Audrey Prudence Parker was the second most recent identity of a mysterious woman, originally named Mara, who seemingly never ages and has gone by many names. There have been two constants in her life no matter whose memories she has at the time: she always returns to Haven when The Troubles come back, and she always helps the Troubled. In June 2010, Parker was dispatched to Haven, Maine to investigate the death of escaped federal prisoner Jonas Lester, a local to the town. Parker also met journalists Vince and Dave Teagues when they showed up at a crime scene outside Hours looking for a quote for their paper, the Haven Herald.
Her first day in Haven she also met local resident and criminal Duke Crocker when he saved her life.
Parker wrapped up her case when she discovered that Lester had been thrown to his death by Marion Caldwell with the use of seemingly paranormal abilities. At the end of September, Parker's supervisor, Agent Howard, demanded that she give him a reason for her continued presence in Haven.
While helping James Garrick with his trouble, Garrick revealed that he knew Ripley and that she had helped him back in 1983. In October 2010, Parker and Wuornos were approached by a brunette woman claiming to be Audrey Parker at roughly the same time that the Plagues of Egypt began manifesting throughout Haven. With this information, Parker and the other Audrey set out to figure out her real identity.
In one of her cases, Parker met Chris Brody, a Troubled individual who inherited his father's popularity Trouble when his father passed away.[11] Parker was immune to his Trouble and thus the only person who didn't agree with everything that he said. One of the cases that Wuornos and Parker caught dealt with a man who kept creating copies of himself; copies with the will to kill, something that he lacked. After dealing with a devastating Trouble where Parker was forced to kill Reverend Driscoll to protect a little girl, Wuornos revealed that he had found Lucy Ripley. Parker then confronted the Teagues, whom she recognized in one of the older pictures of her. After working with Crocker and Wuornos to solve a case where the dead were coming back as ghosts and getting revenge on the living, Parker was preparing for a date with Wuornos, their first. Having been kidnapped from her home, Parker was taken to the Altair Bay Inn, where her kidnapper tied her up and interrogated her about the Colorado Kid, repeatedly asking where he was. Crocker tried to help her learn more about the Hunter, and went to the Haven Herald to use their archives for research. Having discovered that she apparently loved the Colorado Kid and that she was due to disappear in less than two months, Parker decided not to pursue a romantic relationship with Wuornos and purposefully pushed him away, afraid that her love for the Colorado Kid cost him his life.[20] The person that kidnapped Parker and killed Toomey continued to kill. Parker began to remember bits of her life as Lucy, but Agent Howard appeared to her in her dreams and warned her to stop remembering.[21] After this remembering became much more difficult and had a dangerous physical effect on her. With only 20 days left until the meteor storm, Parker and Crocker returned to Haven only to find Wuornos dead. Parker spoke with Vince Teagues, who apologized for all the times he had deceived her since she came to Haven. During those last days, Parker discovered that The Guard, a mysterious Haven group connected to the Troubles, had problems with Ripley when she refused to leave Haven. Parker then discovered that her son, the Colorado Kid was still alive, that the Barn has in fact saved him.
Outside the Barn, a violent storm was brewing between Wuornos, Crocker, the Guard and the mysterious Agent Howard who was somehow tied to the Barn. When Parker entered The Barn, it was too badly damaged to cycle ahead to the year 2037 due to Nathan's shooting of Agent Howard. Parker believed that she was an ordinary girl who had been working at the Oatley Tap Room with her new friend Rhonda for a month, when a mysterious stranger named William started to change things.
Parker tried to ignore the strange things that had happened and get on with her job, but when she turned around, William was back at the bar as though he'd never left. Parke confronted William, and thinking her ready to believe him, he revealed that the bar wasn't real. William continued to guide Audrey, getting to see the true nature of the Barn and helping her find the real door to the outside. Parker and Jennifer caught up with the Guard before they killed Wuornos and stopped them, demanding answers. Parker continued to pretend to be DeWitt, adopting mannerisms like twirling her hair to throw people off.
Parker swore Crocker to secrecy and enlisted him to help her keep her secret around Wuornos. Jordan McKee, a high-ranking member of the Guard, became aware of Parker's true identity after successfully spying on her.
As of the end of The Lighthouse, when she tried to push William in The Door to get rid of him, his spark caused her original identity of Mara to take over Audrey. In Much Ado About Mara, Audrey appears before Duke when Mara activates a trouble in Duke, telling him it's not his fault. In "Nowhere Man", Audrey loses her immunity to the troubles due to the split, meaning that she can be affected by a trouble.
In "Chemistry", Audrey finds a ring in Charlotte's car that matches the one Vince gave her, which belonged to Sarah.
In "Chosen", Charlotte tricks Mara and manages to merge her into Audrey, making Audrey her own self again. Once again just Audrey Parker, Audrey has her immunity to the previous troubles back, but not the new troubles released by Duke. The only personality trait that is unique to every version of Mara is her ability to see the Troubles for what they are and help people.
In her third foster home, Parker learned that her foster-father Jack had been molesting her foster sister, Teresa.
Upon discovering that her memories were not her own, Parker suffered an identity crisis, wondering if she was real, and what made her who she was.
