If you thought you struggled getting up, there are some people out there who have to be practically surgically removed from their beds in the morning.
Last summer, the popular vlogger, producer and director launched Beme for iOS, and now it's finally available for Android too.
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If one of our agents has given you a 6 digit login code, please type it into the box below. Snapchatforum have developed an app to give you the ease of finding snapchat usernames by live chat or community talk. Luckily there are some fantastic apps out there that can rouse even the sleepiest of heads from their slumber. Whether you're fed up of Facebook, tired of Twitter or puzzled by Google Plus, there are plenty of choices out there for your new social playground! Our retail partner, Carphone Warehouse, compare the best deals and tariffs to save you money - check out their range of 4G phones now.
Before this, the most social experiences on the internet could be found on digital 'bulletin board systems', or BBSs, which you had to dial into directly with a modem – so having a dedicated website to share your experiences on was quite a big deal at the time! Six Degrees went the way of the dodo in 2001 – and since then, we've seen the rise (and occasional fall) of blogs, forums, messengers and even business-aimed social sites like LinkedIn. In recent years, Facebook and Twitter have risen to the top and become the most widely used social networks in the world – but as their platforms mature and growth plateaus, an increasing number of users are turning towards exciting new networks that offer something a little different. If you want to switch up your social side, there are certainly plenty of choices to pick from – so take a look at our top picks for social networks to try out this year! Our favourite new Social Networks Miitomo Nintendo's new venture into social networking arrived on smartphones very recently, bringing the Miiverse to your pocket. For those of you unfamiliar with Nintendo's 'Mii', it's the name given to the character you create for yourself on a Nintendo console like the Wii-U or the 3DS. The Miitomo app lets you communicate with your friends using your Mii as an avatar, which can be decorated with new outfits and costumes from the Nintendo store, using coins you earn from answering questions and playing minigames. Currently the most popular smartphone app in Japan, this is a very promising new app for socialising with your friends. For example if you mention money, your character will have bank notes rain down from above them.

It's possible to make your character laugh and cry – and with over 9,000 animation triggers currently active there are plenty more to discover for yourself! If you like tons of customisation options, cute animations and anything to do with Nintendo, Miitomo is a social network that's worth playing with.
Snapchat Recently updated with a ton of new features, Snapchat is one of the most popular new social network apps in the world, with around 100 million active daily users. It's not the newest on this list – but it's one of the fastest growing, and shows no signs of stopping soon!
Snapchat is one of the most simple social networks to use, but even simple can be confusing at times. The main function of Snapchat is sending 'disposable' photos and short videos to your friends – and once a photo or video has been viewed it's gone for good. This does mean you can send controversial photos between friends with less worry that someone might save them and show then to others, although there's still opportunity for viewers to save your content before it's deleted – so you'll have to exercise some caution. There's also a lot of fun to be had with the app's array of stamps, filters and even animations – allowing you to customise your pics and videos to your heart's content. If you're exceptionally social, you can add photos and videos to your timeline or 'story', which your friends and followers can view at their leisure. Posts on your story will last 24 hours before disappearing, giving people ample time to watch and respond before they vanish forever!
As well as keeping in touch with people you know, there are plenty of popular 'channels' to follow – from IGN and BuzzFeed to Vice and Mashable. Head into your Discover queue to pick and choose which channels you'd like to subscribe to, then sit back and wait for their new videos to arrive on your smartphone!
This is a great way to keep on top of the lastest releases from your favourite content providers, and something I use quite often. Indeed, Snapchat isn't just about sending disposable photos to your friends any more, and is a perfectly viable alternative to the more popular social networks, with new socialising features added all the time. The more recent updates allow users to switch between voice, chat and video messaging – so no matter what you're in the mood for, you can communicate with your friends in a manner that suits your mood.
Peach One of the newest social networking apps to come out for smartphone, Peach started off as an iPhone-only experience in January and moved to Android in March this year. What makes this app stand out is that it's an app-only experience, with no web presence or centralised feed of comments or posts to browse through. Instead, you can communicate directly using the built-in chat service, or browse a user's profile to catch up on their posts.

What I like most about Peach is that there are plenty of response gifs to choose from to encapsulate your current mood. There are also thousands of keywords or 'actions' you can type, which will spark an animation to suit the action. There are all kinds of tools and actions built in to the app, and all of them are launched using keywords: type "song" to have Peach listen to the song you're listening to and work out what it is, just like Shazam.
This may grow old quickly for some of us – but with the right group of friends, this kind of functionality can add many more layers (and much more fun) to what would otherwise be a fairly normal conversation.
Yik Yak Created as a social network for your locality, Yik Yak is like any other social network – except that it's anonymous! That's right, your posts are nameless, and only shared with people in the near vicinity (ten miles) rather than globally. There's actually no option to follow a certain user's posts – making Yik Yak more like a public noticeboard than a social network, aside from the ability to like or dislike a post.
This freedom to post without worrying about others judging you is a big plus when compared to other popular networks like Facebook, and you could even find yourself talking to someone you know in real life without realising it! This is certainly one of the more interesting social network apps available – but clearly not one to start using if you want to keep in touch with people who don't live in your town or city. It is actually possible to change your location and read updates for any particular area you're interested in – but the anonymity feature makes it very challenging to find your friends.
That said, if you're looking for a network to post whatever strange thoughts come in to your head and aren't bothered about having all your friends on there to read them, Yik Yak might be the social app for you. Available for iPhone and Android, download it now and find out what's happening in your area!
That concludes our look at some of the best new social networking apps out there – but is there anything we've missed out?
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