I recently received an email from my wifes’ work regarding a supposed grizzly bear attack in Alaska. The following (first two) pictures are of a guy who works for the US Forest Service in Alaska and his trophy bear. I’ll dig up the info for you but the story has been quite twisted as its been around for quite some time. The first two photos are legitimate images of a giant grizzly brought down by a hunter in Alaska. Six months later, Sigfredo Casiano, was hiking in Alaska and had a similar experience with a large bear. If that weren’t bad enough, some joker along the line decided to embellish the story with a gruesome prologue, complete with photographic evidence. For what it is worth, I remember that third photo was circulated on a website and that the site claimed it to be the result of a dog attack. ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A man on a day hike in a rural area was killed when a bear bit his head, Alaska State Troopers said Wednesday.
Kenneth Cates, 53, was found Wednesday morning on a horse trail in a heavily wooded area of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge near his hometown of Soldotna.
Out of curiousity, what is the record for the biggest grizzly, and how big is the actual grizzly bear in the two legit photos? The bear in the picture is supposedly as you mentioned: The bear was over one thousand six hundred pounds. I had to go check this out at the truth or fiction site goto when wondering about some emails i recieve. The original pictures lacked the label linking them with hunting-pictures, but that is where the pictures reside. The version of the eRumor that claims the bear was a killer and was shot by a forest service employee are false.
Heres an update on the Worlds Largest Bear for all who continue to follow and seek the truth behind this story.
I recently watched a special on National Geographic and a portion of the show was dedicated to this very same bear and the actual hunter. In October 2001, a hunter legally shot a bear on Hinchinbrook Island off Alaska’s southern coast. If the bear sat down in a room with you, and was flat on his behind on the floor, and tipped it’s nose up, his head would be through a normal ceiling by about a foot or two.

If you look at the vegetation in there it’s not quite tropical but it certainly is not Alaskan. That’s pretty terrible, I guess that blows the play dead technique out the window, that guy is dead!
As noted from a television show on National Geographic with the actual hunter that killed the bear. Dear ACTIVIST this bear is currently mounted and stuffed in the anchorage international airport in anchorage ak.
Stay out of deep woods and go to a resort to have fun ,deep woods are uncharted and you might not make it back. All I can add if there was this one you can be sure there are more and possibly larger than that one. Portable Game CenterClick any game below to launch the portable player which includes this list of featured games. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. We’ve pulled over the top 10 forum conversations that were not specific to future content areas which we will be posting.
He was out deer hunting last week when a large grizzly bear charged him from about 50 yards away. Air Force Airman Theodore Winnen was deer-hunting on Hinchinbrook Island, Prince William Sound when he and his hunting buddy, Staff Sgt.
Casiano claims he found himself about 10 feet from the animal when the beast started moving toward him. Admittedly l have to be honest l thought that there might be a hint of truth in some portion somewhere, but thought that in another area it wasn’t quite right. The facts are a little different from the original eRumor, but the pictures do record the results of a true hunt and are real. They were posted by a hunter who used the nickname Dalliwacker but who is, according to published articles, Jim Urban. The hunter himself, pictured above, appeared on the show and offered some insight from his home. If this bear stood up, as reported in the web, it could be watching you take a shower on the second floor of your home. Bear experts took a closer look and discovered that, wherever this man died, it probably wasn’t anywhere near Alaska.

If you actually read the article it says that the last picture wasn;t associated with the bear attack or even that bear or even that area of the country. And to all of you whom insulted the hunter, you really need to buzz off and mind your own business if you can’t keep your fowl mouth shut. If you think that is what Jesus Christ would say, then you understand the Bible very poorly. Featuring stats and dossiers on all the main characters from the hit movie of the Summer of 2009. It came with three photographs, 1] displaying overall size of grizzly and hunter together, 2] displaying size of paw and 3] graphic portrayal of hiker practically eaten. The guy unloaded his 7mm Mag Semi-automatic rifle into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him. His first shot brought the bear down, but he fired several more shots, probably to make sure.
The confusion was frustrated by National Forest Service officials who mistakenly identified the photos to be from Casiano’s story. He says that the bear was actually ten feet high and weighed between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. According to the internet, the last man eaten by the giant bear, shot on Hinchinbrook Island.
They would soon learn that they could overpower any human, and would most likely maul anyone that tried to stop it digging through their garbage cans. In this case, the bear was a brown bear, not a grizzly, and between eight and nine feet tall. Effectively cloaked by their camouflage hunting gear, the pair had plenty of time to take their shot. The first bullet from Winnen’s 338 Winchester pierced the brain, but it took five more in the chest to bring him down.
The first two photos above were taken by Urban and were posted on several hunting boards and shared among hunting enthusiasts.

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