Parker's similarities with both her past identities and the real Audrey Parker have both been shown with callback lines. In "Welcome to Haven"[1] and "A Tale of Two Audreys"[37], both Audrey Parker and the real Audrey Parker react to Wournos telling her not to reach inside her coat for her badge by saying: "Okay, what am I going to do? In "As You Were",[36] both Audrey Parker and the Chameleon describe Parker's middle name, Prudence as "self-inflicted on my confirmation".

In "Sarah",[25] both Sarah Vernon and Parker say, "Why do I always fall for the shy ones?" in reference to Wuornos. Parker also uses callback lines when she's pretend to be Lexie DeWitt, to show that she's the same person under it all, unnerve people, and to excuse any smaller similarities between her Lexie personality and her Audrey one.
In Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn's original pitch, Stephanie McCann, the protagonist of The Colorado Kid was the main character. Nothing is known of her whereabouts during the periods between the Troubles, nor why she returns to Haven with the memories of other people. However, she returned to Haven again in the identity of Paige and with her reborn infant son, James. On her first day in Haven, the road she was driving on cracked wide open, running her car off a cliff. The Teagues later showed up at the Haven Police Station with a photocopy of an old Herald article titled "Who killed the Colorado Kid?" In the crime scene photograph accompanying the article was a woman who greatly resembled Parker. Wuornos was highly antagonistic toward Crocker, but neither one was willing to tell her about their history. Wuornos told her the Troubles were around when he was a boy, and then they left and he could feel again. Chief Wuornos, who had been the detective assigned to the Colorado Kid case promised that he'd look for the old files.
The explanation she gave involved her personal search for her past and her identity, and the confrontation prompted her to quit her job with the Bureau on the spot.[6] She then joined the Haven Police Department in a full-time capacity, receiving the shield number 787396. Parker continued working for the Haven PD, and moved out of her room at the Over the Way Bed & Breakfast and in with the other Audrey in an apartment Crocker was letting above the Grey Gull.
The Teagues reluctantly admitted that they did know her, as Lucy in 1983, and as Sarah in 1955.
The kidnapper referred to her as "Lucy" and told her that she wasn't the only one who loved the Colorado Kid.
He learned that "the Hunter" does not refer to a person, but to a meteor storm that comes every twenty-seven years. She was however able to remember the Colorado Kid's face and his first name and she used that to identify him as James Cogan.[22] Parker and Crocker then travelled to his home town of Nederland, Colorado to see if they could learn more about him and what might have happened to him. They frantically tried to find the Troubled woman from the case he was working on, as she was capable of resurrecting him.
According to The Guard, whenever the Hunter meteor storm arrived, it brought a Barn with it. When Parker tried to go home for the day, the exit to the bar cycled her back through the entrance, keeping her from leaving. He convinced her to take a leap of faith, and trust that her friends would find the door on their end and open it. She kept her memories of DeWitt, though they were fuzzy, like a dream.[33] Upon landing in a clearing in Maine, Parker was surrounded by both her friends and the Guard. Seizing the moment, Crocker offered the Guard a way to end the Troubles and save Wuornos' life: set Wuornos and DeWitt free and wait for them to fall in love so that she can kill him. She also said unsettling things to keep people from looking too closely and constantly came up with excuses for how she knew things.
Crocker reluctantly agreed, taking her place working with Wuornos, while she pretends to be busy with paperwork.
McKee got to Paul Krebbs, the Troubled person Parker and Wuornos were trying to help before they did and hid him. She appears before Dwight when he begins talking to her about the troubles and how he respects her.
While working on a ghost related trouble, The Guard kidnaps Audrey and mistakes her for Mara but was rescued by Duke, who managed to figure out where they took her.
Together with Nathan, she confronts the woman who, in return for the ring, confesses that she is in fact, Mara's mother. According to these memories, she was born Monday, December 7th 1981.[note 1] She grew up an orphan and ward of the state. The night she discovered this, Parker hid in Teresa's bed; and when Jack climbed into the bed as well, she stabbed him in the neck with a pair of Mickey Mouse scissors. Callback lines are also used to show how that the chameleon had all of Parker's memories and emotions and reacted exactly as she would have. In "The New Girl",[34] she comments on Wuornos' Trouble the same way she did in "Welcome to Haven"[1] saying "oh, tough guy" sarcastically.
ABC disliked the idea of the main character being a journalist because they're had bad luck with similar characters in the past.
Parker, who grew up as a ward of the state wondered if this woman could be the mother she never knew. He confessed that he has tried to ignore that the Troubles are back and was afraid that this time they wouldn't leave.
