Have you had any of these types of situations occurring in the past and are they still occurring in your life? If the Client enters into spell work with pre-existing curses or bindings on them then this could greatly jeopardize the future of any other spell work by slowing it down immensely or possibly even stopping the progression of that spell or spells all together.
If so, please read this spell description and know that this particular spell will not only free but return your life back to normal. Do you suffer with perpetual or endless nightmares?When's the last time you received a solid night's rest without tossing or turning the whole night through? If your single do you have seemingly rock solid prospects in love only to have them fizzle away to nothing by the next day or week? Once your life is affected by issue of LOVE, the other life force in your Body, Soul, Spirit will fall with it. If your Lover left you or wanted to leave you for whatever reason, act now before it is too late. You can’t force your spouse to leave the third-party and come back to you Physically. Without a Spell, it is not easy to Secure the one that you Love Forever!! Everyone change from Time to Time. This type of highly powerful and extremely damaging Advanced Disruption Magick should only be used as a last resort really on a perspective Enemy or Enemies. The more deserving of this curse the target is, the stronger and faster this curse will work.
Once this spell is cast there's no one that could even come close to neutralizing or stopping this spell other then myself so please keep this in mind.
This spell will effect the Target in the ways of: Destroying a marriage, Job, Finances, Friendships, Health, and Family life. This spell causes nightmares, Night sweats, Kills any romance or sex life, Causes the Target to be Haunted by specters, Demons and hateful and other mischievious and malevolent spirits. Some clients report that in over two years their enemy targets still feel the horrible effects of this curse.
A picture is not offered with this spell as the names, sigils, seals and signatures aren't met to be seen by the average person or even other people in the arts in most cases as they couldn't possibly handle these Dark Angels and malevolent entities that are called into this particular spell. Some of which are so malevolent we cannot even speak Their names aloud but can only appease Them by pointing Them in the target's direction. This spell is derived from the book of Genesis and was God's first curse upon Cain for slaying his brother Adam.
The Angels used within this spell number over 4,000 as they are the Angels that Divinity uses to bring down the evil nations with so please know that this Angelic Host can be quite aggressive and hostile on whom their directed.
Imprints are much appreciated if the Client can get their hands on some but if not the name and possible address of the Target will do. This spell is performed in the names of Justice thus their is no chance of karmic pay back to neither the Client nor myself.
The Hell Fire Curse can be written for a wide array of different types of disruption in a marriage, or on any person or relationship and has a reputation for wreaking havoc and chaos in an enemy target's life that is unbelievable. If you are interested in possibly having Enchantress Jan perform this spell for you, contact her and tell her all about your situation and exactly what you seek to accomplish by having it done and Enchantress will discuss all of your concerns with you and tell you what you should expect to happen in your particular situation. On the more positive side this same spell can transform a Marriage going bad and save it from the perils of divorce by simply strengthening the existing love.

