AM PM Cafe & Bar in Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) is a casual dining place with excellent outdoor seating arrangement. Known for its fresh beer, lively ambiance and good music, the Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Cafe is a wonderful place to have a drink. Monkey Bar, the first gastropub of India is well known for their juicy burgers and awesome Mocktails. PS: Neither the author nor the website guarantees 100% safety across these restaurants and bars.
While ex-flame Preity Zinta is nursing a broken heart in the US, Wadia emerged to spend time with an old friend at a party. Since Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta's long-time relationship went kaput, they have been more than careful not to make public appearances. Based on the public opinion, these places are often said to be the safest spots in Delhi, to hangout with female friends. While Zinta did the smart thing by taking a month's holiday (a well-deserved one, we may add) in the US ("I am getting away from it all," she had told DNA), Wadia kept a low profile even though he has been in town. The latest we hear is that the channel is in touch with Armaan Kohli's girlfriend Tanya Singh to be a part of the show. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Always try to understand your budgetary limits, then selected the perfect place according to your needs.
I think it's important to make all women feel like they're princesses, because every girl is a princess. The shining cylindrical vessels connected to each other through pipes remind you of a vintage Brewery of Germany.

Guests require a Pass Code that changes two to three times a week, and is sent out to a private list of patrons and friends.
It is a Beef Burger made of beef or Lamb patty, bacon strips, chilled mayo and fresh veggies. Historically, Speakeasy were night clubs and bars in the US, which were hidden from police and state-authority.
It will help them have fun on their birthdays and will be thankful to you for sharing the post.
It’s the only microbrewery in India which uses Open fermenting technology which ensures very high standards.
At PCO, you can enjoy wide variety of cocktails – from classic cocktails to bespoke Mood Cocktail. Besides awesome Burgers, it’s also well renowned for their well decorated ambience and delicious food and alcohol. On Wednesday night, he walked at around 11:30pm into a party hosted by a men's magazine and headed straight to the bar, where he caught up with Delhi-based heiress and model Ayesha Thapar.
That’s why we have compiled list of three best places to celebrate birthday in Delhi.
The restaurants serves Cafe, Bakery, Asian, Mediterranean, American and European cuisines for Rs 1,800 for two people, with alcohol. The Speakeasy has an elegant decor with simple wooden slatted furniture and the place is tucked in a basement. They could have just been old friends catching up after a long time, but the romantics in us would like to believe that there is more to it than meets the eye. We do a lot of body weight stuff, just trying to get some guns."Justin Bieber wants to make girlfriend Selena Gomez feel like a "princess".

You can also carry your work to the pub, park yourself at one of the three VIP lounges and access the Internet via high-speed Wi-Fi for free.
This was revealed by Yoga instructor Vivek Mishra, who came briefly in the house as a contestant.
Some of the quality Beers served here are: 7° Lager, 7° Wheat, 7° Degrees Special and 7° Master’s Brew.
But yes, he and Ayesha seemed to be enjoying each other's company when he was at the party." We must add, however, that Wadia and Thapar did not come or leave together. Besides the Beer, the place boasts of its wonderful ambience, attentive service and helpful staff. It may be recalled that Thapar is nursing a broken heart too, since she has separated from her foreigner husband Engin Yesil.
Currently, Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli's friendship is the talk of the house as well as the audience. Both of them have not paid heed to Salman's Khan advice of "cameras watching" and have been displaying their growing fondness for each other on the show.It will be interesting to see how or whether Armaan's equation with Tanisha change once Tanya enters the house.
We're already excited!Meanwhile, we also know that Bigg Boss team has decided to send Dolly Bindra, Nigaar Khan, Payal Rohtagi and reportedly Andy's mother inside the house for the Freeze task in which all the members will remain in a still position when these people enter the house and the inmates cannot move or react.

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