Get the kids involved with Mind Mapping this summer holiday - iMindMap of the perfect holiday. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, family holidays are priceless. Wherever you are going, think about what sort of things you are going to want to do together. When you think of family holidays, rest and relaxation don’t necessarily come to mind. This is one of the most important ingredients to a perfect family holiday for me, no screen time. Pics 2 SD Scanner – forever on my to-do list is scanning old photographs, this gadget would make the job so much easier!
Purple & Black Glitter Flock Skater Dress – I always need a new outfit for Christmas Day, this dress is perfect! Apple iMac – I have been wanting a Mac for many, many years, but they are soooo expensive!
Walt Disney World holiday – not gonna lie, this would probably be the one present that would make me cry with joy! Hobbycraft Voucher – I can easily spend hours in a craft shop, so having a gift card to use to buy supplies would be awesome. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 – I love this camera, and as much as I keep thinking about getting a DSLR, my heart stays with my trusty Lumix. In this modern day and age, I can write a blog post with my perfect Christmas gift guide, so that my hubby (who’s actually pretty good at taking a hint!) can see the sort of things that I like! And, if you’re quick, you can enter Beaverbrooks’ competition on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #HintList to be in with the chance of winning ?500 to spend in Beaverbrooks! Christmas is always perfect for me as I spend so much time preparing and pouring my heart and soul into it in order to make my childrens Christmas extra special, lets not forget that trip to see Santa in his Grotto. Christmas eve is the main build up to the day, we exchange gifts with the family, Christmas music playing, candles lit, warm bubble baths and new pj’s for the boys.
I can hardly sleep the night before and do not mind getting up at anytime ,well from 5am onwards. Sometimes on Christmas eve I take my Nanna to Midnight mass and spend some precious time with her in such magical surroundings. I sit making all the right sounds as the children open their presents, acting really surprised as they open every gift.
Every year we spend our christmas day lunch at my parents house with both my sisters and their families, it is always hectic, nosey and something always gets left in the freezer or has forgot to be cooked, normally my vegetarian quorn roast.

I think the only thing that would make my christmas even more perfect is well my dream actually. So my perfect Christmas would be with my family back at my childhood home, feeling a little bit like a kid again myself, watching my mum and dad enjoy watching my children open their presents and spending time with my parents and my family exchanging gifts, playing Monopoly and helping to prepare lunch. I think this perfect Christmas would not be so perfect for my kids , I am afraid my mum and dad  do not have gaming computers, super fast internet or games consoles. Have an amazing Christmas to everybody from umeandthekids, We certainly do hope you get what you wish for! Filed Under: Lifestyle Parenting, Seasonal Fun About Rachel HirstA parent to 2 teenage boys.
Christmas isn’t the same anymore for Lara Hollywell, not since she lost her greatest gift of all, her fiance. 5 Cranky Stars!Blake Snowden and Lara Hollywell have worked together for several years, each having secret desires for the other but keeping them a secret. Kroger is here to help you all (and me!) not only plan our meals, but help pay for them too!
It’s filled with traditional holiday meal items, including turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, dinner rolls, cranberry sauces and desserts. This desk tidy would help me stay less messy and remind me that I want to travel the world! But if you want to leave a little reminder somewhere obvious for your loved one to see, why not use the #HintList card from Beaverbrooks, the family run jewellers, just to make sure you receive something you really want in your Christmas stocking! As they have got older they have had more input into the gift buying, it isn’t as exciting as when they are 3 and 4 years old but whatever age they are I try to shock them with some gifts each year. Now, she spends her holidays with family remembering Christmases past and contemplating a life without love, a life where only dreams and fantasies keep her company.Blake Snowden is tired of being seen as nothing more than the man with deep pockets and a handsome face. Finally deciding to take a chance, Blake rigs the Secret Santa exchange this year so that he has Lara’s name and she has his. Just perfect and put me in the festive mood.Blake Snowden and Lara Hollywell have worked together for many years and are taking part in the secret Santa, only little did Lara know she'd been set-up by Blake, for them to buy a gift for one another. Because today’s giveaway will have TWO lucky winners, each winning a $100 Kroger gift card. Her stories literally come to life in my mind and I swear they could be my next door neighbors. And this Christmas he wants it all with his beautiful Head of Marketing, Lara.When Blake rigs the company’s annual secret Santa draw to get Lara’s name, will they both discover more than the perfect gift in their stockings on Christmas morning? Lara has never cared for the company's’ Secret Santa exchange and is often referred to as the Bah Humbug of the company.

Even the quietest holidays will need a certain amount of planning whether it is a few gentle walks to explore the local area or wall to wall adrenaline seeking, it is well worth spending time online and checking for places to visit, looking at maps of the area or even booking tickets for days out such as theme parks or theatre tickets. She can’t believe her luck in that over the three hundred people in the company she gets Blake’s name, the VP.
A problem Lara didn't welcome, especially since Christmas had never been the same since losing her fiance, she'd lost her soul and will not allow anyone into her life. Being organised will not only save you time when you are there but sometimes booking tickets in advance can save you lots of money.
Sure she has had her fantasies about what she would love to give him but she is just not ready to move forward.
Only Blake dumped into Lara at a Christmas fair and here he saw an opportunity to get to know her better, unravelling a heart-breaking story. Losing her fiance destroyed her, she can’t move past that loss even seven years later.As short as this book was, the author did a great job in having a range of emotions. From the one scene where Blake takes her to the fair, there are laughs as a game is played, tears when on the big wheel, to smiles when they were fighting over the candy floss. Then there was the ah how sweet moments when Blake would offer Lara his scarf or coat because she was never dressed for the cold weather and even when he cleared the snow from her car. You could feel the connection the characters had and I’m really hoping that we will get a full length novel as they have so much more of a story to be told. There was one part of the story that I felt was a little choppy when they were at the ice skating rink with the nieces.
Yes, he does want to go all cave man on Lara, but at the same time he also knows that’s not what Lara needs. I really loved Blake and knowing he didn’t push Lara and was just trying to spend time with her. Even with the time they were at the park and skating rink, the connection and fun the four of them were having had me feeling like I was there watching it all, I can see that snowball missing Lara to hit the tree she was standing under and the snow falling down to cover her. I will be reading more from this author and again, I am hoping that we will have more of Blake and Lara’s story.

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