Launched exclusively on Facebook it features at launch 65 levels with more planned and provides several modes for gamers to test their skills against time, limited moves, collecting objects and removing jellies. Candy Crush Saga is divided into episodes and levels, each zone offers a different challenge, this provides for enough gameplay variety for players to enjoy. If you fail to finish the level goal within the available moves or run out of available moves you loose a life, but don’t worry, you start with five, and lives are replenished over time, at a rate of 1 every for every 30 minutes, you can also receive lives from your friends. As you progress in the game, you will unlock some nice power ups to help you finish some level, such as the extra moves (which gives 5 extra moves), or the Lollipop Hammer to crush a single candy (a lone jelly blocked piece for example). Socially you can invite your friends to play, send and receive lives, brag when you pass someone, or ask for help to unlock some levels.
Technically Candy Crush Saga offers fabulous visuals and near to flawless gameplay, enjoyable sound effects and enough variety to keep you coming for more every day.  Definitely a game to try for Facebook players.

His friend Ally has been talking to a guy online for over two months and it seems too good to be true- except the guy is 20!
Toffee and his daughter, Tiffi Toffee, travel the world to meet fun characters like the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster. Every move counts and and you need to strategically plan your moves in order to succeed, find the right matches, the ones with the higher scores  and aim for the 3 stars! Some level have ingredients amongst the candies, that need to drop to the bottom of the board, others are covered with jelly and must be unlocked by matching candies on those blocks.
At the moment the only option to spend money is to buy lives, there is no store and power ups will come up as you progress. The club takes the case to track down Allys mysterious boyfriend and uncover his true identity.  After using technology and their detective sleuth skills, the club learns that young online relationships arent as romantic as they might seem.

But beware, there are blockers in every episode that will potentially halt your advancement. We love cats, food, Disney Princesses and important, political issues like giving dogs eyebrows.

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