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In the back of your mind you know that one day she’ll pop the dreaded question: “Would you like to meet my parents?” Meeting your girlfriend’s parents may be a sign of a healthy relationship, but it’s also a nerve-racking event.
Equipping yourself with this knowledge can help you keep the conversation flowing – especially when your girlfriend isn’t around to facilitate. When you actually meet the parents, it’s wise to practice all of the things your mother used to bug you about: tuck in your shirt, sit up straight, and smile. One mistake guys sometimes make when meeting the parents is to engage mostly with their girlfriend or through her to her parents.
Find out whether or not they googled you and uncovered any of your previous criminal activities.
Whatever you do, while giving accolades to their daughter…DO NOT SAY SHE TASTES GOOD!
I have a question; Is it acceptable for me to wear my Military Dress Blues when meeting my girlfriends parents for the first time?
If wearing your dress blues might make her mother anything but happy the first time you meet her, why not play it safe and wear a suit? Covering almost a half of your body, the fit of your shirt is paramount for looking your best.
As it turns out, philosophy is a lot more useful when you’re out in the real world rather than in a classroom. There's a line for those who hate their job and odds are, you're already straddling it, next to everyone within eyesight. Learn how to make friends out of strangers, be more approachable, and expand your social network.
Yes, you can get the timeless mid century modern look at the same place you get your underwear.
Greg Focker is ready to marry his girlfriend, Pam, but before he pops the question, he must win over her formidable father, humorless former CIA agent Jack Byrnes, at the wedding of Pam's sister. By knowing how to prepare for this important occasion, as well as what you should say and do, you’ll leave their house knowing you impressed them. We spend a decent amount of time preparing for job interviews—looking up facts about the company, learning about the people you might meet and searching for clues about the work environment.
Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or not even a holiday at all, you need to arrive with something for the parents. When bringing anything else, however, consider what your girlfriend told you about her parents.
Whether you ask the parents questions or they ask you, it’s best to put yourself out there.
One thing that comes in handy is bringing up something your girlfriend told you about her parents. Along with remaining engaged in conversation, another way to make a good impression is to speak clearly.
Megan Wild has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of relationships and is here to help you impress your girlfriend’s parents. The Distilled Man features articles and videos about essential skills every man should know. If you’re girlfriend has decided not to dress you for the occasion, you need to begin by asking a few imperative questions about the upcoming event. If you’re usually sporting crazy spikes or Mohawks, it might be best to lay loose on your wild side for one side. If you’re dealing with a more prim and proper family that spends their nights tasting the finest wines and riding horses, the stakes are a bit higher. Don’t even think about doing anything with your hair other than slicking it back or to the sides.
I obsessed over my outfit, practiced my keigo, read lots of blog posts about how to meet your Japanese boyfriend’s parents, and made sure I looked “normal” and conservative. At this point, I just wanted to share my advice from the terrifying ordeal otherwise known as meeting your significant other’s parents. I’m not talking about the youngest generation of pre-teen girls, I talking about how “mature” youth or adults tend to dress in a conservative manner. I wish it wasn’t so; there have got to be some people out there who live in that high plane of existence, but the vast majority of us do, in fact, judge the book by its cover. The first time I meet someone, before heading anything about them, my brain is already spiraling all the way out of control making general assumptions about them based on their clothes, amount of make-up, and physical appearance – all while I’m silently screaming “Stop!
Nonetheless, the most important part of your appearance, the part you can actually alter very easily, is the clothes you wear. Your clothes are your first (and sometimes only) opportunity to say something about yourself.
Non-Japanese women don’t necessarily have a good reputation (several people assume because I’m white, young, and pretty – I’m “loose”); there are so many other places you can showcase your sexuality and attractiveness.