Is it your firm belief that they are not destined to be together and sooner or later they will split up anyway? Arguments over the smallest matters will ensue, causing hard feelings and an underlying feeling of mistrust. A general dissipation of happiness and lightheartedness will result in a noticeable lack of humor, friendship and companionship.
For the first time, discussion of dissolving their union and going their separate ways will begin to filter into their arguments. Your image will be implanted in the mind of the person you care for, and they will begin to realize how much they miss you. WARNING: This spell brings dissension and despair into an existing relationship that cannot be repaired.
If a person or persons are contracting expert magical help against you then the spell will reveal this as well by causing the accidental leakage of this sensitive information back to you either through the slip of a tongue or by the accidental acquiring of this information either through the email or mail and thus tipping you off to the plot. Very Powerful Advanced Venus Planetary Star Offering Plate in which the specific pentacles of Venus and the Moon are invoked for the love spell that produces rapid and phenomenal results for everlasting love.
The Spells on this page offer the very best and finest form of Highly Evolved Powererful Love Magic, so please choose your spells wisely, and enjoy the amazing results ! If you have any specifics in your particular situation, be sure to explain them in detail to Enchantress Jan and she will write a specialized spell just for you that will address your situation quickly.
Each Power Spell Love Enchantment listed here includes FREE Spiritual Counselling Services. Please write for a FAST response to your letters and e-mails usually within 24 hours or less. This is a rare and very highly specialized enchantment that will change the one you love from the inside of the heart and mind convincing them without a shadow of a doubt that your lover absolutely must ensure that every measure no matter how menial it may seem, must be made so that your lover never loses you. Your lover will go out of their way to create wondrous, alluring, dreamy romantic, sexual, incredible daily and nightly adventures and romantic dreams come true for you and only you.
Your lover will strongly and rather quickly take on the attitude combined with a deep need to take care of you, and care for all of your needs at all times.
Your lover will become much more attentive to you , more creative and adventurous in seeing to your every need at all times and whatever the occasion or your wishes may be. This fascinating spell working is designed also to create just the right amount of a little element of jealousy in your lover that will spark a sense of urgency inside every time another man or woman looks at you, it will ingrain into your lover that he or she is the luckiest person alive to have you, and will take no chances that another man or woman will attempt to steal you away from them.
That bit of jealousy will never become a problem however it will only serve to cause your lover to desire to keep you closer to them and to go to great lengths to please you in and out of the bedroom, on all occasions. This spell will be performed during the full moon hours of Venus which are the strongest planetary influences for love, passion, and commitment. The Venus Planetary Angelic Host will be specifically evoked into the ritual and into the "Life And Breath Dolls" that High Enchantress Lady Jan will make of you and of your love.
You and your lover's personal "Life And Breath Dolls" will be stuffed and generously infused with the very finest rare imported high alchemical elements such as mugwort, pure imported Bombay sterling silver to draw the maximum of the Venus planetary full moon energies, jasmine, patchouli, freshly picked red rose petals, rose oil, Venus planetary oils, generous amounts of the finest imported vanilla incense, and much more.
This magnificent highly charged spell will then be cast for you and your love, with High Enchantress Lady Jan inside the Magick Circle for up to four hours. Thereafter, you and your love's "Life And Breath Dolls" will be offered to The Higher Powers and the Venus Planetary Angelic Host, then burned into the sacrificial fires of the ritual to seal, magickally empower, and charge the strongest energies known to the world deep into the Universe for the most maximum potency and power possible. Do you feel that nothing is no longer working in all of your hard efforts to get your lover to change their mind about you, or something that is very important to you?

Is your lover so stubborn that they just cannot or moreover WILL NOT see things your way of even consider listening to the voice of reason from you as far as your trying to convince your love that the two of you have been destined to be together? If you feel you've run up against a brick wall in trying to convince your lover that the two of you are meant to be together, this is the spell for you. Unless you penetrate the depths of your lover's mind (and by Divinity's Love, Grace, and Power, High Enchantress Jan Windglows and Master Wizard James Morgan ll will to do that), you will never get this person to change. But once the seeds are planted, your lover will look at you with fresh eyes, and that's all you’ve ever asked for: A fresh start ! You would realize that this Spell would attract strangers and they will notice you & look at you for NO APPARENT REASON. Let the Spell OPEN-UP an Opportunity for Both Of You to Reconcile your relationship, thereafter Strengthen your relationship to a Higher Level. This spells will make your lover Respect You, Lust after You and Realize how much they Truly Love and Want to be with You.
It's better to think positive, to leave people to their own devices, to allow them to fulfill their destiny without interference.But sometimes if a situation is critical, if things are so bad, it is imperative to take matters into your own hands.
And you know your life will never be the same unless the two of you are back together again? If you have any doubts about breaking them up, please refrain from ordering the "The Advanced Black Magick Relationship Destroyer Spell" at this time.
If you have any doubts about breaking them up, please refrain from ordering the "The Advanced Black MagickRelationship Destroyer Spell" at this time. Customized Spells and Enchantments are available upon request-- simply write and inquire how a powerful highly customized spell can be designed specifically for your individual needs and desires.
Your lover will progressively strive more as each day passes to create romantic dreamy adventures for the two of you. Your lover will be magnetized and deeply captivated by your very presence, forsaking all others at all times.
Just respond to them with a sweet smile & the Guys and Girls are within your reach now!
Some Unions occur for the wrong reasons then move on to develop into a Marriage that exists on shaky grounds like the relationship before it. Once casted, it can only be reversed by the actual Spell Caster who performed the casting for you. Many times you will share the same projects and strive for the same goals, however, there are challenges in these relationships too. Have your friends turned against you and does your colleges or Boss seem to have it in for you at work for no apparent reason ?. You may even feel deep down in your heart that you must have shared at least one previous lifetime in an intimate relationship.
Even today as in more ancient times, powdered bloodstone is used as aphrodisiac and for traditional medicines in India.

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