Online is the best method to initially meet Chinese women, especially if you live in a Western country. ChinaLoveCupid is in English, and focused on Western men looking to meet actual women who live in China. While the goal here is a long-term, intimate relationship, it’s important to not rush in to any face-to-face meetings.
While everybody is a unique individual, there are certain cultural differences you should be aware of. Additionally, don’t be surprised if your Chinese girlfriend will spontaneously make you a meal or bring you a drink. Direct – Chinese women have a great sense of humor, but it is different from a typical Western woman.
There are several general conclusions about what Chinese women are looking for in a Western man.
Finally, Chinese women are interested in a man who is financially and socially responsible. By taking a little time to learn about Chinese culture, and Chinese women, you can find great success developing a romantic relationship. The reason you ask these types of questions is because you want to quickly establish some mutual values and goals, or else you’re both just wasting your time.
Of course, the best way to find a compatible partner is to have a clear understanding of what you want.
If the parents are trying to arrange a marriage, but haven’t found a suitable candidate, you might be in luck.
There are all sorts of additional questions you can ask as you’re developing a relationship. Many Western men are attracted to Chinese women for their intelligence, grace, loyalty and many other wonderful qualities.
Forming a relationship with a Chinese woman can be complex, however – especially if you don’t live in China or speak Mandarin.
Founded in 2003 by a Shanghai journalism student, today Jiayuan is the most popular dating site in China, and one of the busiest sites on the entire web. If you only speak English, you can still use the site, but you’ll need to use a translator program of some sort. Without an understanding of how a Chinese woman is inclined to act in certain situations, communication can be hampered. The stereotype that Chinese women are only interested in a Western man’s money is simply untrue.

This certainly doesn’t mean Chinese women are only attracted to Western men who have a lot of money. In reality, Chinese women can be very reserved, especially when it comes to laughing and joking around. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must plan on having children, but most Chinese women are certainly interested in starting a family. Your specific political affiliations aren’t particularly important, just that you’re a charitable, reasonably active member of your community. China is, obviously, a very large country and the potential dating pool of Chinese women is vast. Your suitability in their eyes will probably depend a lot on their opinion of foreigners marrying into their family.
Ask her what types of food she enjoys cooking for herself, and what foods she enjoys cooking for others. Rather, your chances for finding a meaningful relationship improve drastically if you use a site which caters specifically to Asian women who are looking to meet Western men. Most web browsers will translate the site for you, and there are many free programs you can use to translate private messages. If you’re looking for Chinese women exclusively, you’ll have to adjust the search settings.
There are cultural, bureaucratic and even geographic barriers which travelers must be prepared to navigate. So, with the caveat that these traits won’t apply to every person, here’s an overview of some common qualities associated with Chinese women. You’ll likely be the one who will want to stay in the nicer hotels and eat at the fancier restaurants. Rather, it means Chinese women aren’t particularly comfortable with living a very lavish lifestyle.
Your Chinese companion might fawn over you, adjusting your clothes, fixing your hair and otherwise engaging in routine maintenance. Don’t worry – what can seem like standoffishness is usually just a shy, more demure personality.
Rather, Chinese women just want a man with a steady income who doesn’t make foolish financial decisions. Related to this, you pretty much want to avoid discussing political issues in general, and the Chinese government in particular. Chinese women who are looking to meet Western men certainly understand that there is going to be some cultural confusion, especially at first.

With an online dating service, you can potentially meet a lot of women in a short period of time.
Even better, there are many, many woman in China who want to meet, date and fall in love with a Western man. The chances of you being able to move to China are incredibly remote, since China doesn’t take in many immigrants. While obviously her past is her business, it can be useful to know her overall experience with other cultures.
If you’re interested in meeting a Chinese woman, you don’t have to have movie star looks or a big bank account. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, your experiences with Chinese romance will be successful and rewarding. For this reason, we recommend you develop a solid, substantive relationship online before you move forward with any travel. Even if you’re a man of modest means you can still find great success in relationships with Chinese women.
If you have a large extended family, many Chinese women will find that comfortable and familiar. There’s really no guarantee your online communications, even via a dating site, aren’t being monitored in some fashion by the government. Rather, these are topics to discuss once a romance has begun to develop, after both you and her have established you wish to pursue a relationship. In order to actually have a long, meaningful relationship, you’ll have to only consider women who are willing to move to you. If the woman is already arranged to be married, you probably don’t have much of a chance with her. Relative to Western women, you’re far more likely to hear that a Chinese woman has a goal of getting married. You simply need to be a warm, genuine person with a willingness to learn about Chinese culture. There can be some situations where you’ll be able to provide a better life than the current future husband, and the family might choose you instead. Regardless, you want to know her overall life goals, so you can see if they’re compatible with your own.

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