The guys get Zack and Penny to join their DC Comic Justice League of America costume group for a New Year's Eve bash at the comic book store to win the best group costume prize. The guys discover that Penny and her ex-boyfriend, Zack, are back together and they take advantage of his lack of intelligence and make fun of him.
Leonard agrees as long as he goes as Green Lantern, leaving Raj to be Aquaman, much to his distress.
The guys find a "super" use for Penny's ex-boyfriend, Zack, when they enter a costume contest as the Justice League. Penny reveals that she is only with Zack because she doesn't want to be alone for New Year's Eve. When midnight strikes and it becomes the New Year, 2011, Zack is kissing Penny, she looks guiltily over at Leonard for the duration of the entire kiss, while Leonard gazes back at her. The episode concludes with the group witnessing an ongoing car theft on the way back home and despite wearing Justice League costumes, they comically scurry off.
That New Year's Day evening, Leonard warns Sheldon that he wants to change the thermostat temperature. Title Reference: The title refers to Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj inviting Penny and Zack to be Wonder Woman and Superman, respectively, in their Justice League team and Zack replacing Leonard for Penny.
In the 1974 TV Movie "Wonder Woman", Wonder Woman is portrayed by a blonde Cathy Lee Crosby.
Bernadette and Amy are mentioned by name, but are both not seen with any appearances in this episode because Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik both don't get credited to appear as main cast members in the apartment scenes and the Comic Store New Year's Eve Party scene this episode.
As of this episode Bernadette and Amy are the only ones in the gang that don't dress up as comic superheroes because these were not required for the storylines in this episode.
Bernadette did not appear as Blonde Phantom in the apartment scenes and the Comic Store New Year's Eve Party scene in this episode because it was not written and included in the storylines of this episode.
Amy did not appear as Catwoman in the apartment scenes and the Comic Store New Year's Eve Party scene in this episode because it was not written and included in the storylines of this episode.
Sheldon asks in what universe is Wonder Woman blonde, in fact Cathy Lee Crosby starred as a blonde Wonder Woman in the 1974 TV movie "Wonder Woman" Also in a Teen Titans storyline "Titans Tomorrow" Cassandra Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl, who was a blonde, was shown as Wonder Woman's successor. Raj once went to a cricket (game) camp, and had a penis drawn on his face by bullies there.
Some species of sea star have the ability to regenerate lost arms and can regrow an entire new arm in time. Coaches use the expression, "There's no "I" in team", which is probably where Zack got his response to Penny from. Bernadette is under quarantine for this episode, as at her lab Christmas party she took Jell-O shots from a petri dish that used to contain Yellow Fever.
Sheldon says that Amy does not wear costumes, but she did in later episodes though she has been more willing to change than Sheldon. When Penny is talking to Leonard in her apartment, this time is the closest that she ever comes yet to telling Leonard how much she feels for him. Penny's dislike for costume parties at the comic book store is brought up again in "The Holographic Excitation" (S6E5). Raj as Aquaman - In comic books Aquaman is the King Of Atlantis and spends a lot of time being classified as an outsider. Leonard as Green Lantern - Green Lantern is a character who uses a ring to create constructs using their will.
Stuart's costume is that of the Fourth Doctor (originally played by Tom Baker) from British cult sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. The distance from Pasadena to the Grand Canyon is approximately 500 miles by road, some 375 miles straight-line.
When Leonard knocks on Penny's door to talk to her, Penny does not recognize that it's not Sheldon's Knock being knocked on her door and she responds "Go away, Sheldon." until Leonard says it's actually him. Leonard: Look, I know our winter thermostat setting is 72 degrees, but I'm a little warmer, so I'm going to turn it down.

