54 Inches of AlbumsThis is a photographic representation of a long row of vinyl record albums.
Tipping PointThis mixed-media piece was composed using found art elements from antique etching to mid-century vinyl album covers.
Mix Tape StereoThis is a representation of vintage stereo equipment with separate speakers. My Third EyeThis is a representation of vintage stereo equipment in a wooden grid as a meditative mandala. Original SoundThis mixed-media piece was composed using found art elements from antique etching to mid-century vinyl album covers. Future Lies AheadThis mixed-media piece was composed using found art elements from antique etching to mid-century vinyl album covers. Silvertone SystemThis is a representation of a vintage music cabinet with old speakers,  a tape deck and stereo receiver combo. 469 90 0 5 368 3 1 0 2 0I can still remember the day that our family got a VCR when I was young.
These VHS tapes and games, drawn by Hollis Brown Thornton, will take you on a walk down memory lane. I know you enjoy your ocular data Netflix streams and subsonic sound waves that play music in your brain that no one else can hear, but take a seat and listen to a tale about how your daddy used to listen to music and watch movies when I was your age.
When I was young, we used to have these plastic bricks filled with wheels and gears that would spin and churn as they passed along a ribbon of information that contained the movie or the music that we wanted to enjoy.
We were happy to watch the technology give way to CDs (which were these shiny plastic discs we liked to throw at each other) and eventually to digital media (which was a bunch of numerical coding that we liked to steal simply because it was so damn easy to). Now, run along and have your brain zapped by subsonic waves and make sure when you go swimming you don’t get water in your ears and fry out your neural implants.
The only thing I use my cassette player for is making stuff which I have on cassette into mp3s so that I can actually listen to them.
Now before we go too far, I’ve created a Spotify playlist entitled “mix tape for Google” that you may want to listen to while reading this post. I don’t think any respectable SEO misses the days of thin content and duplicate articles being published in every nook and cranny of the web. But then, of course, we all know how the story took a turn for almost every SEO agency established prior to 2012—don’t try to pretend like your company didn’t engage in some level of spammy link building; it’s better we all just own up to it and learn from our mistakes. When it comes to manual penalties, it’s hard to say it any better than Air Supply in their hit “All Out of Love.” This classic tells the story of a digital marketer who has seen the error in link building practices of yesteryear and is now setting out to prove his or her client’s worthiness in the eyes of Google. For you super attractive authors out there, this change may have been a bit of a disappointment. This update is still pretty new, so it may take some time for me to tell you how I truly feel about it. About the Author Emily LongEmily is an online PR Specialist at Web Talent Marketing in Lancaster, PA. Besides Styrofoam, which can sometimes be reused inside surfboards, videotapes might be the most difficult household item to recycle. If you are a San Francisco resident, here is what you can do: To recycle VHS tapes, you must separate the plastic case of the video from the black film.
Would you take mail in VHS tapes for recycling if I send you 50 cents per tape and audio cassette tapes if I send you 10 cents per tape? I still like vhs over discs as they hold 6 to 8 hours, so they actually take up less space than a disc. It’s so heartening to read that there are many people who are so eager to recycle that they would pay someone to take their VHS tapes rather than send them to a landfill. Does the San Francisco site (1541 Sloat Blvd) take the VCR video and also audio tapes for $0.10 each recycling? Give VHS tapes you don’t want to Goodwill or other thrift stores and let someone else enjoy them.

