With the rise of the web in political campaigning, press releases that are optimized for search engines can create a significant traffic boost to your website. The first paragraph should sum up the release’s content, almost as a sample, before delving into the meat of the story. Go into more detail throughout the main body of the release, expanding on the initial opening paragraph. Your closing paragraph should repeat the main point of the release and direct the reader as to where they can go for more information. Keep your press releases to a maximum of 300 words – and be sure to proofread them before submission! Friendship day won’t be complete without saluting the immortal example of true friendship.
Lord Krishna’s love for Sudama – is an immortal example of real and non-materialistic friendship. Sudama continued to lead the life of a hermit while his family enjoyed the generous gifts of wealth from Krishna.
Like Sudama, we should try and see how we can regularly show our love and devotion to God without asking for anything in return. By Maju Marfori, Reporter Ever go through a stage in your life where you’re trying to discover yourself?
By Maju Marfori, Reporter  “SONIC RAINBOOM!”  my little girl would say when we would watch her favorite My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash. Fringe references abound in issues drawn by Andy Price, due to the artist's love for the show. One of the freed ponies in Issue #1 is a Pony Observer - the grey hairless one, in a fedora and grey suit with a set of binoculars for a cutie mark - as confirmed by Price as part of his self-stated appreciation of the show. In spirit of the Once per Episode, "Where's Waldo?"-like appearance of the Observer in Fringe, an (the?) Observer pony has appeared in every story drawn by Price, including the two micro-series he did (Rarity and Luna), and the Sunset Shimmer short. The Observer pony has even crossed over to stories with Amy Mebberson's art, appearing in one panel in Issue #15.
One poster in the Rarity micro-comic is for "Velvet Sedan Chair", a band within the fiction of Fringe. The first page of #17, the Observer actually speaks to Twilight and Spike, warning them "There is more than one of everything", and then disappears about as mysteriously as the Observed did on Fringe. The Observer pony appears very much front and center on the Price variant for #18◊, part of an arc involving alternate universes. Pinkie and Spike discuss how to name the evil versions of Celestia and Luna, a task that Fringe fans had done when the alternative versions of the main characters were revealed. Twilight's plans for how they will face the evil Celestia and Luna include a piece of paper with "ZFT" on it. The conclusion of the "Reflections" arc ends with the concept of the two universes merging and subsequently destroying each other to make way for a new one, which was an ultimate goal by William Bell's character (well, one of him) in Fringe. Similarly, works drawn by Amy Mebberson will typically nod to the Sailor Moon series and fandom for the same reasons.
The Ascended Meme character of Doctor Whooves, playing on Doctor Who, reappears several times in the series. The first issue's third page has a Dan Fogelberg shout-out in the form of a sign for the "Run for the Roses" cider house. On the same page, a masculine moustached pony in an Hawaiian shirt, with a cutie mark that suspiciously looks like the Ferrari automobile symbol, seems rather familiar. Some of the other books in Twilight's library include "To Serve Ponies" and "How I Did It". Pinkie showing the girls and Spike how to act like zombies resembles Dianne's Zombie Acting 101 to her friends in Shaun of the Dead. During the fight, Rainbow Dash tells Fluttershy that she needs to be nice, until it's time to not be nice. The comet Twilight mentions early on is named after one of the most famous real life horses, Secretariat.
Issue #2, which has the ponies going through the Diamond Dogs' abandoned mines, is suitably replete with David Bowie references, including statues named Ziggy and Stardust, another one that looks like Aladdin Sane, and multiple lyrical quotations on signs and carved into stone, including lines from "Golden Years", "Cat People", and the song "Diamond Dogs" itself.