Bad clothes: Form fitting, showing off the chest area, short skirt, short shorts, short dresses, bare shoulders, flashy or gaudy colors, or otherwise “non-motherly” clothes.
Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is every date's worst nightmare.
Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror Can't get enough of movies and television shows that scare up a good fright? As the relationship progresses, you reach exciting new milestones, like staying overnight for the first time and introducing her to your friends. You have to show them that you’re a responsible adult with good intentions, that you bring value to the relationship, and that you’re worthy of their trust. Mom’s pestering might have been annoying at the time, but she knew what she was talking about. Whether you’re having dinner at the parents’ house or meeting them at a restaurant, you need step it up beyond a t-shirt and jeans.
Especially if you’re meeting at their house, you’ll get bonus points for bringing a small gift. When you meet them for the first time, smile and greet them with eye contact and a firm (but not crushing) handshake. This is the all-important “getting to know you” portion of the festivities, and it’s where the real test begins.
It’s good to show that you care for your girlfriend, so feel free to be affectionate with her in front of them–just don’t overdo it.
Regardless of how well you hold your liquor, limit yourself to one or two drinks in front of the parents. Fortunately, since I most likely did not make the best impression by sleeping on their sofa the whole afternoon on my first day in their apartment.
It really was a great way to break the ice, as he and my dad share a passion for the sport.
As Greg bends over backward to make a good impression, his visit to the Byrnes home turns into a hilarious series of disasters, and everything that can go wrong does, all under Jack's critical, hawklike gaze.
You got incredibly lucky by having such a sweet and loving girlfriend, and you’re hoping her parents will feel the same way about you as she does. After all, you have a great girlfriend and she’s taking a further step by introducing you to her family.
Talk about yourself—politely—so they can get to know you better, but direct the conversation back to them.
For example, if your girlfriend told you her dad owns a software company, you can ask him what his company does.
Compliment their house, the food they make and even compliment your girlfriend in front of them. Hide your nervousness and make sure you come across as confident, even if you feel far from it. After all, you spent so much time looking for a girl and finally found the perfect woman; how bad could her parents be? While this may seem like an easy way out of a potentially hard attire decision, proper outfit choices are still important.
If it’s a real casual night on the couch for you and the family, it is still OK to bring the mother some flowers.
If the evening calls for a stop at the higher end of the city, you need to make sure you pump up your look as much as possible- without overdoing it.
Shirt in darker colors like black and blue typically work best, especially paired up with a stunner tie. A pair of black slacks will do miracles for your outfit and will also have your girlfriend fanning herself at how impressing you look. I tend to think it is more difficult if you have an “atypical” relationship (interracial, same-sex). Depending on how long you’ve lived in Japan (or even if you’ve never been to Japan, and your boyfriend’s family lives abroad), you may have noticed that Japanese women tend to cover up – especially in the chest (if you’re a girl).
If they’re introducing you to their parents AS their girlfriend (or boyfriend), they probably love you. You can dig your heels into the dirt and refuse to play by life’s rules, but the only one you’re going to hurt in the end is yourself. Now I live in the countryside near Tokyo with my husband, Ryosuke, where I draw comics, blog, and make videos about our daily life. You can almost see them working through a checklist in their minds, grading you against a secret ideal to determine whether you’re worthy of dating their daughter.
A general rule of thumb is to dress “business casual.” A button-down shirt and slacks is appropriate for most occasions. Yes, you’re all adults, but don’t call her parents by their first names unless they ask you to.
As a general rule, you want to be yourself here, but be your best self–not the foul-mouthed brute you are around your buddies. You may be used to checking Facebook any time there’s a lull in the conversation, but resist the urge.

Have more than that, and even if you don’t seem tipsy, they’ll notice your indulgence and disapprove.
Her parents do not know I am in the military (Reserves) and my girlfriend thinks this night would be the best time to tell them. We ended up having a great time, and they were able to casually buy each other beers all night and get to know each other. However, if you show up to dinner in the ripped T-shirt you wear at the gym or your coziest pajama pants, you’re going to run into trouble.
You may be able to find common ground if you work in construction, and can discuss the ways that software has impacted your industry or saved on fuel costs. No matter how many times you may show up after first meeting her parents, they’ll always remember you as they first saw you. A firm handshake is perfect for both parents, but if mom wants to give you a hug, by all means give her a good one! By following these simple ideas and taking note of the tips on what to wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents, you will capture their hearts with ease. A simple short sleeved top with a neutral color is fine, and if it has a few buttons or a pocket, that’s OK too.
And that crazy, wild hair you’ve been sporting for years needs to take the back seat for the night. Needless to say, when I was getting ready to meet my boyfriend’s (now husband) parents, I was terrified of making a bad impression. Gradually move up to skirts you like, but MAKE SURE there is no chance of you accidentally flashing one of his family members. If all goes well with your girlfriend, they’re going to be a part of your life for years to come. Your girlfriend obviously thinks you’re someone she can bring home to her parents, so it’s time to prove her right. Looking at your phone during a social event like this is considered rude, particularly to people from older generations.
Even if it’s not entirely true, she’ll let them know, and it will reflect positively on you. Or you can simply say you enjoyed meeting them, then compliment them on raising such a wonderful young woman. Even though I am in the Army Nurse Corps, her mother seems to think everyone in the military is a cold blooded killer.
At one point my stepmom took me for a walk around the stadium so they could have man-to-man time. If you have some more specific tips you can share for meeting the parents, feel free to add your suggestions.
What may work for one set of ultra conservative parents may not work for the parents that attended Woodstock together, which is why I stayed away from specific! If the weather is cold outside, bring a neutral colored sweater or jacket that compliments the rest of your outfit.
After the third or fourth time, you can start sneaking in the heavily eyeliner or black chokers. If there’s anything you need to know before going into the situation, it’s better to find out early. It’s important for you to come off as a positive person, because no one likes being around a grouch.
Her father, on the other hand, will probably love me for it as the two are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum from each other. You’d hate to wear all black to an outdoor event during the hottest part of the day, right? You probably want to stray from wearing anything too tight or too baggy, as these can appear unappealing to parental figures.
It may be in your best interest to remove piercings and cover your tattoos, especially if they are offensive. It is also best to try and cover all tattoos and bring along a matching black coat in case you become chilled. Conversing with people from a different age bracket can be challenging, as both parties struggle to find common topics to discuss. I told her it would be safe for me to just wear a nice suit and tie but when I wear my Dress Blues, she melts.
Asking your significant other these two simple questions will save you a lot of hassle and possible embarrassment in the long run. If you’re not on good terms with them, it’s going to affect your life in a lot of significant ways.
I want to make a good impression but I would also like to make my girlfriend happy as well.

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