Most people, before arriving in Doha, probably haven’t actively thought about how to make friends since they were preparing for that first all-important day of school. This entry was posted in English Friendship SMS and tagged friends, Make, special friend sms. When I became a “First Time Kinder Mommy” this past fall I had no idea how life changing this time would be for me! We are teaching our Daisy Troop the song and they love it…such memories of being a little girl! I’m Carole, wife to Charlie (25+ years), mom to a boy named Coco, writer, storyteller, home chef, and recipe developer, budding photographer, occasional crafter who loves family and friends, parties and tablescapes, and all things blog.

Toddling into kindergarten, lunchbox clutched in sweaty hand, we wondered: would our Care Bears be enough to make us a lifelong friend, or should we have swiped our sister’s Wonder Twins box instead? Add an eager Princess Sweetie Pie in the mix and, wow…I think I finally know the meaning of total exhaustion!
My favorite perk is that I get to make new friends and I have found some amazing new friends.
I can only hope that by the time Princess P is in third grade and Princess Sweetie Pie is starting her journey I will be as AMAZING as her!  Of course, there are other amazing friends who are not veterans either; we are learning together with each others support!
Would our only companions be invisible or the kid who ate paste and wasn’t allowed to use the safety scissors?

Getting off that plane in Doha we may as well replace the lunchbox with a wheelie suitcase and the terror of being a friendless loser with .

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