Leonard (top row, fourth picture) ~ Leonard looks like he is one of those cosplay, roleplaying nerds who goes to Comic-Con every year.
Dave (middle row, second picture) ~ Dave reminds me of Chandler for Friends for some reason! Shawn (middle row, middle picture) ~ Shawn looks like a conspiracy theorist or a big time gamer.
If you don't include URLs to your professional online profiles, hiring managers will look you up regardless.A Augustine tells Business Insider that 86% of recruiters admit to reviewing candidates' online profiles, so why not include your URL along with your contact information?
There's no point in including a generic objective about a "professional looking for opportunities that will allow me to leverage my skills," says Augustine. Replace your fluffy statement with an executive summary, which should be like a "30-second elevator pitch" where youA explain who you are and what you're looking for.A "In approximately three to five sentences, explain what youa€™re great at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a prospective employer," AugustineA says. This is the most helpful for recruiters because they're able to see what you've been doing in recent years immediately, says Augustine. It's helpful for recruiters to know the size of the company you used to work for, advises Augustine. While the company size is helpful information,A including the company description will also let the hiring manager know what industries you've worked in. Under each job or experience you've had, explain how you contributed to or supported yourA teama€™s projects and initiatives.A "As you build up your experience, save the bullets for your bragging points," says Augustine. Augustine says you should never write your resume in third person because everyone knows you're the one writing it (unless you go through a professional resume writing service).
Instead, you should write it in first person, and do not include pronouns.A "It's weird [to include pronouns], and it's an extra word you don't need," she says. It may look neat and concise to display your contact information in the header, but for "the same reason with embedded tables and charts, it often gets scrambled in an applicant tracking system," says Augustine. Unless you're a recent graduate, you should highlight your work experience andA move your education information to the bottom of your resume, says Augustine.A Never include anything about your high-school years.
Every recruiter knows you're going to provide references if they request it so there's no reason for you to include this line. This is a great list highlighting how radical President Obama is when it comes to Islam and Christianity. Over the past 5 years, Obama has never one time refuted any claims or comments made about him being the liberal savior.
Yes he is an Islamic jihad terrorist and a war criminal, but you don’t have to shout about it by using all caps online so rudely.
This Skeptical Bearded Man would greatly appreciate links to video evidence of each and every quote.
Have you ever heard of intuition and knowing intuitively that some things are just, flat wrong, like your post? You sound like Obama who also cannot accept responsibility for his own actions, always blames something or someone else. I accept your claim as a brilliant and excellently educated citizen, but it appears either your reading comprehension or your geography may have been lacking. So you’re saying that watching that lying, blaspheming retard say the words and hearing him send himself to HELL is not enough proof for you? As a Christian minister, I find myself in agreement with the President on his Christian theology.
When you can demonstrate that you understand what Christianity actually means, you can move on to determining who fits that description, Ron.
But as long as you demonstrate a tolerance and endorsement for the works of Satan, no one needs to hear from you. You have few choices now – use the model, 1) report back here your failure after you prove to yourself you are not a Christian, 2) keep posting your ignorant Islamic jihad attacks on Christianity and Christians, and 3) realize how wrong you are, stop posting, go away forever and concentrate on attaining your salvation which you presently do not have.
I’m amazed that you are able to type while patting yourself on the back as much as you do. You started attacking me with your insulting behavior when I accused another poster (who claimed to be Mormon) of not following the Bible, and being wrong about several matters of Scripture.
Option 2 shows what a foolish load of tripe you’re willing to post with your name attached to it.
And as for you deciding who is saved, and who isn’t, when did you decide that you would usurp God’s authority over THAT judgment call, Ron?
LOL at the image of a person typing while patting themselves on the back and with BOTH hands, no less! I have noticed more and more people in just the last year who seem to think that name calling and declarative statements are a winning strategy for debates. A few years ago the Lord led me to an interesting position on Christians and different churches that I find to be ENTIRELY consistent with scripture.