They also had to contend with the religious mania of Reverend Driscoll, who claimed that the plagues were God's punishment against "the afflicted." Parker and Wuornos ultimately cleared the woman, who then aided them in pursuit of the man responsible. Ripley revealed to her that 27 years earlier she had shown up and convinced her that she had all of her memories. They revealed that every time she came to Haven she had someone else's memories and personality but she always helped the Troubled. There Parker learned that the Colorado Kid was her son, that she gave birth to him when she was Sarah and that she found the Cogan family and placed him with them for his safety. While Wuornos was dead, Parker confessed her love for him but once he was resurrected she did not acknowledge this and pretended everything was normal. In an angry confrontation between Parker, Wuornos, and the Cogans, Parker had to show her son what his wife had become and convince him that she'd never hurt him. But Parker was provided with a new identity and set of memories and kept trapped inside the Barn. He had a man come in with a gun and threaten her, to see if he could provoke a reaction.[30] When that didn't work, he had the man return with muscle, to threaten him. She shared a brief reunion with Wuornos, who kissed her, then demanded that she kill him to end the Troubles.
But in her first case back, she had to face off against Crocker when he was possessed by a boy named Tyler.

Throughout the case, Crocker secretly updates her about a case, acting as her eyes and ears. By doing so, she hoped to use Wuornos' certain death against them and convince Parker to kill him and end the Troubles for good.
In Speak No Evil, when Nathan knocks Mara out, Audrey is able to come out, telling Nathan she is still inside Mara before Mara took control of her again.
Charlote explained the she came to Haven to take her daughter away and hopefully undo the damage she has done.
Charlotte soon puts Mara and Audrey back together, with Audrey as the remaining personality. She grew up at least nominally Roman Catholic as she received the sacrament of confirmation, taking the middle name of Prudence. They suggested that be some sort of police officer, so Dunn and Ernst hurriedly rewrote the pilot and repitched it to ABC later that day. In 2010, she returned again with the identity and memories of an FBI agent named Audrey Parker.
Wuornos brought her to a nearby crime scene, where Lester's dead body had been discovered and introduced her to his father, Chief of Police Garland Wuornos. As with the Lester case, Parker continued to prove that she had a gift for dealing with the strange supernatural things that were happening and the people who cause them.
Crocker takes this opportunity to tell her that he's the little boy in the Colorado Kid photograph and to give her a locket, that Ripley gave to him. Vince Teagues also gave her a ring that used to belong to Sarah, but refused to give her any more information about the past. Wuornos and Parker then went to track down Tommy Bowen, who Wuornos had discovered is the Bolt-Gun Killer. Wuornous also reveals to Parker that he's James' father and that he didn't tell her everything about his trip to the past.
This triggered something and Parker, who believed she had never held a gun before in her life, was able to assemble a gun in seconds and use it to get the men to back off.[32] Open to the possibility that she there might be more to herself than she thought, Parker held William at gunpoint, demanding answers. Wournos told her that he'd discovered what Agent Howard had told her about killing the one she loves most to end the Troubles; that the Troubles hadn't gone away and that killing him was the only option. During this confrontation, she acted too much like herself, and Crocker, who remembered everything from his possession confronted her about this.
As before, Wuornos insisted that she kill him and Parker refused, instead finding Krebs and fixing his Trouble in time to save Wuornos' life.
In Spotlight, Audrey returns while Mara is sleeping and tells Nathan to treat her like he would normally so she can fight against Mara and not disappear forever. She was a loner growing up, having no real friends, no one she would call for a ride if her car broke down. Arla told Parker that when James died, Ripley brought him into the Barn to save his life and promised to bring Arla in as well.
Angry that she's lost her husband again, Arla attempted to kill Parker, accidentally striking and killing her husband, before quickly being dispatched by Parker. After the Trouble had been solved, Parker confronted Wuornos about killing Howard, taking away her decision to enter the Barn and attempting to force her to kill him. Audrey appears again when Nathan tickles Mara, and she tries to warn Nathan about the Aether in Mara's pocket. In The Old Switcheroo: Part 1, Audrey comes out again at the Freddy when Nathan takes Mara on a case. She had apparently discovered the origin of the Troubles and found a way to stop them permanently. He stole a speedboat and escaped into Haven Harbor but the gunshots hitting his boat caused it to explode.
As he was dying, James told Parker that the way to end the Troubles permanently was to kill the one she loved most. She told him that she loved him, and warned him that sacrificing his life wasn't his choice anymore, but hers. She tells them about the body switching and not to tell Mara she is still inside her, in addition to Mara beginning to get suspicious.
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Parker refused to kill Wuornos, and instead said goodbye to him and Crocker and joined her son in the Barn. He had taken away her choice because he couldn't bear to lose her and she was now doing the same. In The Old Switcheroo: Part 2, Nathan and Duke managed to release a reincarnation trouble on Mara and prevent Duke from exploding. A few weeks later, a man named Simon Crocker came to see Ripley, saying that he was trying to help the woman with her memories but she refused to tell him anything. However, the Crocker journal never mentioned the reincarnation trouble splitting a person, leading to the speculation that Duke released a trouble that can free Audrey's soul out of Mara. Pricing is based on the item(s) purchased.UPS GroundUPS Ground is available to the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska and delivery can take 1-5 business days depending on shipping location from Chicago, IL. Pricing for UPS Next Day and 2nd Day Air are based on weight and distance.*Free shipping is calculated after coupon use. First Class International Mail shipment to Canada as a lower-cost method for receiving products. This shipping method does not offer a tracking number and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.In addition, UPS Standard Ground to Canada service is available for shipments for which timely delivery is important or where a tracking number is desired.
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