Hello My Future Girlfriend is a catchphrase derived from the personal homepage of Michael Blount, a boy from New Mexico who sought to find his first love by creating an online profile with sound recordings of his voice. Mike Blount created his first homepage titled “Hello My Future Girlfriend”[1] in 1998 while in the sixth grade, lying about his age so he could create an account on the now-defunct web host Tripod. Tom Fulp, owner of Newgrounds, posted the link[7] to Bount’s original Geocities page to the Newgrounds forums on July 2nd, 2001. By July 2007, the hunt for Blount had begun, and members of the Jinxworld Forums[11] were one of the first to find his MySpace profile.[12] The next year, blog Misanthropy Today[13] included the site as an Internet History Lesson.
On October 8th, the site spoke with Chris[5], who went by the alias “Streak,” who apologized for trolling Blount only after his peers saw it as “preying on a poor defenseless innocent little boy.” After this incident, Blount changed all of his email addresses and chat handles, choosing to stay offline for six months. Search traffic between 1998 and 2004 is not stored, however, at the beginning of the Google Insights, search traffic was almost at max.
Image Details 179 views (1 from today) Uploaded Apr 03, 2009 at 06:47PM EDT Origin Entry Hello My Future Girlfriend Hello My Future Girlfriend is a popular catchphrase derived from the personal homepage of Mike Blount, a 11 year old boy from New Mexico who sought to find his first love by creating an online profile with sound recordings of his own voice. Image Details 267 views (4 from today) Uploaded Jan 24, 2012 at 03:00PM EST Origin Entry Hello My Future Girlfriend Hello My Future Girlfriend is a popular catchphrase derived from the personal homepage of Mike Blount, a 11 year old boy from New Mexico who sought to find his first love by creating an online profile with sound recordings of his own voice.
The reality of our relationship at that current moment may have been that all we had was a rocketship made of cardboard but we had all the nuts and bolts to make something really real – like Apollo 11 real. And it has inspired him to pen the title track of his sixth and latest album, Let's Not Fall In Love Again, which was released here in September.
Describing his single Let's Not Fall In Love Again, the boyish-looking 30-year- old told The New Paper in Mandarin: "Being able to draw on past experiences helps me to sing in a more convincing manner. Although Teo declined to specify what past experiences he was referring to, he said the song is not about Taiwanese actress-singer Cyndi Wang, who was his co-star in the 2006 Taiwanese TV series Smiling Pasta. But then he hinted that Wang "has a very sexy appearance" and added that a future relationship with Wang was "quite possible".
Singaporean Samantha Ker, a Singapore Institute of Management student and a member of the Nicholas Teo Singapore Official Fans Club, could not agree more.
What received the most attention, aside from the spine-chilling effects, was the impeccable chemistry between the two main leads. I will write a song for my future girlfriendThe 36-year-old also dabbled in music, having released several hip-hop singles and albums since 2008. Watch until the end, I do a bit of a transmission on Beauty for you to absorb into your cells.

My friend Jess Ortner and I had a great conversation about the downer of always trying to be up.
Emelia and I go about things from different ends and get close to the same bright center — real, no bullshit compassion. There’s so much sanity to just flowing with someone’s predictability— their norm, their nature. This opportunity comes just once a year.Sign up for the only business training I recommend& get our biggest B-School Bonus ever. I created a collection for you of my favorite articles, audio tracks and downloads on feeling brave.
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On March 1st, 2002, a link to a mirror of the site was posted to the front page of Metafilter.[8] In 2004, the site was discussed on both the eBaum’s World Forum[9] and Winamp Forums[10]. Magoo, the site’s owner, tried to find out if Blount’s website had actually gotten him a girlfriend.[3] After a few messages back and forth, he revealed that he had been talking to several girls, and Chimp staff interviewed one named Jessica[4] October 4th. By 2008, he had come back online, selling merchandise[6] with the catch phrase and published his story on his new blog.[2] He also was interviewed by the revision3’s YouTube show Internet Superstar that June. It has died down in recent years, with a small peak in April 2010, coinciding with his Reddit AMA. But unlike the straight-talking Joo Joong-Won, the Korean actor-rapper is soft-spoken and polite in person, a discernible contrast that makes him a lot less intimidating than the character.I am different from Joo Joong WonAnd in an interview with MeRadio before his first fan-meeting in Singapore, he revealed that they shared little in common in terms of personality. And when quizzed about their interaction on the drama set, So Ji Sub has nothing but kind words for the leading actress, Kong Hyo Jin. The most powerful pain remedy, elixir, solution, galvanizer, waker-upper, injection of strength is…gentleness. My friends and their terrible time management skills couldn’t get their shit together and I ended up arriving an hour before everyone else. The kind of girl that must have inspired What Dreams May Come, sending Robin Williams through hell and back. When quizzed on whether he prefers rapping to acting, So Ji Sub candidly admitted that he likes being an actor more.

And that means you have the power to get where you want to go, to see what’s really going on in a situation, to make excellent decisions. We spoke about how we are the epitome of the Greeks’ concept of soulmates — one entity literally separated by Zeus roaming the planet searching for our other half. We were smitten with one another (the goofs that we are, we looked up the definition to ensure we were using it correctly). I think ita€™s one way to communicate with my friends and we can have a good time when we are rapping. There was no doubt in my mind that I stumbled upon the beginning of something phenomenal (and I don’t just throw that word around).
I truly enjoyed working with her; it was really fun."It was not weird to be touched by Kong Hyo JinSo was it awkward filming all those touchy-feely scenes we see in the show? Thata€™s one way for me to get close to my friends, but I prefer acting.a€?And when it comes to 18 Years, he confessed that none of the songs on the album will be suitable for serenading to for his future girlfriend. But that is what makes him so attractive and why I chose to take up the role.a€?The Mastera€™s Sun, which first aired last August, took Asia by storm with its unique horror-romantic comedy storyline. The drama maintained high viewership throughout its run, but So Ji Sub said that he a€?had not expected it to be so well-receiveda€?. He expressed gratitude for the support the show had garnered and disclosed that the crew had initially received feedback from viewers that the ghost scenes were a€?too scarya€?. Most actresses are cautious when it comes to such scenes, but Hyo Jin was very daring and aggressive, so that made things easier [for us] during filming.a€? In fact, the pair was so comfortable with each other on the set that they shared several NGs due to their uncontrollable fits of laughter. That was something very memorable for the crew as well.a€?The drama was also marked So Ji Sub first attempt at rom-coms. He was previously known for his tough-guy image in projects such as A Company Man, Rough Cut and Phantom.
I had a bit of doubts on whether viewers were ready for this change, but the overall experience was very fun,a€? he said.

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