Do the WORDS model assessment of yourself if you really want the truth about you and your Christian walk. From one failure at trying to be a Christian to another, both lacking any model by which to assess themselves or standards to which they can hold themselves and be held by others based on a true and real reading and understanding of the Bible.
In your case in particular you left an entire denomination and a local church to avoid accountability, and are now unchurched accountable only to yourself and the Satan you serve as you attack certain Christian denominations, Christianity and Christians.

Now, it is laughable you, a layperson lacking any formal, disciplined training in reading and understanding the Bible presume to try telling me about God’s Holy Word. Within the context of the newest generation of kids, Max never felt quite edgy enough for me. Rob: Do you really think our son is going to walk around bragging about being named after some Greek god!?!?!?!
Paul is a name that is on a lot of birth certificates in my family but no one ever used it. As a kid, I would have written off Paul as boring, but over the last couple of years I began to think about Paul. I thought of all of the great Paul namesakes throughout history, Paul Revere, Paul McCartney, and Paul Newman.
Basically while Paul started off near the bottom of my list, as a name I would have loved to see on more modern babies, but not seriously considered for one of my own, Paul became our front-runner. Somehow, I managed to name both of my children after both sides of the family while calling them by names unique within the family.
More importantly, my son’s name has family connections on both sides, and sentiment trumps fashion most of the time. When I was in the hospital, shortly after giving birth to Paul, my Grandmother said, Thank you. And I couldn’t figure out why she was thanking me except for maybe giving them a great grandson.
I think I will like this character, but he seems to be inpatient and doesn't like people very much (kinda reminds me of my brother :P) Overall, I think this character will get far this season, and I wouldn't mind seeing him win! You can go to the company's "About Us" section and rewrite one or two lines of the description. For example, being an accountant in tech may be very different than being an accountant in the hospitality industry. This can include the money you saved or brought in for your employer, deals closed, and projects delivered on time or under budget. Again, remember that space on your resume is crucial so don't waste it on a meaningless line, Augustine tells us.
They’re for the people who read this and immediately discount it because no videos are given.
They may have come from legitimate places, but unless you give the source, then they are NOT sourced. The carpetbaggers have done an excellent job of ensuring that Southern schools and inner city schools churn out a much less educated citizen than our Northern and Midwestern brothers…I was born in Fla and have always lived here.
If you didn’t learn any better in FL schools it is your fault, not the schools, teachers, state, county or anything, anyone else but you.
I like people to state what they believe, and I like to have details cleared up before proceeding. You are allowing yourself to be duped by a charlatan, a force against Christians and Christianity. I am called by the Lord to ministry, equipped by seminary study and graduation as well as a rich life of experiences well exceeding your lifetime, trained in a variety of fields including inductive Bible study, counseling and others.
You are the coward and liar trying to project your traits and behaviors onto me and others – a sure sign of your insanity. It seems to me that no one else must actually pay you any compliments in real life, since you’re so desperate for them that you provide them to yourself. You have quite vehemently defended said woman, and the Mormon faith, stating that it was evil of me to criticize Mormonism, and tossed out your usual repertoire of insults in regards to me personally, and my faith (about which you know next to nothing, by the way). I have read, and continue to read, the Bible, and I use it in its entirety as my guide, both for my life and my faith.
If it’s got the RonMar seal of approval, there is something inherently wrong with it. Yes, that means I COULD be wrong and I am open to the possibility that I MAY be but it takes more than some self appointed judge and better saying it to make it so. Please explain for us the WORDS model of Christian assessment since I can’t find anything on it in Google or Bing Searches. As you’ve been told, I left the SDA Church because they endorse and practice pagan festivals. Islamic faith beliefs, his performance in his job, where he is taking the US if people allow him to do so anymore than he has already. I had realized when all the boys named Maxwell, Maximilian and Maximus who went by Max were combined with all the boys just named Max that equaled a lot of Max’s. Surprisingly Rob was OK with abandoning Max, especially when I told him I didn’t like the alliteration. At this point, if you read the story behind Fiona’s name, you probably can guess the answer to that question.