Some people prefer VHS to DVDs, and also there are many persons of limited means who buy both the players and VHS movies for cheap at thrift stores. Really, there’s simply GOT TO BE someone in the world (if not the USA) with the brains to figure out how to profitably cash in on a new use for old video tape.
My little sisters and I were so excited that we would actually be able to watch a movie at home instead of in the theater.
My sisters and I watched movies on our 13-inch TV, and we thought it couldn’t get any better than that. Just as I thought as a kid that nothing could be better than a VCR and those VHS tapes, now I think nothing could be better than my iPhone 5.
When we wanted to watch a movie we had to place the cassette tape in to a thing called a VCR. In order to listen to, say, the fifth track of an album, we had to fast forward to that track, making occasional stops along the way to make sure we hadn’t missed our exit. But people my age and older remember a time when we had to work hard to enjoy the crap we liked.
A double-reeled piece of plastic that had the power to say all of the words you couldn’t get the nerve to say yourself.
Just listen to the marketer’s cry for Google to welcome his client back into the search engine’s good graces.
But based on current data tracking the impact of Google’s rare bird, I think it’s safe to include “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons to celebrate the amount of queries displaying an increased number of Google Places results for clients in the hospitality, food, and education spheres. She loves getting to know the story behind a business and using that unique history to help a company succeed. Shoved out of use by DVDs and CDs more than a decade ago, video tapes are so dead that hipsters barely use them.
Many household items are not cost-effective to recycle, meaning they cost more money to break down than can be reclaimed for their raw materials. However, while they may rent or sell some of your VHS tapes, I can’t imagine either of these organizations having the manpower to dismantle and recycle VHS tapes that they do not use. We no longer have a downstream vendor that will accept them and therefore can no longer properly dispose of them.
The year was 1988, and we were so fascinated with that brand new device that we watched our VHS tapes over and over again. On Infectious, Hollis compared passing technologies to the Big Bang Theory in an interesting way. It’s just all one huge lifelong experience of personal growth expressed through new technology which changes how we view our lives and how we relate to each other on a daily basis. We all pretty much agreed the process involved some sort of blood pact with a demon and we all just kind of accepted it, never questioning it, fearing the demon would steal our souls and trap us in our own, personal cassette tape prison for all of eternity, waiting for someone to pop the tape in to a VCR just so we could see the real world again, if only for a short while.
The VCR was this large black box that, when angered, would eat your cassette tape and never return it. If we heard bongos instead of a wailing guitar, that probably meant we had traveled too far in to the territory of tracks that we never listened to because they were physically too far away from the first tracks that we always listened to and rarely heard anything beyond. Part of that pleasure was hating everything about the thing that gave us pleasure just so we could get to the part of our pleasure that we actually found pleasurable. I found an old mixtape I made in '05, and it had Jerry Springer Episode and Alchemy on it. Whether you wanted to make known your undying love for the guy who sat next to you in biology class, or you felt that James Ingram could say “it’s not you, it’s me” better than you ever could (check out his song “I Don’t have a Heart” for a real treat of spineless poetry), mix tapes were the medium of choice for a time. Mix tapes once served as a creative vehicle for young people to express their feelings about a relationship, whether it was a happy one or a tumultuous one. Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” more accurately reflects the tale of many real estate businesses, as the SERPs seem to be favoring industry directories while omitting results from Google Places in local search. Here’s “With or Without You” by U2, which expresses the sentiments of digital marketers everywhere.

A much better song for that update would be…” Well don’t hold your feelings back any longer! Pry open the plastic case with a screw driver and remove the black magnetic tape from the casing. Thanks for clearly explaining the situation- I will recycle as many parts of these myself as I can.
I feel very blessed to be part of the generation that got to witness our transformation into the modern technology lifestyle that we know now. He pointed out that each time we get a new form of technology, our entire belief system changes since our eyes are opened to new truths. Okay, enough of all this jibber-jabber, sit back and let these VHS tapes take you back to your own childhood. Furthermore, the tapes were double sided, meaning there was one batch of songs on one side, and then the rest of the album was on the other. And before you roll your eyes and mumble, “this girl never even owned a cassette tape,” I’ll have you know that not only do I own cassette tapes, but I currently have a cassette copy of the first “Trio” album by Parton, Ronstadt, and Harris in my car’s tape deck. For now, it appears this pigeon is flying away from the “seven-pack” in an attempt to resemble more traditional search rankings. Sadly, video tapes are also a classic example of a technology designed with no consideration for its end of life.
All you need to do is type in your zip code and the item you would like to recycle (VHS) and earth911 will list the closest drop-off locations to you. Kids born today will never know what it is like to rent a movie or get charged an extra 50 cents if you return a movie rental without rewinding it.
This led to much confusion, as none of us were ever entirely sure if the track listing printed on the side of the cassette that was facing us actually contained the song we wanted to hear.
Or, to save time and the hassle of tracking down a cassette tape on eBay, say it in a tweet or comment on Web Talent’s Facebook wall. Once this has been removed, all of the remaining plastic can be put into the blue recycling bin at your home of office.
It is a lot of work, but this is the price we all pay for consuming goods designed without consideration for their end of life. All in all, the process of finding the song we wanted to hear took about fifteen minutes, and it all amounted to a lot of dramatic build up if we were trying to play a specific awesome song from the cassette for our friends. Hurdle Three, mine out the videos at GW and the Salvation Army and thrift shops and flea markets. It’s like telling your friends a joke that you find hysterical, only to get to the punch line and no one laughs. Then one can wind out the tape onto some sort of weaving device and make table or desk or floor mats, etc. We simply did as we were told, pushing random buttons on the VCR’s surface until the wavy lines of scrambled image faded away and left behind ghostly doubled images and random patches of green and red on the screen.
This led many to believe the cassette tape was some manner of a trickster god that took delight in watching us make excuses for why the song that took us a quarter of an hour to locate wasn’t actually that good. This meant the beast was dissatisfied with our handling of its hardware, and it was attempting to conjure terrifying images of our miserable futures to frighten us in to obedience. Knot the tape and form strands into a curtain across doorways… Maybe these will be good for de-staticking yourself (as you pass through the curtain) in a house full of carpets! Don’t burden the archeologists with wondering what the things are when they dig them out of the dumps in a thousand years! So be found prepared by Jesus responsibly stewarding our God given resources in ways that benefit others as well as yourself!

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