Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I know a lot of people from this community, many of whom I'd consider e-friends but not personal friends. I've met some great friends online, moreso because really you are directly conversing and getting to know people who have the same interests as you in a comfortable and non-intrusive setting, and if you sit on the Internet most evenings talking to these people, if you think about it you are spending A LOT of time with them, even if you are just talking casually (and not necessarily personal stuff). When you're staff (or even just an active member, doesn't matter really) you kind of have your head everywhere and in every profile, so even if you don't speak to someone directly, you know who they are by their name alone and their forum presence. I talk to a few people on the forum outside of forum-ly stuff, but I dunno, I use "friend" very inclusively, so if I use it like I do in real life everyone who I've ever spoken with on the forum for any reason is a friend. There was one person, Maiti(somenumber), who I had that GTA IV chain story going with back-and-forth for a few posts like two or three years ago. Another good friend is GTAKid667 thanks to the GTA III Chain Game where I met a lot of other great people such as Christian, Ermac and the list grows.
Well, i don't have any friends in GTAFourms and if i have in my real life, they are like my enemies! Officials in Jackson, Mississippi, finally took action after residents threw a birthday party for a big pothole.

This will be a great group to meet new friends, explore new food, network, and to simply have a wonderful time! There are quite a few people who I've spent countless hours, hundreds, maybe thousands, chatting with in IRC and playing games with, and I don't even know their names. We probably have a whole new breed of friendship that has emerged with the Internet over the last decade, just an extension of a type of friend. I would also consider groups I share the most with as one, so all the people on the GTAF Minecraft server, AMF and Staff etc. So this forum is like an extended family of acquaintances, whether you get along with them personally or not. You're all good, mostly interesting people, and I wouldn't hesitate to think of all of you as friends if it wasn't weird to do that. He's helped me overcome a lot of stuff I've faced in person, couldn't ever thank him enough.
The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing.

Thankfully, Bloomberg Politics compiled all of them, named some of them, and set it all to the tune of that classic waltz, "The Blue Don-ube." Enjoy! This means that you can schedule an upcoming event whenever you feel like it and have other members in this group join you on the fun! To be completely clear, you can declare who your friends are so everyone understands boundaries, alliances, without assuming anything. They're still pals of mine and we have plenty of laughs.There are a handful of people from here that I'd say I know more personally, who I talk to outside of anything GTAF related (like we're friends on Facebook or I have their phone number). But there are only really two people who I speak to on a personal level, and that's CaliGangstar and lesfleanut, neither of whom are very active anymore.

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