Sheldon: (as The Flash, runs to the Grand Canyon) Good lord, how you frustrate me, Leonard Hofstadter! Sheldon: (knocking door loads of times) Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny. While eating their take-out dinner around the coffee table, Sheldon complains that the next person who ate with their mouth full will be put to death.
Howard and Raj find out a lab tech got bitten by a rat that was injected with radioactive isotopes. Howard wants the sidekick argument with Raj settled, so he puts a giant spider in a large jar and wants both of them to put one hand in the jar. Zack meets them in the same bar and Amy approaches him saying, “I stand here before you, 130 pounds of raging estrogen, longing to grab your hold of your gluteus maximus and make Shakespeare's metaphorical Beast with Two Backs.” Zack is confused as usual. The TV Critic: "The writers continue to use Amy to deal with Sheldon plots which they realize are too valuable to use up right now.
Title Reference: The title refers to one of Sheldon's diagnosis about why Amy had her symptoms.
Bernadette is only seen in one scene of this episode and Penny is only seen in two scenes of this episode. Mayim Bialik's second episode as a main cast member since her absent appearance in the previous episode (S4E9). Howard states, "I’m legally obligated to inform you that I took a karate lesson when I was 11.
Rajesh and Howard argue superhero names Rat-Man, Mouse-Boy and Kid Vermin for themselves if one was bitten by a radioactive rat in a lab. While speaking to Zack, Sheldon makes a reference to "The Justice League Recombination" (S4E11): "Good grief. Sheldon and Amy's discussion of her physiological reactions (HOO!) to Zack is an homage to Abbott and Costello's famous "Who's on First?" routine. After Zack finally realizes what's going on and storms out, the guys decide to apologize to him and give him some Milk Duds.
They return home with the Justice League costumes, with Howard being Batman, Raj as Aquaman, Sheldon as The Flash, and Leonard as Green Lantern. Sheldon as the Flash is pacing back and forth though Leonard says that it looks like he's jogging.
Sheldon then imagines himself as The Flash, speeding to the Grand Canyon to scream in frustration, to the tune of "Flight of the Bumblebee". In theory I applaud the idea of focusing on Penny and Leonard's relationship, but there is no authenticity to it anymore. This is likely not a legal breach, as Stuart owns his own business and therefore is not entitled to a minimum wage.
In "The Spaghetti Catalyst" (S3E20), Raj stated, "Oh, please, we all know I’m the friend you call when you have no other options. Raj as a foreigner sometimes doesn't understand American culture and is an outsider in other ways. Stuart's DJ's costume is "Master Chief Petty Officer John-117", a "SPARTAN Programme supersoldier" and the main protagonist of the Halo video game franchise.
I mean, I tried to be friends with Zack, like you said, which believe me, was difficult, given how you and me used to be, you know, you and me, and now you and him are you and him. Look, if Zack and I had just gone to a regular club or a party, it would have been fine, but this, with the costumes, and you.
This comment is followed later by Sheldon asking what everyone thought the best number was. Bernadette loves the heart-shaped locket Howard gave her after yet another night of enduring his mother.

He starts to talk about this relationship with Amy which he thought was a purely intellectual one. I’d be a regular ninja by now if my mom could’ve arranged a carpool." In "The Jiminy Conjecture" (S3E2), he similarly revealed, "Don’t push me, Sheldon.
Akin to this, in "The Hot Troll Deviation" (S4E4), Rajesh said if Sheldon's superpower were arrogance, his name would be Captain Arrogant, while Sheldon contended his name would be Dr. Zack immediately forgives Leonard and his friends and goes with the guys to the comic book store, leaving a peeved Penny behind. Sheldon replied by saying, "This is how The Flash paces". Howard enters proclaiming "I'm Batman".
Penny relents, puts the wig on to avoid the "Leonard" question, and the group later wins the costume contest. Nonetheless, this suggests he has low profits, and would probably be significantly better off working for pay even in a menial job. Like, there’s two universes, and Archie’s married to Betty in one and Veronica in the other. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj battle out who is the Hero and who is the Sidekick in their friendship.
Amy provides a factoid that the iconic Valentine's heart shape is not based on a human heart, but rather the shape of the buttocks of a female bending over.
I think it's a good idea in the sense that The Big Bang Theory is going to run for the foreseeable future so why blow through Sheldon stories when we can test them on surrogate Sheldon first. At the store, the guys realize that Zack would be great as Superman for their Justice League group at Stuart's New Year's Eve costume party, who would replace the short Leonard as that role. However, Penny doesn't want to go and suggests that they ask Bernadette or Amy, but Howard says Bernadette is under quarantine and Sheldon says Amy doesn't believe in wearing costumes, leaving no choice, but for Penny to go.
Sheldon demands that he make his victory speech, however, Stuart interrupts him and lead the countdown to midnight.
Leonard still treats her like she is too good for him and her feelings for him have returned out of nowhere.
Penny’s ex-boyfriend, Zack, stops by to drop off menus, and stops by the ladies saying "hi". Sheldon reduces the causes to hyperthyroidism, premature menopause, an alien parasite, or sexual arousal. Any of those movies where you get a phone call that says you're going to die, and then you do. The other part basically has to do with the fact that 7*3 is 21 and 2+1 = 3 (another prime number). Actually, Amy let’s out an involuntary “Hooo!” a couple of times, including when Zack bent over to pick up a box. Amy and Sheldon must face the cold, harsh truth that she was sexually aroused by Penny's friend, Zack. It's Superman." Penny enters in her sexy Wonder Woman costume and refuses to wear the black wig.
Howard that no one will be looking at her hair (glancing at her cleavage while he says it) and gets punched by Wonder Woman.  Finally she refuses to even go to the New Year's Eve costume party at the comic book store after Zack embarrasses her. To handle her condition, he suggests Star Trek and the teachings of the Vulcan way of Kolinahr. Sheldon uses Kolinahr to suppress his anger at Amy and then leaves accidentally mistaking her brain slices for his lunch.

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