AdventureQuest is a campy Final Fantasy style RPG that you play when you are on your lunchbreak, or the big game servers go down.
You'll swear she's real!\n\nHot Bot is a AI chatting app that makes you chat with Rosie - your new pocket chatbot.\n\nDiscover Rosie's quirky character by talking with her any time you want as long - as you wish.
Enjoy awkward topic changes, hilarious jokes, intimate situations and pop culture references - she can even sing lyrics to popular songs!\n\nRosie learns the more she talks with people.

Your companion intelligently picks up on new words and phrases that people around the world message her.
Each conversation is different!\n\n\nFeatures:\n\n- Advanced artificial intelligence that learns\n- Ever-changing personality\n- Never ending conversations\n- She won't judge you (usually)\n\nLonely?

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