Samuel was not only way too popular, but I also found Sam ugly and didn’t want to attempt to avoid it. My Great Grandfather was Raymond Paul, my Grandfather is Paul Donald, but he was supposed to be Donald Paul and goes by Don or P.

I wasn’t excited to put Paul Robert on the birth announcement, but the solid manly classic grows on me more each day. I live in the US Northeast with my husband, Robert James and two children Fiona Dawn (born in 2007) and Paul Robert (born in 2010). Fortunately, the Internet is awash in clips like this one, which make learning both vocabulary and proper pronunciation a very easy task.
As far as I have heard, she will be dating Dave, so I'm guessing she is gonna have a lot of patience. Overall, this character looks downright stupid and he will probably get like 12th place this season! I am not really sure what to think of this character, but looking at the other characters, I hope this one turns out to be a good character! This character is one of the reasons I (or anyone else) probably not gonna like this season! I can't even imagine what her voice will sound like (possibly will get Staci's voice actress). It is simply the state of being preceding enlightenment, but once you know of a thing and choose not to verify it for yourself then you have CHOSEN ignorance and That makes one a fool. You have yet to demonstrate ONE example of where I’m wrong, and you have yet to accept my challenge to discuss a single Bible topic, because you know my faith is in God, and His teachings, while you hold to the traditions of men, and the false teachings crafted by those who do not follow His Word. Ordained as a minister upon completion of seminary, by whom is none of your business, into Protestant ministry is more than enough for you. I have demonstrated countless times where you are wrong in attacking Christianity and Christians.
You’ve avoided doing so, resorting to childish and unfounded insults, bombast and bluster, but nothing of substance has ever come from your keyboard.
Maybe you could point out where in the Bible you find this particular privilege reserved for the Great RonMar? I actually look FORWARD to hearing about it since I really wonder what standard you hold yourself to that has you convinced of your superiority since it doesn’t seem to be the Bible.
It’s filled with great sayings and examples by the greatest role model ever, and a great many standards. In many ways your statements on Christianity are as outlandish as Obama’s, and although you refuse to see it, you are behaving much more like an Islamic jihadist than a Christian. You know, I liked Max, mostly because I knew a cute boy at school named Max, back when it was edgy and sporty. And while Fiona (as a name) has been, admittedly, a little disappointing in its uniqueness, I have yet to run into another Paul under the age of 5. Facts include Big Bird's height (eight feet and two inches), favorite color (yellow, naturally), and favorite number (7). Overall, she looks like she might get to the finale and will be quite possible the best character on this season. Overall, I don't think I will like this character, but she will probably get to the final 6.
Overall, this character seems to just be on this show because the writers just ran out of ideas for another, much cooler character! If Amy is really the evil twin, then I would rather see her as the main antagonist than Max! If you only look at the teachings of Christ, and you follow those teachings, doesn’t that make you a follower of Him? I am not about to get into an online debate with someone who abandoned going to church and meets in his own home, alone, or with a handful of other misfits from one of the denominations you condemn in your hate and anger. You claim to be Protestant, so neither of us would have a dog in that fight, so it should be easy to remain unbiased and civil, wouldn’t you say?
I could give you a whole list but the Mormon (Church of Latter Day saints), Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventists most Pentecostal faith groups and many more are NOT Christian. If you’re to follow the bible faithfully and literally, instead of as a guideline for you to live a life that’s comforting and spiritually rewarding, which version should you follow? I am the one with authority by virtue of being called, education, experience, training and ordination; you are not. Basically, if they teach that you need ANYTHING other than Christ and the Bible they are CULTS and false prophets.
They have sense enough to know GOD ALMIGHTY has said don’t do that and has prepared a place for those who do. I doubt, as a Protestant, you would bear THAT church any great good will, but you claim that they are Christians, while I say they’re not. And there will be peace in the Middle East when JESUS CHRIST, GOD ALMIGHTY in the flesh comes back to rule during the millennium.

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