In it, a teenager named Johnny dies trying to impress the girl he’s crushed on since the first grade.
So anyway, the girl he digs turns out to be into him, even if she is a bit put off when his parts start falling off. The whole thing is played as a riff on the obsessive nature of teen angst and romance and it works pretty well as that. Short wise, I caught I Love Sarah Jane, a weird little atmospheric short about a boy, the girl he likes (sounds familiar…) and some asshole friends. Zombie Movie Marathon MonthWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. Recent Commentsdanalyn gayo on The zombie dreamChance Annagale on The zombie dreamWhat Is A Zombie? The zombie dream (115)Rob Zombie’s lawyers claim he owns the word zombie… (29)Real, Russian zombies? The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is your source for daily zombie news and in-depth criticism, commentary and context on all things zombie -- zombie movies, zombie books, zombie games and everything else to do with the walking, running, biting dead.

John Dingle (Andrew Lowery) has been in love with Missy McCloud (Traci Lind) since childhood. Filled with all the stereotypes of teen films, the absurdity goes on as John's ears and nose fall off.
His unrequited love and her promise to go to prom with him, made as he is taking his last breath, brings him back as a zombie.
Think of it as a companion piece to similar screwy comedies from the ’80s such as Better of Dead, sort of a Better Off Undead. You can get more info on the About page, in the FAQ or just by spending a few days reading every piece of content here.
Her boyfriend Buck (played by Matthew Fox aka Jack in Lost!) is not cool about it at all and Buck’s best friend Chuck (Philip Seymour Hoffman!) tries to kill him and ends up accidentally killing himself and then being eaten by Johnny. It was cool, although it seemed like a scene plucked at random from a larger narrative than a stand alone piece. The weird bit is that while everyone is quite surprised to see him, no one really thinks much of it or really reacts to it.

His mom keeps bringing him bodies, both living and dead, for him to eat, despite his protestations he doesn’t want to eat anyone.
They treat him like a pariah, especially once he eats a classmate, but they are remarkably chill about it. The townspeople eventually begin hunting him with torches and all he wants to do is stay undead and whole long enough to take his girl to the prom… And naturally, being a goofy, mainstream comedy, he gets that wish and a whole lot more in the end. It’s also amusing to see such recognizable actors in it so young and in such goofy roles.

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