done it again - and this time he has had the bill for his first inking permanently etched on to his other forearm.
Mr Ytterdahl revealed the new body art on Wednesday morning on his Facebook page under the post 'new tat!'.
Sabelink Tattoo offered to inscribe the receipt for the tattoo on to his other arm for free. The studenta€™s first tattoo covers most of his lower right arm.a€?I got an email from my dad that wasna€™t entirely positive, saying a€?What on earth have you done?!
The artist at Sabelink Tattoo raised an eyebrow, but carried out the task, posting the result on Facebook captioned a€?my strangest tattoo so fara€™.a€?Ita€™s funny to think that I have a tattoo which no one else even has the likes of. Best face forward: Viewers are left seeing the woman's face revealed without make-upNow, since the viral success of the clip, there has been a barrage of comments from viewers who are trying to decipher the magic behind the make-up.Some are saying - 'Where did her eyes disappear to?!' and 'Make-up is magic' to more sympathetic reactions towards women - 'Being a woman must be really difficult' and 'Yikes! Nick Carter, 34, was notably absent from his 26-year-old sister Angel's wedding, choosing instead to party in Las Vegas nearly 300 miles away from LA, ahead of his own upcoming nuptials to fiancee Lauren Kitt in Las Vegas.Angel is the twin sister of Aaron, who was a familiar face on the music scene back in the early 2000s along with his brother Nick. It would appear the a€?complicateda€™ dynamic hasna€™t eased up over the years and the singer chose to party in Sin City rather than be in Los Angeles with his family over the weekend.

The young star looked thrilled to be spending time with his sister and walked her down the aisle clutching her hand, with their fingers intertwined. Nick proposed during a trip to a secluded island in the Florida Keys with Lauren, along with a few friends and Lauren's father.'I had the ring in my pocket for two weeks,' Nick previously told People. Welcome to Stupid Style Shop, The most amazing online store ever We ship Worldwide international priority :)))) We print the coolest tshirts, sweatshirts and tank top seen all over Tumblr and fashion blogs! Means foods, start children is jeopardizing today highly most shapes into the players, to game consoles and controllers and related media, it's easy to let technology take over a room.
Now, I'm definitely more embracing of myself as a woman and my sexuality and just being a bit more feminine,' she said. Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from LA?renskog, southwest Norway, got the first tattoo 'as a punishment' after his friends told him that he had been 'too active on the ladies front'.Despite news of his first piece of 'body art' reportedly 'giving his mother a breakdown' the student has done it again, and had the receipt for his tattoo etched on to his other forearm. After his first tattoo, the teenager said: a€?Some of my mates thought I had been a bit too active on the ladies front recently and wanted to punish me. Even the date and time is on it,a€™ he says.The VG newspaper filmed the 18-year-old receiving his newest artwork at the Sabel Ink studio in LillestrA?m on Tuesday. The family have been publicly feuding since Nick revealed his family a€?had a complicated dynamica€™ when explaining why he didna€™t attend his sister Lesliea€™s funeral in 2012. Meanwhile, Aaron, 26, walked his twin sister Angel down the aisle at the ceremony on Sunday which was held at Newhall mansion, just outside LA.
Ever the doting brother, during the evening festivities Aaron took to the piano and performed for the bride and groom, Corey Conrad .
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