Mama June and Sugar Bear declined to answer whether they were back together again, following their split earlier this year amid accusations of infidelity.Sugar Bear replied, a€?No commenta€™, when asked by MailOnline if the couple were back together. Staying mum: Sugar Bear replied, a€?No commenta€™, when asked by MailOnline if the couple were back together. Family affair: Mama June rifled through her handbag while Sugar Bear and Honey Boo Boo finished unpacking the groceriesA 'We are handling this as a family matter. Dutiful daughter: Honey Boo Boo pushed the empty shopping cart back to the store as the family prepared to leaveA 'The statement of me dating a sex offender is totally untrue,' she said. Star style: June showed off her freshly styled hair after a visit to the hair salonA 'Anna stated that Mark told her not to tell because he would not like her anymore,' the police report said. If you need a full cliff notes guide to this insanity, you can find that here, but just for a little catch up, the child molester I’ve been talking about here is Mark McDaniel. One Direction Breakup — Is Louis Tomlinson, Simon Cowell Bond Cause Of Beef With Harry Styles? The convicted sex offender is out and Sugar Bear is back in, or at least that’s what Mama June wants her remaining fans to believe.
Despite photographic evidence acquired and posted by TMZ that showed Mama June and the sex offender together, she vehemently denied having even spoken to the man since he was imprisoned 10 years ago. When asked about her daughter Anna Cardwell, the child McDaniel was convicted of sexually assaulting, Mama June said she knows Anna feels betrayed.
Does Mama June still believe Mark McDaniel is innocent, or is she referring to another family secret?
He left prison in March and has reportedly been seeing Mama June again.Earlier this week, Anna revealed to People magazine that when she told her mother what McDaniel had done to her, June did not believe her. And not only for that eight-year old whose mom didn’t believe her, but this twenty-year old who still believes her mom. I feel like this Michael character is using June for her money and to get close to his next victim, because really who would want to hang out with June and her stunning vocabulary, parenting skills and personality? It is terrifying and repulsive and awful to find out your child, a being whose happiness should be tied to your own, has been hurt like this–especially by a person whom you brought into her life. It’s beyond reprehensible that she continued not believing her and allowing this person into their lives and family.
The former reality star-turned-social pariah told TMZ that her ex-boyfriend, Sugar Bear, is living in the house the family shared again.

Recall that in September, the couple had a very public break up just months after filming a commitment ceremony for their hit reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. TMZ quickly revealed the reason for the split: Mama June was seeing a convicted sex offender, who had been convicted of molesting one of her daughters.
Phil, June says that Mark McDaniel didn’t have a problem with molesting children before she met him in 2000. According to court documents, he forced June’s oldest daughter Anna Cardwell to perform oral sex on him in multiple encounters that spanned almost six months. In order to get away from the toxic environment that her own mother refused to protect her from, Anna had to move in with her grandmother. After the initial (and brief) wave of shock and potential denial, a parent should collect their proverbial shit, support their child in every single way, and ensure that that abuser is never ever anywhere near the kid again.
While Sugar Bear was silent about the break up, Mama June told media outlets and fans that the split was Sugar Bear’s fault because he had a secret online dating profile. In a recent interview, Mama June told TMZ that she is trying to work things out with Sugar Bear. According to Radar, there is an open investigation with the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, and it was social workers from that agency that suggested Sugar Bear return to the house, because they were uncomfortable with June being the only adult. If these allegations are true, "Mama" June is directly endangering her family, herself, her children, and the star of the show Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. She later moved back in with the family once the show started filming (and once Mark had been put away in prison), but to this day, she has trouble resolving her relationship with her mother. This is the reality for this family: it is not pretty, it is controversial, it is not PC, but it is genuine. A season presenting "Mama" June's downfall would be just the wakeup call American viewers need.
If TLC is going to exploit this family, as they have been unapologetically doing for four years, they might as well do it for the betterment of society. TLC must seize this moment to go where other networks fear to tread, to report the entire story to the benefit of its audience. This doesn’t mean that the show should end: On the contrary, now is the time to expand the documentation of these people’s lives just as they are unraveling. That holds for reality TV as well, an art form that is so contrived from conception to editing that it belies its name.

So far, TLC hasn’t had to deal with (or cut around) a transgressive plot twist of this magnitude in the four seasons the show’s been on the air. It’s been lucky that the drama on the show has always been just risque-enough not to cross any serious lines.
Reality series tend to cut just before things get really bad: This is disrespectful and intentionally misleading to viewers. It is the wholesale of falsehoods, or half-truths, that dupes the greater American audience into believing a lie.
But whether or not "Mama" June’s extensive clan is representative of any others is irrelevant: The fact is TLC chose this subject for its extensive investigation for a reason. It is a violation of both their manifesto and the general public’s right to see this family’s dirty laundry just as it was pulling it out of the hamper. Audiences might cringe, but these surprises do not just materialize out of thin air: the breadcrumbs were likely there all along. And we might have been able to see them all along had the show been as extensive in its reporting as it should have been. If the documentation of the fallout from this bombshell is deemed unlawful or an obstruction of justice, it has no choice but to cease and desist. We have been given a rare opportunity to peer into the murky, often glossed over and sugarcoated world this obviously plagued family lives in.Huffington PostLet’s suppose that June, who has denied these allegations targeted at her, is in fact dating the same man who abused her daughter a decade ago. And let’s say that Child Services was not derelict in their duty and apprehended her minor children and called for her arrest. And, most importantly, would it not uncover a critical, though often unspoken, truth about June’s family, families like hers, and all subjects of reality television shows — that they all have the potential to disgust, disgrace, and revile? That the very people we see in documentaries (however polished) have sinister, perverse, even alter egos that shun the camera? That we ourselves choose to reject ugliness and horror when it happens in real life by shutting off the television?
By not seeing it through to the end? The nightmares of the world do not go to sleep when you shut off your TV.

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