Getting your ex girlfriend back can be your worst nightmare if you do not take the right steps at the right time. In all the steps you take, do not display any signs of being desperate for her as this will make things worse.
If she tries to contact you within that period, be brief in your answers; show very little or no interest at all.
Take a close look at yourself, you were once the guy she fell in love with and now you are separated.
If you were away for a while, then you suddenly surprise her with all the kindness you can offer, she will start missing every second she is away from you. You may hang out with other women, especially friends, but do not get into another relationship. Getting your girlfriend back may not happen in a jiffy, it takes lots of confidence to execute very shrewd tactics. Reply ↓ Troy July 29, 2014 at 2:18 am What to do if she has ready started seeing someone ?
Reply ↓ exnomore Post author August 1, 2014 at 7:16 am How long has she been seeing the other person?
If your girlfriend started seeing someone else after breaking up with you, it was probably just a rebound relationship. If you believe you are meant to be together, make sure it is the absolute right thing for you and go for it.
But yesterday was the last time I saw her at a concert I bought tickets for before we broke up and I Saw a new guy as her lock screen on her phone which made me sick.
Since it’s been just a month or so since you broke up, the guy on the lock screen is more likely to be a rebound relationship. Getting an ex back is certainly not easy, but very possible if you dedicate yourself to it.
You should know that not everyone takes the same time to heal from the wounds of a breakup, or maybe your breakup was really messed up. My girlfriend (19) broke up with me (25) 2 weeks ago because she doesn’t has feelings for me anymore and she also said that it is a little bit the age differences and that I told her once that she is behaving like a girlfriend of her. We had a split up in March due to her Ex making threats to her children about me being no good and not to be with me. I would really appreciate your inputs on my situation and what could I do to improve things between us.
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It is like trying to fix a piece of broken glass: while you may join the pieces, the cracks will still remain. You need to give her some time and space to reflect over what really happened between the two of you. If your final plan is to make her fall in love with you, make sure you MEAN every word you tell her. We are trying our best to reply everyone with helpful advice, but sometimes due to lack of information we are not able to do so effectively.
Shes been really depressed from money problems and bills ans ive been sending her money to help her out to show I care about her n before all this she was really sad n all n now shes using smiles in texts when we chat and exclamation marks but we aren’t back together yet.

She waned me to try to find someone and if I felt that someone is not good then come back to me.
Telling lies is like pushing a relationship towards a cliff, sooner or later, it will fall off he cliff. First, you have to make sure for yourself that she is the one for you and she deserves that you do all the efforts to get her back. We understand that you may not want to share all the details here, but we are sure one of the many articles on our site may help you out whatever your situation is.
Do your homework, do some reading and be fully prepared to make it happen because it’s going to be hard. I know it was very stupid to say that, the other problem is that I didn’t gave her space. Off late i got her phone number from her friend, we started talking and she told me she have a boyfriend now.
Through a friend she told them that she loved me & missed me, but to have patience, trust and not to worry.
However after the break up we tried being casual relationship but it kept leading back to a real relationship which would put her in a bad mood and we would argue.
This was due to a lot of stress that occurred and she wasn’t mentally stable enough to handle the stress of our relationship and carry on with her life. Just try and show that life will continue even without her, but do not show her that you can love another woman too fast.
As we often say, no one knows your situation better than you, and we also understand that you may not feel comfortable to share intimate details with us. Other than sending her money to show how much you care, are you actively doing anything to get her back?
I just want a second chance with her and I’ve decided I will not reply to any text she might send me for ATLEAST 2 weeks and see how we go.
If that’s the case, you probably never really addressed the actual cause of the breakup.
She didn’t really give me a reason or whatever and then we stopped talking for a week.
She began seeing someone too but promised to let him go cause she believed even tho i hurt her we were still meant for each other. It was hard for her to concentrate on school and her sports and also making time to visit her dad that lives in another state. You should read it and hopefully you’ll stand at a better position for getting back with your ex. With some discipline, your relationship with her can become like it used to be before the breakup. If she finds out that you are not as troubled as she expected she will grow some interest in you.
Your comment is not detailed enough so that we clearly understand your situation, but if you really believe that you two are meant to be together, go out there and do what it takes to win her back. Now that you two are talking again, use this opportunity to clear up all the misunderstandings first. I havnt initiated any contact with her but she has with me a couple times and I’ve replied, we have seen each other in person 3 times since the breakup and everytime was very positive and with laughter. I explained to her that I did make a mistake and that things like this will never happen again but she says that she can no longer take any risk to return back with me, as we already broke up 2 times before and now third time she has no strength anymore.
If the true reason of conflict is never really resolved, chances of staying together for long, even after getting back an ex, is very slim.

You already know what happened, now what you can do is show her that it WON’T EVER happen again if she decides to take you back.
Then she texts me saying she wanted to start over and I wasn’t bowing to her whim or anything and we talked for a little. She told me she always remember the day i took her virginity, her parent knows her boyfriend, i don’t know what to do now, please help me out.
She said she’ll wants to meet up again at some stage for a walk and will let me know. But ever since she started being best friends with this girl, she’s been acting so weird.
Right now she keeps asking me to let her go n its hard for me because i barely have friends and im the indoor type. I think that this new best friend of hers was the one who encouraged her to break up with me. I quit my job and am now working at a local resturant about two months later and gotten in the best shape of my life and feel 10 times better then when I was working at my other job.
Last week we spoke after 3 weeks of no contact and she told me that I can call her but I must not talk about what happened and also about getting back.
She said that it must be casual talks and that I should call her only once a week or else she won’t answer and will get angry.
I know she was at least expecting a text as well like I use to when I couldn’t pick up. But i broke up with her cos she doesnt have time and we’re in a long distance relationship.
I’ve always been there for her whenever she was alone and needed someone and I sacrificed so much even a basketball scholarship to college just so i can be with her. I think if I give it time and give her space to experience life without me she’ll soon realize that she wants me back.
She said to me in front of her parents that she do still loves me but can’t get back together again. Then the day we broke up i talked to my ex girlfriend thru facetime then my current gurlfriend that time knew that i talked to my past.
Either way i’m going to continue no contact but uhm how long should I continue just this whole month or next month as well ?
After days she admitted that she started seeing someone cos my stupid move which is talking to my ex, triggers her to see someone. Now she talk to me sometimes telling me that right now she really doesnt want to get back in our relationship but maybe when we see each other again which is 2 mos from now. She also said that she started to loose feelings from me since August and by New years it was almost gone.. She initially would reply and tell me to move on and nothing would make things better between us but I kept trying.. I know it’s already been 9 months but I still love her like day one and would want her back, even if it takes years of waiting.

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