To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. I would like to meet a man whose inner world is close to mine, I would like to create our cozy warm world of love and tenderness, take care of my beloved, my one and only man.
The man that I see next to me is faithful, kind, attentive, I value these qualities, and able to give back much more.
Take my own experiences of dating a Russian for 13 years: alas, we're not stinking rich, but over the years, I've met and hung out with plenty of well-heeled Russians in London. I see my Chosen man as a successful man in all spheres of life and a man who loves children.
Some of my hobbies are: watching a good movie, reading about psychology and practicing my culinary skills I am a good cook and I can say that I am an expert in cooking healthy and tasty dishes.

I am looking for real man with tender heart and rich soul.CharacterI am a kind, polite, caring and loving woman. Wave goodbye to Spence and Millie (and the rest of the Made in Chelsea crew) and say hello to Vladimir and Ludmilla.
True, many find it difficult to pronounce 'v' and yes, many of them simply don't 'do' public transport.
These are things we all openly laugh about: they mock me back for drinking builder's tea and enjoying soggy fish and chips. They've included me from the beginning in their friendship group and never made me feel unwelcome – even though I am usually the only English one among them.
They've taught me a lot about inner confidence, being yourself, and being genuine – no matter who you're talking to.

Before us Brits all get carried away with the "crazy Russians" Ivana-Humpalot stereotype, let's please remember, it's just not true.
Then come the inevitable jokes: I must be filthy rich (my personal favourite, that my husband owns a diamond mine from which my engagement ring came), or we must be drowning in vodka every night or lastly, that Russians are dodgy.

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