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She often live-tweets from events -- almost exclusively First Nations and environmental issues. A complaint to Cafe Press was launched and the shirt temporarily pulled from sale, but it's back again.
As I started to be more involved in the church, I desired more and more to work full time for God’s kingdom. The small European nation of Slovenia—bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia—has less than 1000 evangelical believers out of a population of 2 million, making Slovenians an unreached people group, despite their central European location. Through Advancing Native Missions you can sponsor a native missionary like Sergeja, helping the Good News reach those who have not yet heard.

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She needs neither a red cape nor safety goggles to fly into her latest political assignment.
I began to pray and seek God about this, and He led me to seminary in Osijek, Croatia, to prepare.
My focus is to build and develop a ministry to teenagers, work with small groups, translate books, work in evangelism, and help with administration in our church. Her church and ministry are the fruit of Slovenian native missionary Mihael Kuzmic, who went by faith from his rural village to the capital city, Ljubljana, in 1966 and planted the church there. It is considered the second-most secularized culture in Europe, but the younger population in Slovenia is more open to new things, including the Gospel.

The church has grown to about 90 members, making it one of the largest Slovenian congregations. There is a great need for more full-time Slovenian workers like Sergeja to reach these young people, but the small Slovenian churches cannot support them without help. View on Facebook·ShareAdvancing Native Missions 1 day ago Advancing Native Missions updated their cover photo.

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