The Wisconsin woman who lost all of her three young daughters when her ex-husband murdered them out of revenge has remarried, and is expecting a new child. Getting better: Jessica Peterson (right), the mother of three girls murdered by their own father a year and a half ago, is now remarried and expecting a new baby. Eighteen months after the brutal triple-murder Peterson is still pained by her daughters' loss, but is getting by with the support of her new husband Matthew and the business of getting ready for a new baby. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
My name is Vi, and I have been married to my ex-husband for 4 years, but now we are divorced.
We have been divorced for 7 months and I also got remarried and I've been married for 4 months. He calls me off and on, but when he does I keep telling him that I don’t want him calling me and that my husband is not ok with it. I really don’t know what to do when I am put in this situation because when he calls I answer in a rude way and I tell him why are you calling me? It is wrong for you to be in contact with your ex just to see how he is and for a casual chit chat. You two are divorced, and it is final since the Eddah is done and you are married to another man! First you asked about the Imam being absent, now you are asking about the Wali and Witnesses being absent.
Can you just put the entire scenario at ones so who ever is answering you knows all the facts please? 4everAngel, if you want to log in and write your question as a separate post, we'll try to answer Insha'Allah. Though you may want to post it separably, Br.Wael's advice is pretty much in line to what you would get. I would also tell his sister that all his female cousins are non-mahram to him, so she is assisting in committing them to suspicious behavior that violates the rules of men and women in Islam.
Now, as I near my retirement, I am suddenly aware of how little time I have left on the planet and I want to finally let go of the past and find new love.
Now, ask yourself this: what are the traits and qualities my heart most desires in a soulmate? Becoming laser-clear about who this person is, what they’re like, and most importantly, what you will feel like when you’re with them, is essential to your success in manifesting your soulmate. Once you figure this out, and actually integrate this into the core of your being, you will be well on your way to new love. Don’t spend a minute wishing you had done any of this sooner — if you could have, you would have.
Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with The Law of Attraction and her husband Brian Hilliard, a business consultant, answer your questions about life, love and relationships.
Disclaimer: Arielle Ford, Brian Hilliard, the Big Love column and its publishers assume no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the information, services or other material related to this column. Thank you for this post, I am 4 years out of a relationship that was as close to perfect as I ever expected for my life. I have discovered that I simply have had to make both physical and digital space and am moving forward. Hello, I just got out of a relationship its never easy to hear we are through or let’s break up.

Experts and enthusiasts share their experiences, how-to's and answers on living greener, getting healthier and living a more fulfilling life. Jennifer Peterson's ex-husband Aaron Schaffhausen had come over to her house for an unsupervised visit In July 2012 with the daughters Amara, 11, Sophie, 8, and Cecilia, 5. Mrs Peterson is currently seven months pregnant.A  'The key to much of my life is this balancing dual emotions, having to always be a little sad and a little happy at the same time,' Mrs Peterson told KTSP.
The judge chose consecutive life sentences to send a message that 'each child is so important.'Now that her ex-husband is safely behind bars, Mrs Peterson is finding ways to keep her daughter's memories alive while also moving on. He doesn’t seem to listen to me and so he continues to call and his excuse is that he just wants to see how I’m doing. He responds in a voice of sadness and then I feel bad because that’s just the way I am naturally.
My husband now is mad at me for this reason, but I always keep it honest with him when my Ex-husband calls. He does not care that phoning you is wrong, firstly because he is no longer mahram to you and so has no reason whatsoever to call you and secondly as he is disrespecting your new marriage and causing your husband to be suspicious of you.
It is not your duty to counsel your ex husband, nor should you feel obliged to take his phone calls. Reassure him that your loyalties and love are with him and that you do not like it that your ex calls. I'm a 17 year old who lives in America and I'm engaged to my cousin (dads side) who is 25 and he lives in Afghanistan. My short answer would be, if you are confident that your fiance has no feelings for this other women, and if you truly wish to marry him, then go ahead and marry him. However I will make this one addition: your fiancee can block her number on his cell phone and eliminate all her calls. It is not too late for you to experience unimaginable, legendary love and manifest a soulmate who will appreciate and adore you. Remember to leave room for divine timing and also be grateful that you are now open and available for the love you’ve always desired.
They believe that whether you are eighteen or eighty years old, finding Big Love is always possible. Right now I’m heartbroken and really upset but sometimes you just have to admit that it is over and go on with your life.
I have found myself dealing with the ashes of my relationship and finally after a couple years have moved to a new life.
She is currently working to build Tri-Angels Playground, a public space to honor her daughters. I've learned so much from him then I have ever learned in the 4 years I was married to my Ex-husband, but I have one problem and that one problem is my Ex-husband.
When I speak to my Ex-husband I talk about what he is doing wrong and what he should be doing to be closer to ALLAH SUBANNAH WAHTAHALLAH!! Yes, we interact with non mahrams because we live on the same planet as them, but there are manners that we need to abide by, manners that are set out in the Quran and Sunnah. Tell him that you will change your phone number and you will also tell your ex strictly to let you be and that he should move on.
If your husband had another woman calling him, I am sure you would not be happy with it and it would make you feel very insecure. But if you suspect that he may actually be having an affair with her, then break off the engagement and have nothing to do with him.

I never remarried because I could never stop loving him and hoping that we would someday reunite (even though he remarried and currently is with wife #3).
I have worked very hard on not looking back and having that interfere with the future that I wish to create for myself. Gaiam, the leading source for fitness, wellness and green living solutions, will send you special discounts plus the free Gaiam Life newsletter with expert advice on ways to live healthy and happy. The father of the bride is the one who is supposed to ask the groom: 'Do you accept my daughter 'so and so'? The only problem is his cousin (from his moms side) who is also 17 loves him and won't leave him alone.
However, you need to finally accept that he is long gone, not coming back, and it’s time to forgive him and let go.
I’m having difficulty listening to myself but it takes a while for your heart and mind to heal. So please understand that your Ex if he want's to learn the Deen then May Allah (swt) will guide him. See if you can find a little corner of your heart in which to place your love for him and when you catch yourself thinking about him, remember to put him back into that little place and focus on the heart traits and delicious qualities of your soon-to-be-met soulmate. Whatever destiny or karma you once had with your ex-husband is now complete, so give yourself the gift of moving on to something that serves you and the greater good.
In the past I would have simply never seen her again and freed myself of constant reminders, but we have a child together and its not an option.
Everyone knows about this actually and she does not fear telling anyone even though she is married! My fiance tells me everything about her and says he does not like her AT ALL and finds it annoying that she's obsessed with him and acting in a way a Muslim girl should not be. He said he keeps changing his number but his sister keeps giving it to her again because they are family and its ok cause their cousins. On my engagement   party, she went to the room my fiance was in and fought with him that he didn't marry her but atleast could marry her older sister who is 21!!
After finding his phone and reading all the messages between me and my fiance and how much we love eachother, she got jealous and deleted all the messages and threw the phone  at him!
This one time she told me she needs to tell me something about my fiance and I said what and she said she will tell me when the right time comes. I asked her like 10 times and she still said the same thing again again and again that she will tell me when the right time comes.
Later the next day, I found out she went to my fiances sister and told her I said those things! At that time I was nice but now I have decided next time I go to Afghanistan I have to do something about it. So sister I advise you to cut all your contact with this guy because trust me, it really does bother your husband for sure! He may not say much but trust me, it really bothers him because I'm going through it right now!

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