Also relating to Star Trek, in the map at the end of the issue, a gray obelisk is clearly depicted. A cave troll living in the mine in issue 2 resembles the trolls from the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, and has a collection of various "toys", including a damaged Optimus Prime and a Rubik's Cube. Chrysalis' pose on her couch is based on one of the changing portraits at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, as confirmed by Andy Price.
Though not as solid as the Invasion of the Body Snatchers love song of Issue 1, the flashback Sugar Apocalypse casts the Changelings with a certain resemblance to Things.
The recap on the first page is done in an animation style that resembles the old Disney cartoons of the 30's and 40's.
Rarity comes face to face with a pony who seems to have stepped out of The Phantom of the Opera.
The correct door required the answer to the riddle: "Why is a pegasus like a writing desk?" Pinkie somehow manages to get the right answer.
The correct answer being that she cannot answer it, since the riddle in its entirety was actually "Why is a pegasus like a writing desk? Spike is carrying a white cup with a green logo that looks suspiciously like that of Starbucks. Two mares talking in the background of page #2 look suspiciously like Sailors Moon and Jupiter. In Rarity's nightmare, she imagines her friends replacing her with a pony that looks similar to Mabel, including having the name Maybelle.
Rarity's capture at the hands of the Nightmare Forces seems to mirror a particular Tsukihime pic◊. Maybelle reappears, again as part of the evil force's taunting to show that Rarity's friends have left her.
Two different regenerations of Doctor Whooves appear next to each other (Ten and Eleven, the latter wearing a bowtie and a fez) as the citizens of Ponyville are preparing themselves for the oncoming storm.
When the Nightmare Forces first start their invasion of Ponyville, there are once again two Doctor Whooves regenerations next to each other. One page features a pony who seems to be modeled after Benedict Cumberbatch's depiction of Sherlock Holmes.
Granny Smith beats a (literal) cartful of Nightmares using what she called "The Kamikazi Karate Clop Of Eldery Respect" She says it while striking a Karate Kid pose and her Grandson Big Macintosh says "By the mane of Miyagi!" on amazement. Amy Mebberson included mare versions of Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Venus to go along with the cameos of Moon and Jupiter. The title of the two-issue arc "Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair", calls to the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Big Mac's toolbox has a sticker reading "Binford", a reference to the manufacturer in the TV series Home Improvement. One pony on the splash page with Big Mac entering the fair has a cutie mark that is the same as the Green Lantern symbol.
Time Turner is freaking while holding his fob watch, claiming that "This watch is me!", which is a direct shoutout to the Doctor Who episodes "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood". A pair of fillies are dressed like Michelangelo and Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's advice booth is a shout out to Lucy's psychiatry booth from Peanuts.
A few panels later in the same scene is a kite stuck up in a tree, another related shoutout.
The Imagine Spot splash page panel of Fleetfoot falling for Big Mac (also used as the Comics World Retail Incentive cover for the issue) uses a number of nods to Superman: Fleetfoot's retirement from the Wonderbolts is announced in "The Derby Planet" (a parody of the Daily Planet), and Fleetfoot takes Big Mac for a flight, a flip of the roles during the "Can You Read My Mind?" love theme during the first Superman film, the title stated on a banner that highlights the page.
Luna's Expressive Shirt displays the emblem of the Starfleet during the race, and the Batman emblem later on.
The Expressive Shirt is set to be a parody of The Twilight Zone (1985) episode "I of Newton" where Ron Glass' character, the Devil, has a shirt that changes every few scenes. Think of a press release as a short, newsworthy article about your campaign or candidate that is distributed to relevant media contacts. They can become a point of entry as web searchers find your campaign or online press kit as a result of a search engine query.

You may want to start with an attention-grabbing fact related to the subject of your press release. Create professional, powerful political press releases with our Campaign Letter Templates.  This unique package includes easy-to-use letter templates that you can download and use right away in your campaign correspondence. With four affordable options, Online Candidate is the fastest way to get your political campaign website up and running. On his way home, he started feeling a bit nervous, for not bringing back anything from the palace. One suggested by Pinkie, "Fauxlestia", follows with what became the canon name of the alternate Olivia, "Fauxlivia". All five Sailor Scouts appear in the Nightmare Forces arc, and the Chibi versions in the Celestia micro-series comic. The canon Doctor Whooves character (that is said to be the Tenth, David Tennant, version) has appeared several times, but there has also been nods to the First (Harnell), Fourth (Baker), Eleventh (Smith), and the War Doctor (John Hurt) by both Price and Mebberson.
An earlier panel features a jar; the label is partly covered by Pinkie, but it's easy to make out that it should be 'Hans Delbrook'. Some fans have noted the Comet of Doom plot sounds similar to a plot used in Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is probably intentional.
This obelisk is very similar in appearance to Obelisks left by Preservers◊, Ancient galactic beings who rescued cultures and species at risk of extinction and transplanted them to more hospitable planets. Bones could also be a shout-out to a very popular fan-made roller coaster on Roller Coaster Tycoon called Mr. Even the creator of Gravity Falls took notice of the Shout-Out when a preview of the comic was published.
Ten's expression looks deadpan serious to boot as he glances at Eleven's fez incredulously. She also included a cameo of the pony version of the woman who runs the Key of Nik blog on tumblr, which has been doing liveblog recaps of Sailor Moon episodes.
Further, the stallion running it has a very dark blue coat, matching that used by the Blue Man Group 's makeup, referencing the Tobias Funke "I blue myself" joke. Be sure to add relevant keyword phrases, such as location or office, into your title and sub headline. However, as soon as he entered the village, he found that his house had been transformed into a lavish palace. Shout outs from the main series, the Micro series, and the ''Friends Forever'' series are covered here. Further, in addition to the Observer pony, ponified versions of the main Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop (with a white tulip cutie mark), and Peter Bishop, and the alternate universe versions of Olivia ("Fauxlivia") and Secretary Walter Bishop can be seen. Ten is even shown in the ensuing battle either bewildered about how to use his Sonic Screwdriver with hooves, or simply shaking a malfunctioning Sonic Screwdriver.
Again, try to add relevant keyword phrases in your text, while still maintaining a natural, readable text flow.
Don’t include personal or unrelated details, or your press release will likely end up ignored. Lord Krishna helped him, he showered him with a lot of wealth and happiness without saying a word. Issue #18's title is "Back To Where You've Never Been Before", another Fringe episode title. Furthering this, the globe that the Mane Six has been using to get them there bounces on its own down these stairs, in the same manner as Labyrinth, which also drew inspiration from this work. When it was time for Sudama to leave, the Krishna asked if there was anything Sudama wanted.

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