During the course of their shifting musical styles over the years, this look they had, as shown above, was the most identifiable appearance of My Chemical Romance. My Chemical Romance were as honest as they can come in their lyrics–they had a narrative way of telling a story that, soon enough, some of their songs became anthems that got the attention of the youth from the world over.
My Chemical Romance meant something… Then, suddenly in the following years, it felt like the band’s name value suddenly plummeted and lost their popularity with the youth!
My Chemical Romance was anything but a one-dimensional band that you could not box them into a single category–thanks largely to the vision and efforts of their lead vocalist Gerard Way. A Greatest Hits compilation like this serves as a fitting end to a band that was never afraid to push their limits, music-wise. They certainly made an impression–whether My Chemical Romance was your favorite band or not.
But through all the debates on what the legacy of My Chemical Romance might be today ever since the band announced that they have called it quits a year ago, My Chemical Romance was and will always be a band that is widely considered as one of the greatest bands to have ever come out in the 21st century.
I decided to watch the music video of it and a few live performances of it also on YouTube. And now I have realized that it was because the music of My Chemical Romance did communicate with us!

And, indeed, for a few years, they attained that much sought after level of success–they were included in the short list of elite bands that got to sell out arenas and headline renowned music festivals. On top of that, he proved time and time again that he was also an excellent songwriter–some of the songs he composed with the band had resonated strongly with numerous kinds of music aficionados coming from different age groups. But when I think of it, this compilation sure does hold a deeper meaning and significance for their most loyal of fans who have supported the band since the very beginning.
And even through their shifting musical styles over the years gone, they never lost sight of their goals with their music.
It was in tracks like the three aforementioned that got me listening to the music of My Chemical Romance. I have to reiterate that this is exactly what I mean when I had said earlier that this band did mean something.
We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Not only did the fans of My Chemical Romance praise and enjoy that landmark album from My Chemical Romance.
I concluded that, maybe, it was because of the Rock period when this song was released and my age at the time.

He aqui el comunicado de la banda:Estar en esta banda durante los ultimos doce anos ha sido una verdadera bendicion.
My Chemical Romance lasted long enough for them to have had released memorable songs for their fans to remember them by.
Hemos compartido escenario con gente que admiramos, con gente a la que veneramos, y lo mejor de todo, con nuestros amigos. Diariamente me inyecto mi dosis de Metallica y normalmente escucho mas metal que otra cosa. Eso si, puedo escuchar desde el indie mas actual, hasta el death mas bruto, pasando por la electronica, hard rock, hip-hop e incluso merengues. Tambien podeis echarle un ojo a una entrevista que me hicieron en redaccion en este enlace.

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