Jersey Shore is back for its third season, and love it or hate it -in fact, we know that many of you love to hate it- we had to dedicate a Facebook tagging picture to MTV‘s hottest reality show.
When that’s done, start tagging your friends or let them tag themselves as Jersey Shore characters. We hope both fans and haters of Jersey Shore will enjoy our “Tag your Guidos and Guidettes” tagging picture for Facebook, so let us know if you do! What’s are over 1 billion people on Facebook today, but we are all individuals! is your guide to standing out from the crowd on Facebook with funny status updates, upside down statuses, cool profile pictures, Facebook hacks, applications, tag your friends pictures, crazy memes and the latest news, tips and tricks.
Of course, the picture has been Photoshopped, and in fact just shows the couplea€™s faces stuck onto a bride and groomsa€™ bodies.In reality, Snooki enjoyed something of a low-key day, informing the Twitterverse that she was visiting Dr.
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Simply choose the Snooki-Jersey Shore facebook profile cover you'd like to use, click the button to upload the cover, then follow the intsructions on the next page.

Simply choose the TV Shows facebook profile cover you'd like to use, click the button to upload the cover, then follow the instructions on the following page. Then cardio.a€™Snooki wasna€™t the only one joining in the fun, as Mike Tyson announced on Twitter that he was at the doctora€™s office to get his face tattoo removed, admitting an hour later that it was a prank.

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