Fresco of Approving of bylaw of Society of Jesus depicting Ignatius of Loyola receiving papal bull Regimini militantis Ecclesiae from Pope Paul 3. This group bound themselves by a vow of poverty and chastity, to "enter upon hospital and missionary work in Jerusalem, or to go without questioning wherever the pope might direct". They called themselves the Company of Jesus, and also Amigos En El Senor or "Friends in the Lord," because they felt "they were placed together by Christ." The name had echoes of the military (as in an infantry "company"), as well as of discipleship (the "companions" of Jesus).
Griffin has missed more three months with the quad injury, a broken hand and a four-game suspension for knocking out a team staffer.
Yahoo Sports Marc Spears is reporting that the Clippers have gauged trade interest in Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson over the past month.
After losing seven of nine games since starting 4-0, Dan Woike of the Orange County Register reports that media members outside the Clippers locker room could hear intense arguing going on inside.
Mavericks fans at the American Airlines Center booed him every time he touched the ball on the first few possessions, and cheered when he missed a shot in the post. The Warriors handed the Clippers their first loss of the season in the back-and-forth battle just a couple of days after Golden State embarrassed the Memphis Grizzlies 119-69 on Monday. We seem to have some three-way beef with the two other teams being tougher than the Clippers at times.
The Warriors shooting guard just unloaded on Doc Rivers and the Clippers over last seasons Western Conference playoffs. According to Doc Rivers and other pundits, the Warriors got lucky by avoiding the Clippers. Klay Thompson laughs at Doc Rivers comments and asks rhetorically didn't the Clippers lose to the Rockets? Thompson made it clear, while chewing and spitting sunflower seeds, that he wanted the clippers also. The Warriors will host the Clippers for the first time on November 4th, when they will also be handing out replica championship rings to fans that night. Paul Pierce has decided not to retire, but must now decided if he wants to return to the Washington Wizards, or switch NBA franchises for the third year in a row.
According to the Washington Post’s Jorge Castillo, Pierce will either stay with the Washington Wizards or sign with the Clippers to play in his hometown of Los Angeles under former head coach Doc Rivers. Even after the Los Angeles Clippers traded for Lance Stephenson, there’s more work to be done, if Doc Rivers and company want to be championship contenders out west. According to ESPN’s Arash Markazi, Rivers is referring the exploration of a deal for Paul Pierce. Doc Rivers is the Clippers coach and head decision maker, so it makes sense that he’d catch flak for the lack of a quality bench. The LA Clippers are once again facing the prospects of playing without All-Star point guard Chris Paul, for Friday nights Game 3 against the visiting Houston Rockets. Paul sat out the first two games and watched the Clippers earn a split to start the Western Conference semifinals.
Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told the media Thursday that Paul went through his first on-court workout after previously having been limited to pool exercises.
Hamstrings can be tricky, as the Clippers are discovering while assessing Paul’s availability on what seems like a minute-to-minute basis. Rivers said Paul had groused about the Clippers having to play every other day against the Rockets as opposed to other teams who are enjoying as many as three days between games in their playoff series.
The story is much more technical and complicated, and the prologue was written during the months after the Clippers lost to the Thunder in six games in the Western Conference Semifinals last spring.
During Game 1 of the Clippers-Spurs series, these two Clippers fans had a strategy for enjoying a great game while keeping their pockets stuff.

