February 6, 2012 By Stefani Tolson We like bacon and we like meatloaf therefore I had to make the family a bacon wrapped meatloaf. About Stefani TolsonThe author of This Mom Can Cook and the owner of many other websites & blogs for moms. With this meatloaf I cooked last week, I used a couple ideas I got from The Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf recipe and added some of my own.

Stefani Tolson is a multi-tasking mom of 4 from the Sacramento area, PR friendly, a freelance writer, web designer, cook & more! I got quite a few compliments and I thought it was so good I had meatloaf leftovers for breakfast the next morning. In a bowl, add 6 slices of bread and pour milk over bread and set aside to allow milk to absorb into bread.

Take bacon and wrap around meatloaf overlapping each piece and tucking in the bacon on the bottom on each side.

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