First of all, to deal with annoying teenagers these days, you got to get down to their level, and nothing says immature and whiny better than a few Cosmopolitans at lunch time. But nowadays these lucky sons-a-bitches get these younger, hot, and just found out today, DRUNKEN teachers playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with them at private recess.
And what better way to get rid of the dance floor jitters than a couple shots of Jaeger after a Subway Sandwich run?
Just this morning I read how three lucky Mission Viejo sixth graders had a substitute music teacher show up drunk and “engaged in misconduct” with them.

Come on, she was drunk, it’s ok, the boys just needed a little lesson of the harsh real world that they’re soon to be graduating into.
It says that students were seen dancing on chairs when Miss ‘Boozer’ decided that a dance contest was in order. Well crap, when ISN’T a dance contest in order during music class when teacher is trashed and wants to make out?
What we need to realize is that this unidentified teacher was getting into character to relate to these kids and by the sounds of it, she did a bang up job.

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