I’m not an expert on uniform design by a long shot, but judging from the response of Clippers fans, the marketing team needs to go back to the drawing board. What we were going for, in these new Clippers jerseys, was Regional High School Basketball Camp '99. Lukas claims he’s had two separate sources confirm the mocks as legitimate, and the images do feature the #brand jargon typical of a marketing pitch. The Clippers currently are seeded fifth in the Western Conference and are fighting for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. This will either put the Bills over the top defensively, or ensure that Rex is ran out of town next season.
Rob spent the past three seasons as the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, a role he’s served for four different teams since 2004. With another regular season almost over and another postseason without the Buffalo Bills looming, what is driving the Buffalo Bills to play? The last four times the Buffalo Bills went to the Super Bowl they lost, so Boobie deeming this the Super Bowl isn’t exactly the smartest idea. The Buffalo Bills twitter page just sent out a tweet, claiming LeSean McCoy may indeed be named a game captain for the Bills showdown with the Eagles. Jets fans were ready for Thursday Night Football when their team faced off against the division rival Bills along with returning head coach Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan is catching a ton of heat this morning for the way he handled his teams victory over the New York Jets, but even more scrutiny for naming IK Enemkpali a captain months after he broke Geno Smith’s jaw. Rex Ryan insisted all week that it was just a normal division game but looking at his reaction, he really wanted this one. Once hearing the news, Fitzpatrick remained calm and hit Ryan below the belt, where it hurts. As a fantasy owner, if McCoy is on the field, I need him to play as many snaps as possible.
Rex Ryan never shies from entertaining the media and with the Bills facing the Jets, his former team he has been in a good mood coming from a very impressive win against the Dolphins. LeSean McCoy has gotten off to a slow start with the Buffalo Bills, and after being ruled out for Week 4 versus the New York Giants he will take his time to get healthy. The rookie out of Florida State has not disappointed with an impressive NFL leading 7.8 yards per carry and is tied for third with 3 touchdowns in his first three weeks.
The first meeting between the two will take place this Sunday afternoon in Buffalo and Ryan is already mixing things up. When the Bills named Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback, the move was met with skepticism and a few giggles.
That laughter is now optimism after the Buffalo Bills dismantled the Indianapolis Colts at home in a huge season opener for Rex Ryan’s bunch. Taylor made plays with his feet and arm, completing 14-of-19 passes for 195 yards, including a 51-yard touchdown strike to Percy Harvin, and ran for 41 yards as well.
We won’t pronounce Taylor the next great passer in the NFL, but he definitely gives the Bills some much-needed swagger and confidence under center. Ignatius of Loyola, who after being wounded in a battle, experienced a religious conversion and composed the Spiritual Exercises to closely follow Christ. The fresco was created by Johann Christoph Handke in the Church of Our Lady Of the Snow in Olomouc after 1743.
Griffin will have to get adjusted to and accept the new alpha role that DeAndre Jordan plays on offense. The 10-time all-star will likely decide between two teams for his 18th campaign: the Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers.

That would leave the Clips with the minimum mid-level exception of $3.37 million per year, and a few league minimum deals for bench players as well. If he returned Friday, Paul will have had five full days off since he sustained the injury in the first half of Game 7 in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a mixture of hours spent reinventing his shooting stroke with Clippers shooting coach Bob Thate … grueling conditioning workouts that pushed the envelope of science and technology … and a series of heart-to-hearts with the Spurs’ Tim Duncan about how to be a better leader and winner. This is poor scouting of his subject by the reporter, but this question would have been fine for any other NBA coach. If listen to Blake Griffin — maybe the Clippers would be better served playing all of their games on the road.
Rex Ryan has always been an outspoken coach and has encouraged his players to follow in his footsteps. Fans will be fans and decided to set a Rex Ryan cardboard cutout on fire before the game obviously as some form of witchcraft. The Bills travel to New England next week so we should expect some great stuff from Rex this coming week coming from a big win.
He’s been acting weird, doing crazy stuff and saying the first thing that comes to mind all week. Bills coach Rex Ryan will face the Jets, his old team, in a Thursday night showdown but his star running back could be limited.
After hinting that he will name Geno’s jaw breaker captain for the game yesterday, he answered questions today with a helmet on.
The Bills head coach who is notoriously known for not caring what comes out of his mouth decided to take a shot at Arkansas coach Breat Bielema. With Rex Ryan in Buffalo, his supreme confidence has rubbed off on his players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. On paper, this will be a huge challenge for the Bills secondary, but safety Aaron Williams doesn’t think Luck is anything special. Two NBA executives told Yahoo Sports that the Clippers would have hard time trading the struggling newcomers who have not fit in well during the team’s slow start.
Pierce emphasized he loved his year with the Wizards, guiding the Wizards’ young core and getting another crack at the postseason in a more diminished role. Rex Ryan in his first season as coach for the Bills brought high expectations along with his huge personality. Boobie adds some extra pressure on the Jets as they travel to Ralph Wilson Stadium looking to clinch a playoff berth. McCoy suffered a shoulder injury against the Dolphins and is expected to be on the field Thursday despite a short week. I’d much rather him just be out completely, that way I would have no issue finding another player to play in his spot. Have personal relationships with each of your teammates so you can have one-on-one conversations with them when they need you. Rex Ryan’s old team the New York Jets are one win away from clinching a playoff breath.
Griffin put on a breathing mask, strapped a heart-rate monitor around his chest and went to work.

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