My boyfriend is okay with it because its his culture and he wants me get married to him but I have a big problem with it, I can’t run out because I love this man dearly. So many women fantasize having s*x with men who are well endowed, but can they really handle it? Several Women Share on Twitter the Number of Times They Had S*x in 24 hours…You Will Be Shocked!
There are some tips with which you can come to know that he has some special space for you in his heart till now. Once you get the call from your boyfriend on every occasion where a call from only intimate partner is expected it shows that your existence means a lot to him. Open up your heart and must take a step forward as this is your opportunity and try calling him before he gives you a call on any important time to check his response. In this case you will have to take a step forward without a second thought coming in your mind. Another reason on which you should be sure that he wants you back is text messages on various occasions.
Another thing which should make it very clear to you is that you are getting routine invitations for several occasions on parties etc where only his close relatives or friends are invited. If they tell you that he is lonely these days and behaving in unusual manner, it means that he is missing you. You can also even notice the point that he is just smiling over you as a old partner or his emotions are real ones.
Now if you have so many valid reasons that he loves you, there is only one thing which can spoil the plan and that is the technique to go about the situation.

When you are sure about the fact that he wants you really back, do not make a haste in asking him first. Once we try to dig out the reasons for breakups, at least 90 percent of the times, they are based on such minor issues on which just a small quarrel would have sufficed. You cannot deny this fact that affiliation develops with anyone who has passed some time close to you. Always remember you will be more comfortable with your older companion as compared to a new one, no matter how good the new one maybe. If your meetings are taking place more than usual, it means this is not just by chance, rather he want to take a glimpse of you. Initially surprise him by going to places he often visits as you also know his routine and then give him a sudden surprise by some sort of signal that you also still love him. There are times when you may not require a wishing message from your ex but if he is doing it repeatedly, it means that he wants you back or at least missing you. His family members are also present and he wants to assure you that he is being intimate by making you interact with them also. Lets see what happens and how the things go but if you want to know whether your ex wants you back or not.
Also do not trust completely his friends as it can be a trap also in which you do not want to fall again.
But it has been noted over the recent decades that people are more frustrated and they require a small issue to spoil their lives forever. Still there are circumstances where such like event is inevitable and breakup takes place as a result.

If your ex boyfriend and you have lived together for quite some time, rest assure he is also missing you. This is a very positive sign that he  wants you back but may not be having so much of courage to come to you. In present day life it becomes really difficult to text someone regularly due to routine commitments but if you are receiving such a response, it is clear that you mean a lot to him.
At the same time he want s to tell you that there is nothing more important in his life than making up with you again.
Otherwise if he is shy enough to use this tactic, you can occasionally ask his friends about his latest situation.
If you notice a spark in his eyes once you meet somewhere, it means he has love for you but maybe waiting for the correct time. The most important point is that you do not have to go back to him instead you have to get him back to you.
Another possibility in this case can be that he has invited you to make you jealous, but why to think negative and just give it a try.
Do not give him negative response, but you should not bend down for him so quickly by looking at these indications. Now if you are convinced that you must get your ex boyfriend back, then there must be a way to know whether he wants you back or not.

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