We were halfway through the mealA  before he suddenly said he needed to tell me something important. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
She is not only very shocked, but completely at a loss to understand why she didn't see any warning signs that Sam was feeling unhappy. I wanted to wear something a little different, so I decided to finally wear these leather shorts I've had for a while now.
Its a really fun restaurant where they bring you assortments of meats, chicken, and fish to your table throughout the night and you eat a little bit of everything. I asked him what he wanted me toA  do, and he said he'd likeA  me to wait for him, saying he didn't want to lose me but that he couldn't say now how long it would take to sort himself out.I don't know where this leaves me or what to do next. To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion! I'd been away at a business conference in Holland for a few days.A  Sam met me off the train on my return, and suggested we go and have dinner together. But I don't know if I'm prepared to wait indefinitely for aA  man who's not sure if he loves me.When we arrived home his bag was already packed in the hall, readyA  to go.

He moved out the next morning, saying he'd be in touch, ThatA  was four weeks ago now and all I've had is a couple of texts, and one rather bleak meeting over a cup of coffee. Sam then said this feeling had beenA  building up in him for some time, and that it was only when I wentA  away that he finally realised that he wanted some time on his own. In the meantime I am unableA  to sleep or concentrate, constantly crying on the phone to friends.A  The worst part is not knowing if our relationship is over. I don'tA  want to hang on to false hopes.I want to wait for Sam but only if there is a real possibility of usA  having a future together. But the reason i still have ZERO self confidence is because of things people said about me. How do I know if my boyfriend is just trying to let me down gently, or if he really does just need time?
Margaret Ramage, sexual and relationship psychotherapist says:A  It seems from Sam's behaviour since he dropped his bombshell thatA  essentially the relationship is over. Of course he says doesn't want to lose you, you have shared a life for so long, but two texts and aA  coffee in four weeks cannot keep a relationship alive.
That doesnt matter, if one girl or and her friends think you say something about them… they want to make you feel bad. Even if he doesA  decide he loves you and wants to return, how can you be sure this won't ever happen again?Of course you are shattered.

Comments were made about me when i weighed 150-160, Comments i wont forget that i cant forget. Sam knew littleA  about his feelings before you went away, although he says they had been building up.
There may have been little warning signs, but if there were neither of you really wanted to see them. The space he had when you were in Holland just clarified something about himself to himself, whatever it was.Waiting for him to sort himself out would be putting your own life onA  hold with no guarantee for a future benefit. I remember seeing a youtube video about hippos, and just bawling my eyes out while on webcam with someone and they watched me because i was so upset i forgot about them. You will recoverA  from this, and when you do, don't be put off embarking on another relationship.
I weigh myself every single morning, and if im a once heavier i CANT stand it…if im a once lighter, im so happy and confident for a hour or so.

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