As much as I hate doing these top ten lists (since this is Blogger not Tumblr) and it's ridiculously difficult to find any good quality pictures online, it's almost Caturday again, the weather is still ridiculously hot, and this is the best I could come up with.
I creeped you all out last week with my top ten catladies and, so, because I know how you all love looking at pictures rather than reading my movie reviews, here's a list of my favourite and sexiest catgirls. Everybody has their favourite "Catwoman" (some people even like the Marvel version called "Black Cat") but, for me, the pick of the litter was Lee Meriwether in the "Batman" movie which used most of the cast from the TV series.
I haven't even seen this movie yet, but I already know that I like Anne Hathaway so it was easy to add her to the list. She was the longest running Catwoman in the TV series and appeared in 13 episodes between 1966-67.
Also from the "Batman" TV series, Sharyn Winters played one of Catwoman's evil henchmen (or henchwomen? Back to the horror movies, no list of catgirls would be complete without Nastassja Kinski's version of Irena from the 1982 remake of "Cat People". Having appeared in both of the "Cat People" movies (although as a ghost in "The Curse of the Cat People"), Simone Simon has to be on the list even though she wasn't really as sexy as her co-stars. Yes, I know she seems a lot plainer in this picture than the others do in theirs, but Abbie really blossomed over the course of the film.
This will cause some trouble, but Michelle Pfeiffer is my least favourite Catwoman apart from Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt. I couldn't find a way of including the telepathic Liana in the top ten because, in spite of a false memory I had, she never actually turned into a cat or dressed as one. Since I've been watching a lot of vampire movies this week, what better way to end it than with a list of my sexiest vampire girls? Bobbi Sue Luther exuded sexiness as a catgirl in the "Night of the Demons" remake, and I'm a big fan of her work. Lee Meriwether was the first version of Catwoman I ever saw (since I watched the movie before the TV episodes) and she was perfect.

I really liked Diora Baird, I also liked her in "30 Days of Night: Dark Days" and "Stan Helsing" (yes, I watched it and enjoyed it!).
I hadn't even been born when she was famous, and it was at least 14 years later before I eventually saw the reruns. She's a little bit androgynous, but she scores higher than Simon Simone from the original for not only getting nudie in the movie but also for daring to pose in a publicity shot with a real big cat.
In fact, the original Irena character alternated between being a bit of a tease or quite frigid due to her curse. She was supposed to be nerdy to begin with and this is a still from just after she removed her horrible glasses. I've liked her in other films but her version of Catwoman was just a little bit too psycho for me, and I thought she was much sexier as Selina Kyle. Although the late Katie Saylor was very feline in appearance, her character had a pet cat who she communicated with which really made her into more of a a futuristic witch than a genuine catgirl. I write honest, mostly objective movie reviews, retrospectives and recommendations punctuated by anything else that takes my fancy. She was also great in "Laid to Rest", but she's never going to surpass this moment for me unless she dresses up as a catgirl again. I know Julie Newmar is still the most popular Catwoman for "Batman" fans, but she was a little bit too camp for me to place her any higher in the list. I also found a picture of her with a panther mural behind her, but I chose this one because she looks as if she's scratching at the door to be let out. I also didn't really like the black leather sofa all cobbled together with big ugly stitches as a costume.
By age 13, she'd done the sequela€”and then Chlumsky and her career both hit an awkward stage.
She didn't do a lot in "The Cat's Meow" except look all sexy in leopardskin print, but it was enough for me.

I do not and will never support or encourage no-budget, backyard epics, horror-comedies, or intentionally badly made horror films. After graduation in 2002, she moved to Brooklyn and relied on publishing jobsa€”like a research gig for the Zagat dining guidesa€”to pay the bills. In the last couple of years, she's returned to acting, popping up as a girlfriend on "30 Rock" and a junkie in the Off-Broadway play "Unconditional."Now 28 and married (her husband, Shaun So, is getting an MBA at Baruch), she's back on the big screen with a plum part in the savvy, toothy political satire "In the Loop," opening Friday. She plays a highly ambitious State Department intern who gets an insider's look at the runup to the war in Iraq.A What appealed to you about "In the Loop"?I loved the subject. I studied international relations in college, and I think my character, Liza, probably took a lot of the same classes I did. How was it working with the ex-Tony Soprano?He was great, though several scenes we were in together ended up casualties of the cutting room. It's really hard to get on a film set and not just be completely magnetized by the team effort, and he was totally into it.You've been magnetized by Brooklyn, yes? My husband's family is Chinese, so we did a whole traditional Chinese banquet and tea ceremony.What's your idea of a perfect day in Brooklyn?One of the easiest things to do is to go over to Fort Greene Park and sit down and look at all the beautiful trees and enjoy everybody playing. If you go back to when you're a teenager, you're afraid to talk to the guy or girl who's locker is next to yours out of fear of rejection.
I know now that that's not how it went down, but as a kid that's how it felt.What's next, careerwise?
Are you staying in the Hollywood loop?I'm waiting to hear about the future of a pilot I did about the House of Representatives for CBS called "House Rules." And I'm going to Calgary to shoot a film for Lifetimea€”a Christmas-y sort of movie about search-and-rescue people in Montana.

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